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Goody Heat Flash Dry Blow Dryer

Did you know that most women spend over 4 full days per year drying their hair. Now, you can reclaim that lost drying time with the new Goody HEAT Flash Dry Blow Dryer – an innovative new solution designed to give you smooth results, 35% faster than the leading dryer! Flash Dry’s patented jet-inspired Pro Speed fan technology accelerates airflow, doubling air power for faster blowouts. More tourmaline ion-rich airflow coats hair follicles, creating the smoothest, frizz-free results possible. Goody HEAT Flash Dry -for spectacularly smooth results in a flash! *vs. leading dryer based on 2011 IRI POS Data

Key features

  • 1875 Watt Lightweight Dryer
  • Smooth Results, 35% Faster than the leading dryer*   *vs. leading dryer based on 2011 IRI Data
  • Patented Jet-Inspired Pro Speed Fan creates 2 times more powerful airflow
  • Ionic , Ceramic, Tourmaline for smooth, frizz-free hair
  • Other Features: 3 Heat Settings / 2 Air Speeds, Cool Shot, Max Speed Button, Volumizing Diffuser, Smoothing Concentrator

Honest reviews


Actually it surprised me…excellent!

To understand my assessment of the Goody dryer:I have straight, fine, but thick hair. It is heavily highlighted.The Goody does dry hair faster than my older 1865 Tourmaline Revlon, and past used Conair.While it’s weight is heavier, it is more ergonomically designed…with weight focused in the head of the dryer and not the handle. There is little or no stress on the wrist as it maneuvers drying the complete head of hair. (BTW, I was pretty surprised at this myself!)It dries hair smoothly and hair appears younger and less fly away.After my blow drying is set a few minutes later, I lightly mist with spray and scrunch…natural and soft.My dryer is in a beautiful red…a real perk me up in the a.m.I love the dryer. It performs well on all counts.

Earlene Gansevoort, NY

This hair dryer is just OK

I got this with high hopes that it would really cut down my drying time. I have a bob haircut that comes just below my chin and my hair isn’t thick, so it doesn’t take long to dry anyway, but it wasn’t any faster at drying my hair than my basicRevlon RV544 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight Dryer, Silver/Black. The Goody dryer is much larger and much heavier. It is top heavy as well and a little awkward to hold. It feels almost like the handle has no weight at all and it’s all in the top part. It makes me think it’s going to topple out of my hand. My hand was actually a little tired from holding it. I’m used to my regular dryer and it’s not heavy at all. This has a hot, warm, and cool setting, then high, low, and off. The only advantage to this dryer that I saw, was that my hair was a little shinier when I used it, but not enough of a difference to make me want to use it over my basic one. So, I will just stick with using my trusty Revlon until something better comes along.

Bertie Rochester, PA

Lots of air, but not very hot

I used this dryer for about a week before going back to my old one. It is interesting that it definitely blows more air than other dryers, but I didn’t find the dry time to be significantly faster. I timed my old dryer and this one under circumstances as close as I could duplicate and found maybe a 30 second difference. This may be because the dryer just doesn’t get very hot. So at least for hair blown straight on high head, it’s not very helpful. I did not try it doing my hair curly with the diffuser, which would use a low heat setting. It might be much more useful if that is the main way you use your dryer.It was nice that the barrel of the dryer does not get very hot, so it can be held there. It was also nice to have the hanging loop, but ultimately the higher heat and the retractable cord on my old dryer moved me back to it.

Elnora Camp Murray, WA

Or, Could Give It An A for Adquate

The headline says it all for me. I found this hair dryer to be adequate period. There wasn’t anything wrong with it as far as I was concerned save for the noisiness.My all time favorite dryer is a T3, which for me simply dries more speedily and the heat settings are more accurate.For me, this dryer was difficult to manipulate. Also I have short hair so I need to be pretty accurate when drying and the Goody diffuser simply didn’t deliver that accuracy.As previously stated, I found nothing realy wrong – it simply isn’t the dryer for me.

Ingrid Proctor, WV

I tossed my old dryer for this one!

I had a hair dryer I liked but the “concentrating” piece always swiveled a little too easily and eventually wouldn’t stay locked on, so I was on the hunt for a new dryer when I was able to try this one. I have very thick wavy hair that I straighten so it usually takes me about 30 minutes. This one didn’t cut the time down any, but I ended up with a much better result.PROS?1. The “smoothing concentrator” actually CLICKS into place so it’s not going to come out. (see Con #1.)2. It dries my really thick hair pretty quickly.3. It doesn’t leave my hair flyaway.4. It has a cool setting in addition to warm and hot.5. The “cool shot” button is in a convenient place.6. I wasn’t sweating by the time I finished, which I usually am with my old dryer. (See Con #3.)CONS?1. The “smoothing concentrator” actually CLICKS into place so you can’t aim it (something I was used to).2. The “smoothing concentrator” has air vents on the top and bottom which seem to let out a lot of heat/air which seems counterintuitive, so there must be some engineering at work there that I don’t understand. These vents cause your hair to blow around a bit as you’re drying.3. The hot setting didn’t seem to get as hot as I’ve had with other dryers, but it still dried better.I’ll definitely keep using this one!

Monika Camden, WV

Good, but Not My Favorite

I don’t have to tell you that a hair dryer is an essential appliance, particularly if you have long hair. I mostly use mine to dry my six year old’s hair, leaving it glossier, less frizzy, and reducing the chances that her head will freeze on the way to school. I was glad to get the chance to test this dryer, which promises better and faster drying times than the “leading dryer.”Unfortunately, my family and I can’t tell a difference between the performance of this dryer and our existing dryer, theRevlon RV544 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight Dryer, Silver/Black. Both are 1875 watt tourmaline dryers, and as far as we can tell, they dry hair in about the same time. Maybe the “leading” dryer is not 1875 watt tourmaline.Although the Goody is a very good drier, I’m sorry to report that my family prefers the Revlon. It’s significantly lighter, slightly quieter, and very affordable. The Goody is a little bulkier and louder, but might be the right choice for someone who wants the styling tools.

Cleo Pickton, TX


Before I got this blow dryer, I had been using Conair BB075W Pro Blackbird 2000-Watt Hair Dryer. The thing I like about this one, though it is less wattage (at 1875) is that the opening is wider. More air. I like the fan, and the easy-clean air filter setup better than my other one. Yes, it is bulky, and bright red, but it has a hanging loop, a volume diffuser, and a smoothing concentrator.You must have an ACLI safety device on your outlet. Most places have them, but be sure so the dryer will shut off if there are any inconsistencies with the electrical current, or if the dryer gets accidentally immersed in water.It has a limited 3-year warranty. You have to read the limitations, and you have to send in the warranty. There are no replaceable parts, so Goody will replace a bad dryer if conditions are met.It has a cool shot button, 3 heat settings, 2 air speeds, and a max speed button.My hair got more curve to it with a round brush and diffuser. Not together; separately. I do my bangs with a round brush, and then diffuse it. My other dryer didn’t come with a diffuser, and I see it on sale at Amazon for $6. Not sure if it goes with black bird Pro.This dryer is ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, with a speed fan.The downside is that there is a slight odd odor coming from the motor. I docked one star for that. I will update this if I have anything to worry about.Overall a nice blow dryer, in my opinion.

Ellen Corbin, VA

Large, Awkward but Generally Effective

This Goody’s Heat Flash Dry Blow Dryer replaced my wife’s old hair dryer which was getting a bit long in the tooth. The first thing we noticed is just how large the Goody dryer is. It is markedly heavier and larger than any hair dryer we’ve previously owned. The size seems to improve the drying ability of the appliance. More and hotter air was coming out and our hair was dry in a markedly shorter time than with previous hair dryers.Sadly though, this comes at a price. The odd set up of the dryer has the angle of the grip set at a 45 degree angle to the main motor, rather than the 90 degree angle of most such products. This forces your grip into a strange position that makes the heavy machine harder to hold for long periods. Furthermore, the grip is hard plastic with no rubberized spots. So using it straight out of the shower makes it very slippery.Overall it is a nice and powerful product. However it does have a few major drawbacks which make it difficult to give an unfettered recommendation to.

Kristie Center Valley, PA

For Beautifully Soft Hair

This is a deep red metallic finish hair dryer with a futuristic look. It’s very sleek and stylish and somewhat large.It certainly does shorten drying time.It comes with a diffuser attachment for creating fuller volume to hair and also a “smoothing concentrator” which helps direct the air flow to certain sections of hair.The “cool shot” button runs smoothly and allows for styling hair while drying. There are three heat settings and two air speed selections which is very useful.My experience with it proves to me that it does a great job drying in less time and it does keep hair soft and smooth.It is my favorite hair dryer and I highly recommend it.

Rosalyn Eldorado, OH

Good value but the muzzle doesn’t rotate.

I’m not giving it a 5 because the "muzzle" (which is not displayed on the picture) doesn’t rotate. It’s a good hair dryer, though. It is bigger than you’d expect. I would recommend it for its value (I bought it for $12).

Marisol Oglala, SD

Tester Review

I received the Flash Blow Dryer to review for free and have no affiliation with Goody nor was I compensated for this review. Everything I write here is my own opinion.First impressions upon receiving this hair dryer are that it is a VERY attractive piece. The box is attractive with sections of matte and shiny surfaces. The dryer is attractive with its colour and twisted design. I like the slightly inset buttons as it makes gripping the handle easier on the hands but they aren’t so much so that you can’t still turn it on or off or higher/lower with one hand.Having done hair for years I’ve used many hair dryers and this one has a great amount of functions on it. (I love that the hot isn’t scalding like most hair dryers I’ve used in the past)I love the little turbo boost button. All around probably one of the best hair dryers I’ve used personally.Only major downside I really found was the size/shape. The shape of the dryer is what works in its favor for the air flow but I felt it was slightly heavy on the back end. Not so much it isn’t tolerable, but just enough to be annoying. The intake fan on the back is much larger than any I have ever seen on a hair dryer I have ever used, and with hair down to my waist I have to be extra cautious to not get my hair stuck in it. If you hold your hand to the back of the dryer while it is on it sucks your hand to it like a vacuum. That’s something to think about.Overall I enjoyed this hair dryer though. I rarely use hair dryers but when I do the cool setting is great on this one to keep my hair feeling silky without damaging it, but I know since the hot isn’t too hot it would be okay for days when I am in a hurry.*I have not tried the two attachment pieces as of yet that came with the dryer but when I need them its great to have them.*

Pat Mayking, KY

Powerful and Gentle

I really love this hair dryer. I have been using a Revlon 1875 and so was accustomed to my hair flying all over the place under great heat. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the hot and high options and my hair didn’t fly all over the place. Oh, it moved sure but not all over the place. And on top of that the hot is not nearly as hot as the Revlon version. In fact, I had to make sure I had it on the right settings. And still it blew dried my hair in good time. So for me this was a real positive.The real test for me though came in the morning. You see, I usually wash my hair at night and because blow drying my hair often makes it go frizzy in the morning, I often bypass the dryer altogether. It was therefore with some trepidation that I tried blow-drying my hair before bed. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover, upon waking, that my hair looked quite reasonable. Not frizzy in the least.The dryer comes with a diffuser (which is very helpful as I have slightly wavy hair) and a nozzle to concentrate the air flow.The negatives are that the Good dryer is quite a bit heavier than the Revlon, making it harder for me to hold. It’s also a little loud which may be an issue for folks in the morning. For me though, there is no question: I far prefer the Goody to my old Revlon.

Cristina Troy, IN

Nice Dryer

Love this dryer! It really does dry my hair faster without frizzing my hair or causing breakage. It is larger, but is not very heavy. I bought it because it was inexpensive but if it dies out or if I drop it and break it like my last one I will repurchase. Saves me so much time!

Alisa Alturas, CA

Powerful stuff

Immediately upon pulling this out of the box, I could tell this weighed more than my current hair dryer. Its huge, its a beast, compared to my old one. I was excited to give it a go and it performs as well as I had hoped. It dried my hair VERY fast, under 5 minutes. I almost always blow dry my hair straight and i have very long hair, about 3/4 of the way down my back. It has worked out great for me. I feel like my hair is even a bit straighter and i think this is because of how much air is blown out so quickly. It leaves my hair slightly softer and frizz free. I never have had issues with too much frizz but after trying this i could tell my hair lays a tad bit smoother. I also noticed that this dryer does not get super hot. I have to hold it in the same place awhile for it to start to burn, which i think is a good idea considering how much air it can blow out. If it was hot i think it could be dangerous, so the temp on this does not get freakishly hot, its just warm. I give this another positive point since really high heat is bad for your hair anyway. Overall i would recommend this to people with long hair, who want to get it dry as quickly as possible. It’s definitely a time saver.added 4/24/12:after owning a few months now, i still really love my hair dryer. when i use someone else’s i giggle because theirs seems sooo weak. it would be really hard for me to go back to a ‘regular’ hair dryer.UPDATED 4/1/14(AND NO THIS ISNT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE): i am STILL using this hairdryer on a day to day basis and it is working GREAT. It is still the most powerful hairdryer i’ve come across and it has held up great. i would highly recommend this for its power and longevity!!

Whitney Owensville, OH

Noticable improvement in hair, less frizzies.

I have almost shoulder length fine thin hair.I have been having a major problem with frizzy hair. I used this today to dry my hair I really didn’t notice any time difference but with my fine hair it is usually 2 minutes. I think the time saving will be more noticed with long or thick hair. What I did see is 80% reduction to frizz and more shine to my hair.This dryer is a large one and on the heavy side as dryers go. It feels like professional quality. I had no trouble with the weight but just wanted to mention if weight is an issue for you. I used it on low and warm then finished with the cold blast. The blast button is well placed you don’t hit it by accident. It gives a good cool blast.It comes with the diffuser and a smoothing concentrator.It has a 3 year warranty that you need to register within 30 days and save your proof of purchase. If you do not have the proof but you registered within 30 days then your warranty will be 24 months from the date of manufacture.I like this dryer it does what it claims.

Josefina Ojo Caliente, NM

A good dryer for this price range

This dryer is part of a new line that Goody is debuting this spring, and it’s a nice dryer for this price range. It definitely isn’t quite as strong as my Sedu Revolution dryer, but at this price point, it’s effective and works much better than the Revlon and Conair dryers I’ve used before.This dryer has several speed and heat settings that enable you to really customize your drying process, and it also has a cool-shot button to seal in your style and a “max speed” button to really rev things up.The dryer also has an angled edge to it that made me think that it would only work with the diffuser and concentrator it came with, but my regular diffuser stays on it just fine, and doesn’t pop off at all.It is definitely a bit noisy, but that’s to be expected with a dryer that is more powerful. It’s fairy light-weight, too, so your arm doesn’t get too tired holding it.Overall, I think this is a good dryer and I recommend it.

Agnes Hillsboro, NH


It is the best hair dryer I have ever used. It is so fast to make my hair dry compare with my other hair dryers. It looks like a hair dryer from a beauty salon. I love it!

Mina Lingle, WY

Goody is good..

This is a nice, sleek and durable blow dryer. Very easy to handle and operate. Cool color. I would definitely Recommend it.

Ladonna Hulen, KY

Surprisingly Effective –

I don’t typically believe the hype in products like blow dryers, as I figure hot air is hot air. I have hair a little longer than shoulder length and the front is layered. I’ve always had straight, fine hair – but some of my hair has begun to lose its pigment and has become more coarse and wiry. After using this blow dryer, my hair hung straighter and flatter – and seemed to have more shine. It was like the fountain of youth for my hair, turning back time before my hair started on the progression toward gray hair! My husband has more gray and difficulty controlling it, so he’s going to try it next to see if it might help in taming his hair a bit.I believe it did dry my hair faster, but what was surprising to me was that the air seemed cooler than most blow dryers I’ve used in the past. I haven’t yet experimented with using the volumizer to see if I might be able to combine the taming of the wiry hair with styling to give a bit of lift at the top, but will try that next and report my findings. My hair responded less to my attempt to slightly curl the ends with a round brush during the blow drying than it does with theConair Infiniti Tourmaline Hair Designer (Wine)that I’ve been using (a great but hefty blow dryer).This is a surprisingly lightweight blow dryer for its size, which is approximately 9.5 inches from the base to the tip, handle approximately 5.5 inches long and a cord that’s about 67 inches in length.Overall, a blow dryer that dries fast but not too hot. Whether you’ll like this blow dryer may depend on what you’re looking for in styling results. If my hair is any indication, you can reduce frizz, and your hair will be straighter, flatter and possibly more shiny after using it.

Sonya London, AR

Good product

It works perfect. Two speed(low, high) and three temperature(cool, warm, hot).Come along with smoothing concentrator and volumizing.diffuser. It is made in China(which the country I come from), but the same product in China will be more expensive than this one. I will recommend it to those who have long hair. It will dry hair less time.

Ruth North English, IA

Love it!

This hairdryer is awesome! It’s super powerful and gets the job done fast. I have really long (lower back length) hair which is also really thick and normally it would take at least 15 minutes for a dryer to get the job done. This one does it in about 7 minutes. And that is completely dry! It’s not too loud and the settings are perfect for me. I think you’ll love it.

Coleen Old Harbor, AK

Didn’t seem to dry any faster than my current dryer

The Goody Heat Flash Dry Blow Dryer claims to dry hair 35% faster than the leading hairdryer. I personally didn’t find that it dried my hair any faster than my current blow dryer which sports the same 1875 watt strength. The Heat Flash Dry Blow Dryer does include a max speed button which does kick up the speed slightly, but seemed to make a barely noticeable difference. I didn’t really care for the placement of the max speed button. It’s hard to tell visually whether or not you have the button engaged. I had to push it on and off a few times to figure out whether I had actually turned the feature on (just goes to show that there’s not a significant difference between the max speed and the standard speed.)I also accidentally hit the cool shot button several times while I was drying my hair.Although it is fairly lightweight it is also quite large and, in my opinion, slightly cumbersome to use. The concentrator and diffuser were nice additions, and the dryer did a relatively decent job in drying my hair smoothly, but I have to admit it’s probably not my favorite due to the size. The color is nice and stylistically it’s attractive, but I think my smaller, older dryer may outshine this one.It does get the job done, but it’s not my #1 choice.

Daisy Opelika, AL

Love it

This is a great blow dryer. It doesn’t get too hot it gives out the right amount of heat and not leaving the feeling of being over dried. I have caused myself to have stressed hair due to over coloring and blow drier I did have just left my hair feeling like it was over dried so I decided to try a new blow drier. I found this one on Amazon and couldn’t ask for a better price and to top it off it is an awesome blow drier. I highly recommend this blow dryer, I’m 43 and have been threw many blow dryers and this is by far my favorite one!!

Freida Hendersonville, NC

Dries in a ‘Flash’

I was given the chance to receive a sample of this product to test. There is now a daily ‘fight’ between my daughter and wife on who gets to use this drier instead of their ‘old’ drier. Once this drier hits the market for sale, I will defintaly be purchasing a second.I personally do not need a blow drier to style my hair, but during the winter months I use one to make sure my hair is completely dry before leaving the house when it is <20 degrees outside. I have short hair, but this takes it from damp/towel dry to completely dry in 15 to 20 seconds; great for those days when Im in a rush to leave and dont want wet hair frozen to my head.My wife has shoulder lenght hair, my daughter’s is much longer. This works well for both of them. They both claim their hair isnt as frizzy with this drier compared to their other model (which was supposedly a good one when they bought it). They say it dries quickly with just the right amount of airflow so it doesnt create a ‘hair tornado’ but still performs as needed. I can personally say that I prefer this model as it doesnt seem nearly as loud as the previous models I have had to tolerate in use while they do their thing every day.The style is nice, it is comfortable to hold and use. Between my wife and daughter, and occasionally myself, this gets a lot of use in my home. While it has only been a couple weeks, it has never overheated or died out from too much use at one time as I have seen many other models do. I am not a blow dryer expert, but I can say I would recomend this to anyone in search of a good blow dryer.

Earnestine Gilcrest, CO