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Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ceramic Heater Stove

Since its inception more than 25 years ago, Gold ‘N Hot instantly became and remains the no.1 selling brand in the professional ethnic beauty marketplace.

Key features

  • Ceramic heater reaches and maintains 860cdegree fahrenheit (460 degree celsius)
  • On/off switch on cord
  • 4-feet cord with grounding plug

Honest reviews


Great Stove!!!

Works great. I love having it. Anytime I need a little touch up. I just plug it up and go

Julianne Yukon, OK

Great Stove! No more back & forth from the kitchen!

Now I can do my hair all in my room. Before I had to keep going into the kitchen, then wait for the comb to cool down, then take it back into the kitchen, etc. This added probably an hour to my hair time. Now I just heat up my comb in my room with my mirrors and other hair products and I can get it done in about two hours rather than 3!This stove gets REALLY hot though. Don’t touch the outside and make sure it’s not around anything flammable. It’s very sturdy, seems like it will last me a while. I am pleased!

Alice Lucerne, IN

Long time to heat

Although it works well this product took quite some time to reach its heat potential. I would say at least an hour before it got hot enough to use in hair. I would recommend it but just be prepared to heat it an hour befor using it.

Wilma Smithwick, SD

Gets really hot- nice for irons

The only thing that bothers me about this is that there are no temperature controls. You have to be SUPER careful if you are going to use on your hair. Check your iron with a paper towel and see if it is burned. Better the towel than your hair! Definitely work out what temp (how long you heat your irons) works best for your hair- not everyone is the same

Katelyn Manchester, WA

Great product, wish it was made in USA though…

Hi Natural Sisters! If you need one of these then you are doing an old fashioned press n curl! : ) or something like that. Anyhoo I remember back in the day when we would use the kitchen stove. I just bought a thermal flat iron (*note when we say “thermal” that means uses a stove and has marcel handles, some folks say” Marcel Irons”, it’s all where you are from). The reason why a thermal iron is often preferred is the iron quality. Quality iron is what produces a good finish. Electric irons use a different type of metal plate that does not work as well on coarser hair.Well when I pulled mine out of the box I was pleased. I received mine fast because Amazon was the filler. It is true, these ovens are hot hot hot around the outside so be careful. I had to order one because nowadays it’s just not proper to use the kitchen stove. So I bought for convenience and i luv it. the price is okay, wish they were cheaper and I wish we made them in the USA. Back in the day the cords were covered in a cloth because the cord can easily burn too if it touches the metal. I NEVER thought being in beauty school in the 80’s that we would come back to this way of doing things. But it’s good to be natural. Our hair really is beautiful just learn some styling tips on youtube, you can do it.

Dawn Mount Storm, WV