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Goody Ouchless Flex Small Updo Barrettes, 2 Count

Goody Ouchless is a line of gentle and comfortable accessories that are inchesmetal free inches to minimize snags and reduce breakage. Ouchless Flex Comfort Flex Updo Barrettes have a curved, contoured shape and no metal to cause hair breakage.

Key features

  • Goody ouchless flex line of products provide a 100% comfort guarantee or your money back
  • Pantented design
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Ouchless flex updo barrettes, assorted colors
  • 2 Piece count

Honest reviews


Very disappointed…

…I was really looking forward to trying these since they’re made all of plastic with no hard metals, but they are so flimsy that I don’t think I’ll be able to use them at all. I wouldn’t buy them again.

Lenore Seal Rock, OR

Love these

I have about 12 of these floating all around the house so I’ll always have one. They are the only barette I can wear that isn’t uncomfortable. I can lay my head down and no poking or jabbing. I use one for sleeping when it’s hot to keep hair off my neck. Unfortunately, my pom really loves to chew these and he will even try to take them out of my hair, so I am constantly buying new packs. Luckily there are inexpensive!

Valerie Lenore, ID

Super comfortable barrettes

I’ve purchased both these 2 packs of smaller barrettes, and the larger size which comes singly. My hair is medium thickness and these smaller ones are just barely big enough to hold all of my hair in a ponytail. The larger ones do work as well, but aren’t as secure and will slip out with much activity.These barrettes work for me for both ponytails and half up styles. If my hair was any thicker these wouldn’t work for a ponytail though. These clips are so lightweight and comfortable, and I love that they’re flat. I can even sleep in these comfortably. These are truly the most non-damaging hair clips I’ve ever used.

Trina Hattieville, AR


These little barrettes are great for little girls. They don’t snag the hair and they are easy enough for them to use by themselves. They are so comfortable, you can even sleep on them with no discomfort.

Audrey St John, VI


I have had the larger one of these and loved it, until I misplaced it shortly afterward. I still have no idea where it disappeared to. I do like these also. I have long hair, down to the end of my back. They fit comfortably and flat to the head. There is no problem if you lay down with one in you hair. I love these. I do recommend these to someone, rather than a pony tail holder. There is no pulling of the hair with these. They are amazing.

Cleo Cedar Grove, TN


it does not hold my hair that well. if i put more hair it doesnt close up. and when i dont put as much hair it seem to slide down my hairs.

Gail Petersburg, TN

Excellent Barrettes

These barrettes are fantastic for anyone who likes barrettes but is sick of the type that tend to snag and pull hair. With this set you don’t have to worry about hair getting caught when you’re trying to take them out. They hold well but aren’t a struggle to get out.

Patti North Grosvenordale, CT


I own both sizes of these barrettes and in both black and brown. I am allergic to nickle so traditional barrettes can irritate my scalp. The plastic of these is gentle on my scalp and hair as they don’t cause breakage.It’s nice to have a different style once in awhile. I do this by pulling some hair through the hole creating a little pouf of hair. When I do this using several small versions of this barrette, at the top and back of my head, it’s dramatic!

Liliana Middle Amana, IA

love these

These are sturdy and all made. They work very well for fine hair. Will hold portion of hair back but not large enough for a full adult updo. Larger version of this same item works well for that purpose.

Bridgett Christiana, PA

Definitely ouchless, but tends to slide down for me

I haven’t been able to find hair clips made for fine hair and that do not pull or damage hair. The Goody Ouchless Flex Small Updo Barrettes looked promising. Just as claimed, these barrettes do not pull or damage your hair or scalp. However, in my case, they tend to slide down my fine and straight hair. Keep in mind that it might not be the case for someone with thicker or wavy hair.PROS:- Gentle on the hair and scalp… no metal parts- Very reasonably pricedCONS:- Tends to slip, but I think that depends on the individual’s hair type

Allison Lancaster, NY

I can’t believe I paid 3+ dollars for this!

I am not sure what I was expecting, something less flimsy for sure. These are just plastic with a plastic hinge that looks like it would come apart easily with a few bendings. These probably cost less than a dime to manufacture, I feel ripped off because of the price. I tried them in my hair and they did work, but did not stay in well. Don’t waste your money on this!

Deirdre Glenwood, NC

small updo

Good product. If you want to put the whole head of hair up, you will need the large updo barette.

Cheryl Stout, IA

Classic look

I bought these (and the large sized barrette too) on the recommendation of my daughter because metal barrettes break my hair so easily. Out of the two sizes I purchased, I prefer these small ones better just because they are so versatile and really do hold quite a bit of hair… I have long hair that I pull the front up and clip at the back crown of my head. It turns out perfect with these.I am middle aged and even though these barettes are good for children, they look great on a woman of my age too…Classic look, very pretty. (see my uploaded photo) .. No breakage that I have noticed.Bottom line… They are quite soft and pliable… hold well without any pinching or pulling or breaking. My hair stays in place and managed all day long.

Teresa Dania, FL