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Goody 6.5″ Hair Cutting Scissors

Goody is the World’s most recognized manufacturer of hair styling tools and accessories and has been making hair look fabulous for over 100 years. Goody provides consumers with products inspired by the latest designer trends so they can enjoy style with value and create any look with ease.

Key features

  • Goody styling solutions
  • Cut your hair at home or keep it trimmed between cuts with these 6.5 incheshair cutting scissors
  • For all hair types
  • 6.5 incheshair cutting scissors
  • 1 Piece count

Honest reviews


havnt use it yet

i bought it just in case i need to cut my bangs or hair. but i have not yet use it. so, i will update when i do.

Latisha Eastford, CT



Jenny Panama City, FL

These are fine.

They cut.. I use them for pet grooming and they are a good size and so far theyhave remained nice and sharp. I am glad to have one pair, and I may purchase another pair in alarger size. Goody usually offers a good product in my opinion.

Lupe Endeavor, PA

not sharp enough at all

These were awful. Not at all sharp enough for a decent hair cut for my boys. I am mother to three boys all with different hair texture and I’ve been cutting their hair for awhile. I lost my scissors in a move and these were ordered for replacement. An awful hack job. I didn’t even bother cutting the other two boys’ hair. Poor, cheaply made.

Ora Grove City, MN

Great For Synthetic Wigs!

I purchased a pair of these scissors because I had a wig that needed trimming. These scissors cut cleanly without leaving jagged, rough edges or damaging the wig. Best of all, they are super affordable! Highly recommended!

Adelaide Amorita, OK

Get the job done

These shears work well for me. I like to cut my own hair to save money. They are just a bit on the cheap side but I don’t think it had a very big impact on my hair. They worked and I had no issues.

Millie Folsom, PA

Used for Daughter’s Hair

I used this to trim both of my daughters hair. They both have long hair that only needs a small trim every few months, the price was good and it does its job saving us money and time avoiding expensive children’s hair cuts with the convenience of doing it at home. I am no professional hair stylist (just a mom of two), but its extremely simple to just trim a few ends that grow unevenly with time. I recommend this product for quick trims at home.

Marci Dublin, IN

Not to sharp

I bought them for my yorkiepoos face and they don’t seem very sharp, I’ve also used them on my bangs and had the same problem. I would go for a higher quality.

Jan Cerrillos, NM

Nice thinning shears

These work as expected, arrived quickly and appropriately packaged, and have the useful little balancing handle on the corner. I use these to cut my kids’ hair and have had no problems.

Patsy Estill Springs, TN

Fine Versatile Product

I actually bought these for trimming around the snout of my Yorkshire Terrier. They produce a fine and natural look around the muzzle.I did start using them on myself as well and again they are a good, basic and inexpensive scissors.I find that thinning the longest 2″ of my hair ends allows for an easier curl, whereas my thick ends if bluntly cut will not hold a curl.Between my dog and myself, we are two happy customers.Nice, inexpensive choice.

Alfreda Port Washington, OH

Ok for the price

These are sharp enough and all I use them for is trimming the very tips of my split ends between salon visits. I wouldn’t see these as being great for a professional, but for what I need they work fine.

Jewel Lemon Grove, CA

Everyone should own a pair of these scissors

For those of you still cutting/trimming your hair with a traditional pair of scissors – stop!Purchase this pair of hair cutting scissors. The blades actually grip your hair as they snip and the handle (thumb and finger holes) of these scissors are very comfortable. Good product from Goody!

Noreen Douglass, TX

Awesome shears!

I do my own hair at home and needed some decent barber shears, but the "real ones" cost just too darn much. I was afraid of buying simplistic "Goody hair cutting scissors", it sounded too… simplistic. But it really is great, I don’t see any reason to pay more for something like this. They are perfect for cutting hair, don’t create a mess and cost a fraction of glorified "barber shears".Highly recommended

Josie Ty Ty, GA

Good buy

These work wonders! Whenever my hair needs a little touch up these are perfect! Nice and sharp too. Would recommend!

Velma Burt, MI

These work great!!

I ordered these shears based on the reviews and I’m glad I did. I don’t have to thin MY hair anymore, but I like to wear wigs a lot for the variety and convenience. The only thing is that they usually have much more hair than I prefer. That’s why I bought these and they work GREAT for this. I have a new wig I bought, used these shears to thin out the hair, and it looks great. So, I’m sure they would work just as good if I used them on my own hair…or if you did. I recommend them.

Leanne Saint Clair, MN

Works great

These are very sharp and do exactly what they are supposed to. I was frankly surprised considering they are not a ‘professional’ brand.

Nellie Bouckville, NY

Five Stars

Does what it does!

Barbara Tampa, FL


I don’t know why this product is so difficult to find offline, it’s inexpensive, but expected "Goody" quality. Nothing special, and yet will do the job without question. Looking forward to using them to maintain my long layers.

Autumn East Setauket, NY

Work well

What can I say, other than these do the trick, seem to be of fairly good quality, and are an excellent price.

Constance Chartley, MA

Cuts good!

They are sharp and cut well. I needed to thin out my thick hair and these work good very easy to use. Good quality for the price. Goody has never let me down as far as quality… Impressed

Rita Aynor, SC

Good Buy

Very pleased with this purchase. Scissors are sturdy and sharp. Cutting my bangs was a breeze. I truly recommend them.

Ola Petersburg, IL

Ace scissors

These are easy to use. I trim my dogs hair with them. They love that it’s fast and so do I.

Mallory Mount Hermon, LA

Fully Functional

They are fully functional scissors. I am not a stylist, so I don’t ask for much for a pair of hair cutting scissors. They just need to be able to cut hair, and these scissors cut my hair. I used them to trim my ends and had no issues.

Delores Sabattus, ME

Good size

These are good scissors for trimming bangs etc. the size is comfortable in the hand and they are sharp as they should be. The price was reasonable for a good pair of sheers.

Claudia Welcome, MD

Sharp and precise; great value

I use these to trim my own hair, and they’re perfect. As a mom, I cut my family’s hair to save money, so I wasn’t looking for a super pricey set of shears. For this use, these were the best I could find in terms of quality and value. I would definitely recommend them and would buy them again in the future. I’m glad I bought these instead of an all-metal, professional looking set that would have cost many times what I paid for these.If Goody is listening, I wish someone would develop a finger guard that protects the index finger on the opposing hand because when you’re cutting your own hair in places you can’t see closely in multiple mirrors, like the back of your head, it’s easy to nip your index finger on the hand that’s holding the hair…near the knuckle. Ouch! Just an idea. In the meantime, I might just wrap that finger with electrical tape when I do my own trim.

Celina Maplecrest, NY

First time cutting my own hair- these are awesome!!!

I’ve wanted to cut my own hair forever to save money, but I’ve always been so afraid. Finally, weeks of scheduling conflicts with my salon, and desperation for a haircut drove me to the breaking point, and I decided to go for it!I’m very much a DIY person with all things beauty, so I really don’t know what took me so long to cut my own hair; after using these, and following farahdhukai’s video on youtube to the T, I can honestly say I will never be going back to a salon. Not that I didn’t love my salon- I did! But I usually spent about $65 per cut, and the cost of all my materials was less than half that. I also know myself well, and know exactly what I want from a haircut, so after following Farah’s video, I was able to trim and edit to my liking. I’m in college, and at such a high price for a cut, I could only afford to get it done every 3 monthes, and my hair was miserable by then.I have very long, thin blonde hair that’s prone to breakage, and is easily weighed down by products. I know typically you wouldn’t use thinning shears on fine hair, but it worked out extremely well for me- weight is the enemy of thin hair!! These shears also helped blended the layers very well.In addition to these, I bought a small, simple pair of shears just for touch ups!If you’re looking to start cutting your hair at home, I highly recommend these shears and checking out Farah’s video!Happy Styling! 🙂

Lilia Braham, MN


I got these thinning scissors yesterday and used them for the first time today. THESE SCISSORS SUCK! The handle sticks; the blades pull and tug instead of cutting hair. I wish I could rate this item a zero! Amazon has not made an effort to make things right; I would like a refund please.

Carly Rochelle, VA


Good value. I’m new to cutting my own hair. These scissors are extremely sharp. I am very impressed with this pair.

Kimberlee South Cairo, NY