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Gold ‘N Hot GH3984 Ionic Soft Jumbo Bonnet Dryer

Ideal for roller sets & conditioning treatments

Key features

  • Jumbo -size bonnet with drawstring to accommodate extra-large roller sizes
  • 2 speed, 2 heat settings
  • 40″ flexible hose
  • Contemporary case with retractable handle and compartments for cord & bonnet storage

Honest reviews


Bonnet is awkward

I had the Revlon Amber dryer and liked it but the bonnet got brittle and scratched my forehead so I bought another one. The new one was very loud and on the second day, the bonnet tore where the hose is supposed to go. Because the reviews were so poor, I thought I’d go with a dryer that had good reviews like this one. I also noticed that there was a replacement bonnet so that if it got bad, all I had to do is replace the bonnet. I usually wrap my hair and use the dryer while I lay on the couch and watch tv. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with this dryer because the bonnet inflates real big and the only way to keep it on you head is to tie it under your chin, which is very uncomfortable. Other dryer bonnets fit sort of like shower caps with the tension all around the cap. Not this one. It has some elastic on top then a drawstring on the bottom quarter of the bonnet. It’s not a tight fit. The box doesn’t show you a picture of that but if you look for the replacement bonnet you’ll see what it looks like. Note that the model is wearing the bonnet without the dryer on. With the dryer on it inflates and is really big. My husband laughed at me for five minutes straight and well, so did I. Anyway, as a dryer, it works just as well as any dryer. It’s not that loud, but it comes in a case with a lid that has to remain open, which also limits where you can place it. The material of the bonnet, although weird, is superior to that of the Revlon Amber. For me, it’s not that great because I like to lie down on the couch and watch tv while I dry my hair. I can’t do that with this dryer. The bonnet is so uncomfortable that I may return it.

Esperanza Bajadero, PR

Gets The Job Done!

Love, love, love this little dynamo of a hair dryer. I’ve had short hair for a long time and recently started growing it out. Longer hair is a lot more work than I remember. To keep it healthy and shiny I started rolling it up and using this dryer instead of blow drying. My hair dresser noticed the difference. This dryer is light weight, portable, convenient and gets hot enough to dry my thick hair in a short period of time. Just turn on a movie and before I know it my hair is full of bouncy curls.In fact, I’m using it right now as I write my review. All the other reviews are true. I did read them before purchasing from Amazon; so was cautious attaching the tube to the hood. It was no problem once I got the hang of it.

Whitney Newburg, ND

Just as good as the professional ones

This was my first @ home hair dryer, ever. I decided that i was no longer going to waste money in a hair salon on getting a simple roller and dryer. In essence, this dryer paid for itsself upon first use.I heavily researched which dryer i wanted to buy. I sought out another model by gold n hot -but it became discontinued from one day to the next. I bought this dryer at a local beauty supply store for $40.00 and i do not regret it.For 500 watts, this dryer gets the overall job done. I have long hair extensions and use 20 large gray salon rollers to set my hair. 1-1.5 hours under this bonnet, my hair is as soft and dry as it would be in under the salon professional dryer.I enjoy not having to plan my week around figuring what time of the day/week i can go to the salon and not have to spend a good part of the day there. I also enjoy the 1-1.5 hrs i have to dedicate to doing NOTHING while i wait (maybe ill polish my nails while watching tv :)The bonnet is big enough to accomodate large rollers. There is only 2 heat settings, hot or cool /high or low. Setting the dryer on high/hot gets the job done.One concern i had upon first use, was that the hose attached to the back of the bonnet. I was skeptical about the hair drying evenly around my head- but it did !The product itsself is not as confining as the hood/tabletop dryer. If you want to move around, you have the freedom to do so; just as long as you have an extension cord and dont mind carrying a lunchbox type of thing around your house. (the dryer has a handle:)I have only had this dryer for a few months, and have had no real issues with it.I hope i am not as unforunate as other reviewers and have it die or breakdown on me.

Janette Kennesaw, GA


This product works just like a regular salon dryer, just with a bonnet, and gets really hot, and the price you can’t beat.

Ana Castleton On Hudson, NY

Good alternative

I wasn’t sure if I was going to start rollersetting regularly, so instead of buying a 200$ bonnet dryer large enough to fit my rollers, I purchased this. The heating can be inconsistent if you don’t use the “High” setting, and it’s super hot on high and hot.. so I’m not sure, but my hair looks great and healthy so I can’t complain.Takes a LONG time to dry, but I expected that with mid back natural 3c. 🙁

Brigitte Becket, MA

Great hooded dryer.

This is a great dryer that I have used a few times now. I usually blow dry my hair with a comb attachment blow dryer then I sit under this dryer for 10-15 minutes to ensure that my hair is dry before I flat iron it out. I also use the dryer when using deep conditioning treatments.

Latasha Algonac, MI

The Best!!

I have very long hair and I dry my hair using rollers. And I’m so happy I found this hair dryer! Its dries my hair quick without drying it out or burning it. And its so comfortable to wear. I usually sit in my living room watching tv. I recommend this to anyone!

Suzanne Ivor, VA

not what I expected

I actually enjoy the soothing noise from the hair dryer but it doesn’t seem to dry very fast. It took a long time and I found it difficult at times to keep on, it seems like it wanted to blow right off my head and I had to hold the top part and usually end up giving up and grabbing the hand held hair dryer to hurry up

Chelsey New Cumberland, PA

Gets The Job Done!

I am writing this review as i sit under the dryer. I recommend this dryer just because it gets hot quickly, stays hot, and is quite portable.The pros:Large bonnetLong hosePretty decent length power cordGets hot and stays hotCons:The lid has to stay open while the dryer is on limiting where you can sit it, and I almost broke it off one day by accident.The hair in back get dried first and you have to spot chec the front.The hose gets really hotThe bonnet is really large so if you plan on doing conditioning treatments you will have to jerryrig the bonnet to not fly off. I just gave up and bought a conditioning capMany other reviewers state that their bonnet has ripped, or the hose clip has broken. Mine has not yet but i can easily see how that can happen. I try to take great care in not taking the bonnet off too fast and i try not to really move much when i am using the dryer.Good dryer for the cost and i hope it lasts foralong time

Josefa Unionville, CT


Best hair tool I’ve bought so far. It’s so much more comfortable than the hooded dryers. Less heat blowing in my face. I can move around or lay down while my hair is drying. I luv it soooo much wish I had this years ago. Great for summer time hair drying.

Odessa Bridgeview, IL

Good n Hot

Gold n Hot is a good brand name that i trust. I dare you to take this dryer away from me I dare you. I love the Bonnet hair dryer and this one is awesome. It has a pull out handle and the way the cord tubing and bonnet are stored in this dryer is great. This dryer is lightweight and good for traveling. And this dryer gets very hot. I would recommend this to any and everyone. Its also cool because if you fall asleep the bonnet is soft. I dont even use a dryer anymore but i wont get rid of this one you cant make me.

Laurie Terry, WV


This product is wonderful for hot oil treatments. It also makes drying your hair easy and efficient. Overall it’s a good product

Holly Phoenix, OR

Good dryer for the price

I brought this dryer because I got tired of hard bonnets (top snapping off and trying to weight it down). Thanks to the drawstrings the bonnet doesn’t fly off your head when it’s setting to the high setting. Also, it dries my hair evenly. The only drawback is there is no “warm” setting (only hot or cool).

Tamara Markleysburg, PA

I love it!

I used this hair dryer for the first time today and I love it! It dried my very thick hair in no time and gets very hot. In fact, I was able to dry my hair on cool and it was still very warm. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. I have gone through countless hair dryers in the past few years (they just don’t seem to last), and this is one of the best. I was concerned about the bonnet because it didn’t seem like it would fit over my curlers, but it did. I just had to be very careful putting it on/taking off. From past experience with the attachment ring breaking, I will also be purchasing a replacement bonnet if I can find one.UPDATE** The attachment ring on the bonnet has broken (why does this always happen to me?) after only four months and now I’ve had to tape the thing, which is not going to last. The dryer itself is still working properly, but now I need to see if I can purchase a new bonnet from somewhere. If anybody knows where I can get one I’d appreciate it.

Suzanne Normantown, WV

Very hard to keep it on your head when set on high

I have naturally curly hair so the average blow dryer, even with diffuser, just causes frizz. With this dryer, I can twist my hair into curls, pin them, and dry them more quickly than if I just air-dry. The bonnet has a drawstring to tighten it around your head, but if you set it on high it tries to blow off your head – you can’t really get the drawstring tight enough to hold it in place. The only way to keep it in place is to pull it down over your forehead, which becomes uncomfortable after a few minutes. However, if I can tolerate it, it speeds up my "getting ready" time considerably.

Sandy Fort Jones, CA