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Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron

Soft waves are gorgeous, but getting them at home takes too much time and effort! Thanks to the new Goody HEAT Wave Creator styling iron, it’s now easier than ever to create loose, natural curls more-simply at home. The iron’s unique Wave Barrel shape creates soft, natural-looking waves more easily than a traditional straight-barreled curling iron. With 30-second heatup and temperatures up to professional 410-degrees, the Goody HEAT Wave Creator styles quickly and easily – for loose, natural-looking waves made simple!

Key features

  • Wave Barrel – Creates Loose Natural Waves
  • Professional 410-Degree Heat in 30 seconds
  • Ceramic and Ionic for smooth, frizz-free waves
  • Other Features: 10 Heat Settings, Auto Shut-Off, 360 Degree Swivel Cord
  • 3 Year Performance Guarantee

Honest reviews


Meh… is this really supposed to work with long hair?

I use aRemington Ceramic Curling Wand, 1 Inch, which is a smooth tapered wand without a clamp (and I really like it). But not being very knowledgeable or skilled with the art of curling, I thought it would be good to try out a different type of curling iron. This iron did produce a different type of curl, but I wasn’t terribly impressed with either the curl or the operating of the iron.The clamp is very short, which is good in some ways, and in other ways it makes it a little harder to clamp your hair in it. But the part I really didn’t care for was the big selling point of this iron – the bumps. My hair had more of a tendency to end up between them instead of over them. The design also forced the hair to wind higher up the barrel than I wanted, leading to most of the hair at the end of the iron instead of evenly distributed. I also found the controls very poorly designed. There is simply a power button and a temperature dial. Simple is good, but this design was annoying in two ways. First, the dial didn’t have an indicator to tell you which number was selected. The center one I guess? Second, it was really easy to accidentally hit the button and the dial when curling. I changed the temperature several times this way and once turned off the iron completely.I think that maybe I have yet to get the hang of this iron, so I will keep trying. But my other iron took all of two or three curls before I felt comfortable with it, so I don’t feel like this iron’s learning curve should be that much higher.

Jeanne Clear Creek, IN

Fun, flirty hair!

I was intimidated when I first picked up this curling iron to use it. I didn’t think I’d be able to figure it out. I do have to say that my preferred curling iron, though, is a Marcel one. That’s the kind without the clamp on it. The “professional” one. But since my last one broke, I haven’t been able to find a decent replacement so I’ve been using a flat iron.What I do is flat iron my hair first. Maybe you can skip this step, but since I’m African-American, and I wash, wrap, and air dry my own hair, it needs more straightening first. After I flat iron it, I’ve figured out that the easiest way to use this is to hold the hair I want curled with hard on that side of my head. So if I’m working on the left side of my head, then I hold my parted hair in my left hand, grab the curling iron with my right hand, turn it upside down, and the twirl my hair around the barrel using my left hand. The one thing you’ll want to do is leave about 1/2 to 1 inch of hair NOT curled at the very end of your hair. That avoids burns on your fingers. Ask me how I know this.What I’ve discovered – this is probably meant for longer hair than mine. My hair is shoulder length, maybe an inch past my shoulders. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get the waves – but it works. I don’t see in the product description that it’s meant for longer hair, but the model does have longer hair. Smaller parts makes curlier curls. To avoid standing in front of the bathroom sink for hours, I only curled the “top” part, or crown, part with a few other curls surrounding those. Larger (wider) parts make wavier curls. To get this look it takes much less time. The problem for me with shoulder-length is that the wavier curls don’t make much curl at all. They’re there, just not a lot.I like this curling iron. It works very well. You might burn your finger as you get used to it, but if you’re a quick reactor, it won’t be bad. For the length of my hair, a shorter barrel would be perfect!

Melba Gardner, ND

Invest in a regular curling iron instead

I had a difficult time using this curling iron because you hold it in the oppositedirection as a regular one. It was awkward and I can say I never really got used to it.It is a different look for your hair than using a regular curling iron and tends to be atighter look.The most frustrating part of it is if you put the hair on incorrectly it gets kinked andit’s hard to recover from that. I feel like if I had more patience I would be able to getit to work better but I honestly wasn’t impressed enough to take the time. I wouldn’trecommend buying this – invest in a regular curling iron instead!

Debra Renner, SD

Creates Stylish Waves But Works Best with Very Long Hair

POSITIVES: It heats up very quickly. It does a good job of creating loose, natural curls and I received many compliments on my hair.NEGATIVES:This curling iron works best with very long hair. I say this because I had trouble keeping my shorter locks of hair from falling off the iron. As you can see from the picture, the clip is very short. Compared to my older curling iron, which sandwiched my hair between two identically long clips, you must twirl long tresses of hair (like spaghetti round a fork) fully around the appliance to keep the hair from falling off. Otherwise you have to be careful not to accidentally touch a hot area when you’re holding the hair in place (ouch!)When using the clip, it is so short that it forces you to put your head very close to the heat of the iron, which I didn’t find comfortable.I’m guessing it was designed this way because a clip tends to flatten the volume a little.OVERALL SCORE: Good but let your hair grow out for best results!

Alana Northfield, VT

Great Spiral Curl – Major Learning Curve

The first time I used this curling iron, I burned myself. Not badly, but I haven’t burned myself in a ages, so it was quite a shock! However, it’s mainly because I was used to using my old standby curling iron – the kind that clips down the ends of your hair, and that you roll up the hairs with. With the Goody Heat Wave, there’s an inch clip at the very bottom, then you twirl the hair around the iron – it’s much easier said than done! I have a little over shoulder length hair, and it was a challenge for me! I ended up holding the tip of my hairs, and held the curling iron with the end pointed down towards the ground to effectively twirl it around the barrel. My sister, who has mid back hair, could clip the end of her hair to the clip at the base of the iron, and literally just twirl her hair around the barrel.Either way you hold it, the curling effect was awesome – practically perfect spiral curls. I loved the look much more than my conventional iron, but there was that period where I had to play with the iron to get it right! This is definitely an iron you’ll have to play around with to figure out how to hold it and use it, but the results are worth it! The Heat Wave does heat up quickly – quite the added bonus. All in all, I loved the look, but didn’t love the learning curve. Recommended, once you figure it out!

Roxanne Wanchese, NC

I thought mine was defective

This has the potential to be a great product for medium to long hair, but its extremely hard to use.If the manufacturer would have made the clip the size of the iron (like a regular curling iron) it would have been fantastic.In order to use the product you literally have to wrap your hair around the wand which is very hard and extremely awkward. The clip is so small it doesn’t hold hair very well and the hair constantly slips out. I have long hair so this should have been easy for me to use, but it wasn’t. The only way I could get it to work was to wind my own hair on the wand, which is very time consuming with long and thick hair. I have had just as good results just twisting my hair damp and then clipping the twists until they dry. This takes a lot less time and the results are basically the same.If you have the patience for this, you will get a nice soft curl that really stays. The other thing I did like about it is that it takes the frizz out of your hair while curling it.I am hoping this product has not hit the shelves as the manufacturer realized they made a huge mistake in not making the clip bigger. If this is the case this is a product that I would buy and recommend.

Cornelia Varney, KY

Better for long hair

I’m going to start off by saying that I think this would be a great curling iron for hair that is mid-back length. I, on the other hand, have hair the goes a little past my shoulders. The curls were tighter than I prefer them to be and I was hoping for more of a looser, beachy style of wave. Although, I didn’t care for the hairstyle this created on me, someone else with longer hair might really like it.

Daphne Golden City, MO

Weird kinky spirals

Maybe I didn’t have the patience for this thing. But I did try it out more than once and just couldn’t get the look I wanted. The spirals weren’t uniform at all and it looked like I tried too hard to style my hair (total opposite if the natural, wave look).If you want a simple, beachy wave look, go for a regular cone shaped curling wand. I purchased the Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Wand (mine is red), and it works much better and the hold is fantastic (I have normal to thick, long hair).

Kerri Pacolet Mills, SC

Not bad, gets the job done.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new hair products especially strange looking ones! If you could get past people making fun of you for having a somewhat x-rated looking appliance for a hair tool then read on :)This curling iron definitely gets the job done. It has a unique little clippy thing (a shortened version of the usual tong that clamps down on your hair) to hold the end in place. Divide a small section of hair, clip it in, twirl and hold for about 5-10 seconds and release. I had great curls that lasted a couple of days until I washed my hair.Pros:Curls lasted much longer than most appliances I have tried. They did not fade or loosen and stayed much the same curliness until I washed my hair. I thought this was great considering I didn’t leave the curler on any section for very long.Heat was just right. I have stick straight, fine, difficult to curl hair. At level 10 and only 5 seconds I had very nice large curls.Hair naturally rolls around curler in sprial shape (sliding in between each section on barrel).Curler could be used as a wand as well without utilizing the clamp. Just make sure to wear protective gloves not to burn your hands.Cons:I found it difficult to wrap my hair around the larger sections of the barrel. My hair would just slide off and back onto the smaller sections of barrel.For very long hair (mine is waist length) you’d have to roll half your hair first and then the other half.When using the clamp, my hair would get caught every time by sliding too far down the apparatus or getting caught between the handle and barrel. I would have to yank my hair out and pull it out.When using the clamp you can’t clamp much hair to it, only small sections at a time.Conclusion:The Wave Creator was much better than I’d expected and performed well. Overall I highly recommend everyone try it!

Jenna Glenolden, PA

I had every intention to use this

I purchased this Goody heat waver but had to return it because I had purchased the Miracurl by Babyliss. Ther is no comparison. I returned it.

Louisa Odenville, AL

did not work as stated

This product did NOT work as stated. It said curls would stay in for more than one day, that was false. Save your money and buy a small barrel curling iron it works MUCH BETTER! Your ends end up straight as they cannot go into the barrel. I am also a hair dresser.

Melisa Ono, PA

Goody Heat Wave Creator

Not bad for the given price. My hair is long (till my waist), and very thick. I would say for people who don’t have thick hair–it can work well and probably quicker. The product does the job, I’m not overly in love with it, but at the same time I would recommend it. It does create nice waves–but be warned, have some time to do your hair!

Celeste Powderhorn, CO


nice but its very hot and I could not hold it I burned my hand and my sister many time

Elisabeth Brookside, AL

Nice salon look from you home!!

The design of the new Goody Heat Wave Creator is not only beautiful but it allows you to make perfect loose and free flowing curls. This curling iron heats up really fast and allows you to style your hair in a hurry without any frizzing of your hair. The rod doesn’t stick to your hair even with styling products on it and this is so important because it won’t damage your hair.The only issue that I had with the Heat Wave was the clip was too short and you had to hold the hair to curl and it was somewhat difficult because you had to use both of your hands.I really like the Goody Heat Wave and love the way it makes my hair look.

Crystal Kayenta, AZ

Works beautifully

I was a little skeptical of this iron, because I’ve tried alllllll kinds, and not many do much for my hair, but this was a delightful exception. I was amazed at how well it worked, and how natural (and gorgeous!) my hair looked afterward. One caveat: The heat goes up pretty high, so my hair smelled slightly fried afterward! Try it on a lower temp before you crank it all the way up. I used this for waves, but it also makes really cute sausage curls (if you’re in the demographic that that looks good on — I’m not!).

Erma Catlett, VA

Result is great, but using it can be a bit challenging

This curling iron does indeed create great waves. I tried it out through Vine, and I have to confess, I am not extremely talented at hair styling. The initial result was a very flattering loose set of waves that I was happy with. Using it, however, was a bit challenging, especially since I have shorter hair. You have to wrap the hair around the barrel and, in my case, hold it, in order to use it. This is a bit awkward and left me thinking I will probably burn myself at some point while using this (again, not very talented). If you’re like me and you want something simple to use, you may want to look for other more traditional models. However, I have never been able to create waves that look quite like this with other curling irons I have owned, so it does a good job at what it’s made for.

Desiree University Center, MI

One of the better irons

I’ve tried to curl my hair with about 6 different curling irons (2 regular barrel irons, the Instyler Rotating Curling Iron (it’s heavy so your arms will hurt after awhile), 2 clampless irons and my Chi flat iron) with ok results when I decided to give this one a try.I have to admit that I’m kind of a novice at curling my hair but this one actually created the loose beachy waves I was going for and didn’t take as long as the other irons I used. I like that it has a clamp to hold the ends because when I was trying to use the clampless wands, I was constantly burning myself (didn’t use the heat gloves that came with the clampless irons because they felt weird).I only wished that this came in a bigger barrel size hence the 4 stars instead of 5.

Susanne Hosford, FL

easy to use, beautiful and long-lasting waves

I’m not the kind of girl who curls her hair every day; my hair is thin and stick-straight and doesn’t do much. Usually I just blow dry it quickly in the mornings, but on special occasions I’ll take the time to curl it, using tons of hairspray to make the curls stay. Usually my hair doesn’t hold a curl very well, and I didn’t know what to expect of the Wave Creator. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to curl all of my long hair, and especially by how long the curl stayed! I went out on a humid night, danced, and even put my hair up for a while, and by the end of the night my hair was still wavy and full. I didn’t even use any hairspray, just a leave-in volumizing spray.One of my favorite things about this curling iron is the variety of curls and looks you can do. If you hold your hair tightly wound around the barrel, the curls are very small and a bit kinky, but if you just loosely wrap a larger piece of hair around it for a few seconds, the hair comes out beautifully wavy and subtle. I can do my entire head of hair–which reaches almost all the way down my back–in about ten minutes.I never reach for my curlers or my curling iron anymore–the Wave Creator has taken their places!

Lindsey Antonito, CO

Works well – makes beautiful, long lasting waves

My teenage daughter has been using this. It heats up quickly and is easy to use. She has medium-long hair. The waves are beautiful and last well. She really likes the Goody Heat Natural Waves Curling Iron.

Ines Spotswood, NJ

Love the way it makes my hair loosely curled

I lightly straighten my wavy/curly hair most days because if I didn’t it looks silly due to being naturally curly underneath, wavy in the front, and straight in the back. I like this wave creator because it gives me a different look that is almost as easy to create as pin straight hair, and helps me to feel more “dressed up” when I go out. The little clip is very short and may be cumbersome to use. I had been on occasion using a straightening iron to curl my hair (Google this technique) but this wave creator creates a much more natural and beautiful looking curl.

Frances Lempster, NH

loved it

I love this item my hair comes out just perfect and it does what it says I have used it just about everyday

Shari Sioux Rapids, IA

Not designed for medium length layered hair

I read and watched TONS of reviews on this. I was torn between this and one of the Bedhead Curlipops or their Rock n Roller which is similar to this one. This one was a good price and overall had great reviews. This is my first clipless type curling iron. I’m not skilled with traditional ones because I can’t seem to curl without getting the crimps at the end, so I wanted to try one of these. The videos make it look so easy and it probably is IF your hair is longer (which I probably should’ve figured but I was hopeful). My hair is lightly layered and the longest layer falls at about my collarbone (~1-1 1/2 past my shoulders in the back). I couldn’t use this like it was intended by holding it upside down and wrapping the hair around. My hair isn’t remotely long enough to accomplish that without burning the hell out of my hand, wrist, arm, and face. Burns aren’t cute or fun. Or beachy. So I have to use this like you would the traditional curling iron, holding the iron facing up and using the small clip on the base to hold the ends and twist hair around the barrel (which is nice that this is one that has a clip so that girls with shorter hair CAN use it). It provides pretty nice looking waves/curls but not anything I couldn’t do with a flat iron (where I have less chance of burning myself). I’ll continue to practice, but I think this will go into the retirement hair appliance bin until my hair grows out a little more and I try it again. Long haired ladies will probably have better luck and get the look that this is designed to give.

Marisa Franksville, WI

Beautiful natural looking curls

Love this curler make different size in curls not so uniform like most curling irons make natural looking curls in different diameters throughout the curl. Great hot temperature for thicker coarser hair

Judy Walhalla, MI

Really good product!

I have freakishly long, straight, fine, color-treated hair. If this gadget works for me, it’ll work for just about anybody.It works really well. I followed the suggestions provided–beginning the wave halfway down the strand of hair and then working back up. The waves look natural and summery. It doesn’t take all that long to use on your whole head, and is lots faster than blow drying with a round brush. I always air-dry my hair and sometimes it gets kind of bent at weird angles. The Goody is great for evening things out.Count me very pleased!

Kristy Carterville, IL

Works as well as most irons do for me

This does give your hair a great wavy look. I have very fine, super straight hair and I have tried a ton of different ways to make it look wavy or curly. This works as well as most products do for me. There are 2 ways to use it so read the directions. If you use the clip and curl from the bottom up then you get tighter curls. If you use it like a wand and curl from the top down then you get looser curls…and might burn the bleep out of your hands so get a glove if you do that. Like I said, I have very fine hair so the second method did not work for me at all, but using the clip did give me loose enough curls that looked very natural. I like it a lot, but because it is so small, it take a long time to get all my hair curly.

Fern Turbotville, PA

Not for me

I normally either use a large curling iron (without a spring )to straighten my hair (in place of flat iron), or I curl my hair with the last couple inches left out of it so that it gets that beacy windswept look. I thought the Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron would be perfect for me to use on the days I wanted my hair curled like that. Therefore, I tried using it without the clip and just wrapping my hair around the iron.My hair is probably about 8 inches or so below my shoulders. I found that this iron definitely isn’t good for hair as long as mine, at least not how I tried using it. I would have to either double back (left a weird kink), or actually wrap a couple times in the same locations. The shape of the barrel made this difficult, and I just couldn’t get the style I was trying for. Maybe it would be good for somebody with medium length hair, but I think I’ll stick with my regular non-spring curling iron for now.

Dianna Dimmitt, TX

Effortless, long lasting curls

I’m in love with this iron. Took me less than 5 minutes to curl my entire head, and I love how it makes beachy waves. You don’t need a heat glove with this — there is a clip. Clip the bottom of your hair in the clip, roll up, hold for 30 seconds and unwind. Perfect beachy waves!

Luisa Rialto, CA

Has a learning curve

My wife and daughter have been using this. Here are their notes and observations on this product:>It took them a while to get familiar enough with the device to make consistent curls.>Heats up quickly>Dont expect curls like in the product description images, but overall it gives a decent curl that lasts

Christy Glengary, WV

Really like it and easy to use

I really like this curling iron. It heats up quickly and so far after over a week of of use – no damage at all to my hair.There are really two ways to curl your hair. You can simply wrap the hair around the iron and hold it with your fingers, or you can secure the hair with the clip and then wind it around your hair.The iron makes beautiful tight curls, and at first I thought it was limited to that. But if you spread the hair more loosely (pulling the hair further so it doesn’t cover all of the iron but leaves gaps) then it’s a looser wave.Highly recommended. I am usually terrible getting the right curl with these type irons but this one was easy.

Darla Howard, KS

too expensive for what it does

I do not like it and probably will go in the drawer with everything else I buy and then don’t use. No clamp on it so it is extremly hard to use and not burn your hand. I can get the same results and better with my small bore curling iron and not burn my hand

Hilda Chester Springs, PA