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Goody Colour Collection Metallic Finish Bobby Pin, Blonde, 50 Count

Goody Colour Collection is a complete line of color-complimentary hair accessories designed to blend in so your hair stands our not your hair accessory.

Key features

  • This product has a metallic finish that picks up light and blends in with your hair’s natural highlights.
  • Product developed to match all shades of blonde hair
  • Pefect for all hair types
  • Bobby pins
  • 1 count

Honest reviews


Not like they used to be…

I haven’t used bobby pins in decades. But recently I purchased a wig and decided bobby pins might be useful. To my dismay, these are not at all like the bobby pins I used years ago. They are very thin and flimsy-feeling and have a tendency to flip and twist when you try to open them. I was surprised because Goody has always been a good brand. I looked at the pack of the package they come on and, sure enough, I read "Made in China". Sigh. No surprise there. On the plus side, they do blend with blonde hair color…

Twila Coalmont, IN


The do the job nicely of holding your hair. No slipping, and a great color color for blondes, blend right in.

Naomi Piketon, OH

Worth the buy for blonds!

I’ve been using black elastic hair ties and brown bobby pins for years because that’s mainly all they sell at department stores! Well I’ve wanted blond bobby pins and hair ties that actually match my hair! I believe this is a great deal on several bobby pins and gives two metallic colors which I think would match all blonds. Worth the buy!

Isabel Belle Vernon, PA


I have hair that is blonde with natural low light and high lights and these colors work really well with it. I’m not sure how to describe it but I also really like their form or how they are made.

Kristen Gowen, OK

The Blonde Comes in Two Color Shades…

If you look closely at the picture of these blonde bobby pins you might be able to see that they are in two slightly different shades…the upper group is more of an ash blonde, and the lower group has a hint of red in them. I cut the package in half and gave the bottom half to my sister as she has a bit of a red hue in her hair; my hair is between ash/gold blonde so the top ones blend quite well for me. They work well too.

Corine U S A F Academy, CO