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Goody Ouchless Colors Paddle Brush, Colors May Vary

Goody Ouchless is a line of gentle and comfortable accessories that are “metal free” to minimize snags and reduce breakage. Goody’s Ouchless brushes are synonymous with comfortable, effortless styling.

Key features

  • Provides extraordinary comfort with a hidden tangle-free inner cushion and comfort-flex one-piece bristles
  • One-piece handle so there are no snag points on the brush
  • Paddle brush
  • For all hair types
  • 1 Piece count

Honest reviews


Not as good as the oval brush

I looked everywhere locally to replace our old Ouchless oval shaped brush. I could not find it so I turned to Amazon. The price on this was excellent, I give the seller high marks. The brush itself is not as nice as the oval one, it really pulls my daughter’s hair. She really complains about this brush. I will have to keep looking for the oval style, this one will not cut it for us.

Georgia Nanticoke, PA

We love our “ouchless” brushes!

We own three "ouchless" brushes!! My daughter and I have long hair- I will never go back to owning another type of hairbrush again! They really are "ouchless" and don’t pull hair as much as other brushes do. You can use these in the shower with conditioner in if you have thick/curly hair. I highly recommend

Haley Van Lear, KY

wonderful detangling brush

detangles damp hair well. I have a full head of tightly curly hair and this brush cuts my detangling time in half. the only negative is that it can be a little difficult to clean and the gel balls on the end tend to come off over a long period of time.

Alana Des Allemands, LA

slowly falls apart

After using this brush about a thousand times its slowly starting to fall apart. I wish I could have used it longer.

Martina Blue Jay, CA

Best brush I’ve ever owned!

This is the best brush ever! Goody really did it with this one. Although this brush will last me a very long time, if I see another I will buy it for a family member or friend, or just keep it.

Angelique Ojo Caliente, NM

Gentle on my hair

I have straight hair, so this brush is the perfect shape for getting the snarls out of my hair. It is really easy to brush out my hair after a shower, I make sure I go slowly and gently.

Clare Fort Scott, KS

ouchless? ha!

This does not do any better than a regular plastic bristle brush. It actually is worse than our old one. Admittedly, my daughters hair is EXTREMELY prone to knots. She has average thickness hair. I have very thin hair, not terribly susceptible to knotting, and this brush was fine. But I think this was more of a gimmick to get me to buy something I didn’t need and at a raised price… shame on me for falling for it.

Francine Shelbina, MO


I love this brush! It leaves my hair feeling very soft. It doesn’t rip my hair, either. I would highly recommend it!

Denise Fish Camp, CA

The best brush for my girls’ hair!

I have 2 daughters that both have naturally curly hair and this is the ONLY brush they will allow to touch their heads! We have used this brand of brush for 5 years and it is so wonderful. We have 3 of them in my house right now because girls have a way of misplacing things and we need backups. We have 2 different shapes, this big square one that will work better with older kids or kids with fuller hair and we have 2 of the medium oval ones. They get all of the tangles out of the hair without pulling the hair out of their head. The way the bristles are designed it allows easy release if there is a knot that is stubborn. It will remove itself from the knot before removing the knot and all the hair from your child. We will never own any other brush than a Goody Ouchless ever again. VERY highly recommended!!

Traci Aberdeen, MD