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Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush with Copper Bristles and Hanging Hole

Copper bristles reduce buildup for healthier shine! The Goody Clean Radiance Cushion Brush is great for all types of hair. The flexible cushion ensures that bristles move easily through hair to help smooth and detangle.

Key features

  • Copper bristles reduce natural buildup that is produced over time
  • Less buildup in hair will leave hair looking healthier and more radiant
  • Copper bristles reduce buildup for healthier shine

Honest reviews


it hurts

if you are a masochist, look no further. it feels like pulling barbed wire through your scalp.did absolutely nothing to eliminate dandruff or stimulate hair growth.

Isabelle Merrifield, MN

Works Wonderfully!

I have tried all the styles of Goody copper brushes and prefer this one. The narrower one loses its bristles easily as I brush. I think this bigger size makes a huge difference in how well it lasts. The copper wears off after a couple of months, but I don’t mind buying another because of how well it works. I love how it makes my hair look. I use it several times a day and I rarely have itching anymore. When I do I just use this brush for a few minutes and poof it’s gone. I think buying five or six of these brushes a year is more than worth it for the peace of not having an itchy head and how lovely my hair looks.

Deirdre Melrose, NY

Great Brush!

This is an excellent hair brush. It has a large surface area which works well for people with thick hair. It’s a sturdy brush and has those great little rubber tips. They feel really fantastic on your scalp!

Jesse Trout Creek, MI

I love it!

These are the best brushes for my frizzy, coarse and curly hair. I can use anything else so had to order online.

Carole Corinth, MS

Best brush ever

I have been using this brush for like 10 years and have only had to replace it once but I don’t remember why. I think I lost the first one.I have psoriasis on my scalp and this satisfies that itch without irritating and scratching the skin. It makes my hair incredibly soft and it’s fantastic for styling with a blow dryer.

Josie Arcadia, PA

Pretty good so far

I bought this for dandruff issues and also to reduce the static! I’m not sure that reduces the static, but it does good job with the dandruff part! I love how it feels in my scalp! My husband loves it too much that he could fall sleep brushing his hair!

Shawn Little Switzerland, NC

A friend gave me one and it is great and I bought another

I have suffered for the last three years with dandruff. It came on mid-life from stress. I have tried every product on the market and some made it worse. I just quit trying to find a cure, but the itch and the flakes very humiliating. A few weeks ago my friend gave me this brush and told me what it was for. I tried it and it immediately stopped the itch. It also massaged my scalp without pain. I bought another one which I use every morning after I blow dry my long hair. It has substantially reduced the flakes and I don’t have the itch. The itch usually started about an hour or so of styling my hair. I am grateful for my friends recommendation and I recommend this to anyone suffering from itchy dry flaky scalp!

Lauri Palos Hills, IL