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Goody – Comfortable StayPut Elastics, Black 20 Each


Key features

  • Easy To Wear
  • Comfortable
  • One Size Fits All
  • Excellent Quality
  • Looks Great On

Honest reviews


Goody StayPut Elastics

I have very thin baby fine hair and I like these ponytail holders because they don’t slip. I just wished they made a small size because I have to "twist" it about 5 times for it to be tight enough to stay in my hair. After a while they do stretch out a bit, which is a little disappointing because they only last me about a month and then I have to buy a new pack.

Randi Lockney, TX

Not enough elasticity

Pros: They don’t stick to and pull your hair. Cons: It seems like they are stretched out already. I was thinking maybe they got too hot in the UPS truck and lost their elasticity. Either way, not a great purchase.

Tabatha Kingston, GA

Very skinny elastics – was hoping they were thicker

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they are the thin elastic hair bands, not the thick ones. That’s more what i was expecting and was disappointed to see how thin they were. They don’t seem like they are very strong. They don’t stretch much so it’s hard to get a good hold on a simple pony tail. I just got them and haven’t had any snap yet, but i don’t think i will even be using them much since i prefer the larger bands.

Leeann Box Elder, MT

Stays Put, thin, not thick cab break 1st time

I got these because I use the thicker ones for putting up my very thick hair when I work out. I use these as a simple pull up or at the end of my braid. These are not strong enough to hold up all my hair when working out. Just like the thick ones, while using them the first or second time and you stretch them out, CRACK, they break and fly across the room. So, make sure you have backups with you.

Rae Canyondam, CA

Very thin & small

I returned this item because these are small bands and doesn’t work for my thick hair. Decent quality, although there isn’t much of the rudder-like material on it for gripping. I would recommend Goody’s larger, thicker version of this product.

Kendra Derrick City, PA

Keeps your hair secure

I was so thrilled to find these on Amazon. My ballet dancer daughter swears by these thick stay put hold elastics for her hair and they’re hard to find in the stores. They’re not super strong (because they’re missing that traditional metal piece that pulls your hair out) but they last us until they’re lost and will hold her hair for an eight hour rehearsal.

Karyn Grafton, ND