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Goody Classics Clincher Comb, 5 Inches, 4 Count

Goody is the World’s most recognized manufacturer of hair styling tools and accessories and has been making hair look fabulous for over 100 years. Goody provides consumers with products inspired by the latest designer trends so they can enjoy style with value and create any look with ease.

Key features

  • This clincher comb is a classic item and is also called a banana comb
  • Great to use when you want a full bodied ponytail
  • Great for both adults and girls
  • Perfect for medium to long hair
  • 4 Piece count

Honest reviews



These banana clips work really well for me. I have shoulder length hair (when straightened) but I normally wear it in its natural/curly state which is also the only time I use these clips. If you are careful not to try and shove too much hair inside the clip it will not pop open and I have NOT had an issue with them breaking at all. GREAT BUY

Hillary Marion, MS

Clincher comb

I ended up throwing these away. I have long and straight hair, so when I try using one of these it was so tight that it pulled my hair and it hurt. I tried several times to adjust it so that it wouldn’t feel so tight but didn’t work, still felt tight. Also it looked kind of awkward in my head.

Georgette Freedom, IN

Very flimsy

Didn’t hold my shoulder length straight hair. They pop apart at each end which just got too irritating when trying to put it in. I bought a bunch of things like this in one go and this was in the reject pile.

Delores Temecula, CA

Great Buy

I have loved these clips for some 30 years now. They have great hold for fine layered hair and create a pretty cascading pony tail. They are a must have for my hair stash!

Emma Novato, CA

Nice Clip

These are nice clips (there are four to a package) to use on, thin, short hair. My hair is natural, and very thick since I no longer relax it, so the clips are a little too small for me.

Josefina Gas City, IN