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Gold Premium 4 Piece Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set From Royal Care Cosmetics

This Set Includes: Small Flat Kabuki that can be used for liquid or cream foundation application. Small Round Kabuki for application of powders and blending between the colors. Small Angled Kabuki is perfect for application of bronzer and blush. The shape of this brush gives you a better control at contouring your face. Small Tapered Kabuki can be used for application of concealer or liquid foundation.

Key features

  • Gold Premium 4 Piece Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set From Royal Care Cosmetics
  • The Synthetic Kabuki Kit contains four high quality face brushes that are perfect for use on the go to touch up your makeup or for the full makeup application.
  • In this kit you have all the brushes you need for application of powder, liquid, cream or blush. The product won’t absorb into the bristles and it is very easy to clean.

Honest reviews


Good quality for the price

Due to the amazing reviews these brushes got, I ordered them. For the price they are good quality brushes, but they can’t compare to the quality of Sigma brushes and other Kabuki brushes I own. My complain is that they could be more soft and flexible on the skin, but nevertheless you can’t go wrong with this set. For the price they are a great buy!

Christa Beaver, OH

great value

these are awesome little brushes for the money. they work great, don’t shed, are very soft and I recommend them to anyone.

Michael Yorktown, IA


I bought this on a whim because I needed some stiff brushes for cream n liquid makeup. This is absolutely perfect.

Lucille Nara Visa, NM


title says it all really. i have used all 4 of these and they are all amazing. great for liquid foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, highlight. anything and everything. i love these. they are soo soft, so dense, great at blending, sturdy, and just gorgeous. so so happy with my purchase!

Dolly Hamlin, TX


These brushes do the trick for what is needed, but I am a little saddened that some of the brush is falling apart already… Only one brush seems to be loosing the "hair"….Other than that, they are great!

Shawn Paxton, IL

Really soft and dense!

Really great brushes! These are the softest brushes I own. Really worth the price. I did notice minor shedding after washing the brushes the 3rd time, especially the flat top brush.

Rosa Lobelville, TN

Great Quality Brushes

These brushes are amazing! I was using a similar synthetic flat top kabuki brush (not going to put the brand on here) that cost about $15 and I definitely prefer the flat top one from this set now. I expected them to be okay, but not that great since they are cheaper than a lot of the other similar brushes. But these are just as good, if not better. I use them mostly for my liquid foundation and they give me such a flawless look, they don’t leave any brush streaks, and there is little to no fallout. I love love love these brushes! They are so soft yet dense, and they don’t suck up all your product. Five stars for sure!

Etta Cranks, KY

Meh, they’re just ok

Used lots of brushes. I’d rather spend more and have better brushes. I guess these are decent for the price. They’re just too darn stiff for my liking. The only one I will occasionally use is the flat top brush to apply foundation. But even still I have other brushes I prefer

Matilda Royal, NE

Seems nice

Looks and feels professional- after a few months they started falling out- so I just trim and it seems to work. Don’t forget to clean w olive oil and dish detergent.

Josefina Donaldson, MN

Excellent F80 Knockoff

The BEST comparable brush so far to Sigma’s F80 Flattop kabuki. I would say this one is slightly softer with more give in the bristles, not quite as firm. But that could be better depending on your preference and for the same price as 1 F80 from Sigma you get 4 total brushes for face applications.

Jacklyn Freeman Spur, IL

Good brushes for price

I have many brushes. Some on the high end of price, which have lasted me 25 years (seriously). I’ve taken good care of them and they are such a good quality that they have lasted. Was skeptical on these due to the inexpensive price, but was pleasantly surprised when first used them. Nice soft feel, no shedding, and does an excellent job.Like them so much, I bought a friend a set. She is new to using brushes to apply makeup, and this set will do well to help her get started. Would recommend

Chandra Brussels, IL

Great Brushes

Very nice brushes that don’t shed. I bought these because of the other reviews and am not disappointed. These brushes have some firmness and are very soft at the same time.

Gail Elsie, MI


I order these brushes on the25th of February. They arrived earlier. Before I use ANY NEW BRUSHES I WASH them. I have used only 2out of 4. The bristles are very soft and gentle on my face. I had gotten ahold to some harsh brushes and these are the BEST. I recommend these brushes.

Rose Pickstown, SD


These brushes are super great for the price. I really like the flat top foundation brush. It really blends my make up beautifully without streaks. I tend to push or tab the foundation into my skin as opposed to gliding it over my face. I feel like tapping or pushing the product with this brush creates less streaks and visible lines than gliding would. They are pretty good quality and I would definitely buy them again.

Melissa Glenburn, ND

Bang for your buck

Excellent brushes well worth the money. Had them over a month no shedding soft and durable great for make up artist

Janette Refton, PA