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Gold N’ Hot GH3400 Professional Conditioning Heat Cap

Gold n hot professional conditioning heat cap.

Key features

  • Designed for all hair types
  • 3 heat settings
  • Gemtle heat to activate conditioners

Honest reviews


Mine Is Old but Good

I purchased the pictured heating cap over 5 years ago from a beauty supply store and I like it. I let it heat up for maybe 20 minutes, sit under it for at least 30 minutes and my head stays warm the whole time. It gets the conditioning process done for me. The shape can be annoying. Overall I am satisfied with the heating cap I purchased.

Brandi Bessie, OK

I’ve had mine for ten years and it still works!

I literally bought my Gold N Hot heat cap in 2003. I just used it last night for a hot oil treatment and it works great. I use this cap for coloring my hair and for deep conditioning treatments. Using heat on my hair colors makes them last a very, very long time: I use semi-permanent hair colors and they can last 6 months or more. Heat for deep conditioning helps the conditioner penetrate, leaving my hair very soft and strong.My cap came with a small, thin plastic cap to use underneath it, to protect it from getting wet or sticky or stained. I lost that a few years ago so now I use a few plastic grocery bags.It gets very hot on the high setting, so I usually use it on medium or low. It gets the job done very well. I’ve worn it for hours at a time with no problems.Sometimes it makes a buzzing noise. At first I found that a little alarming, but no harm has ever come of it.I recommend this product to all my friends. It is a game-changer in hair care.

Nellie Tolstoy, SD

I have had better

This particular conditioning cap does not really heat up well if at all. Its a waste of money pick another brand.

Reyna Santa Rosa, NM

First Use left me impressed

I came across a tip about heating up your conditioner and leaving it in your hair for 30 minutes. I have a conditioning cap but the more I used that cap the more worn out it’s getting. The aluminum is wearing off but it still keeps my head a little heated. I didn’t want to keep heating my conditioner, running my face towel through hot water and placing it over my hair and then putting the conditioning cap over it every time I wash my hair.I’m familiar with the Gold N’ Hot hair line and even though I’m not really a fan of their flat irons and curling irons that people have broken within a few uses I decided to give this a try.I put conditioner in my hair placed my conditioning cap over my head and then the heating cap. I had to fumble with these two a bit. I didn’t want to soil my cap and I know the conditioning cap holds some good heat so these two combos worked for me.I set it on medium and boy did it get hot! I had to switch it to low! I can’t even imagine what the high setting feels like! My hair is air drying as we speak and it is soft. Since I’m in the type 4 natural category I will eventually have to put moisturizers in my hair but this heating cap is pretty good for me. It cooked the conditioner through my hair which means this conditioner will do what it states and if it does that then this cap is alright with me. Like I stated in my headline, my first use of this cap has me pretty much satisfied.

Georgette Fort Branch, IN

Gold N Hot Conditioning Heat Cap

I purchased this heating cap sometime ago. I must say what a disappointment. It does not get hot at all. It starts out at a decent temperature and than it does not get any hotter. Please don’t waste you money on this heating cap you will be very disappointed. It also has an empty spot in the back where it does not get hot at all.

Ilene Centerburg, OH

Best Heat Cap I’ve Used!

This heat cap is great for deep conditioning and I love that it has three heat settings. Easy to use and well worth the nominal expense. I’ve tried other caps, but this is the best!

Rosalyn Arnold Afb, TN

No noise.

It warms nicely if you have the time to deep condition for a few hours. It’s not a dryer dome, so I don’t expect it to heat up to blazing temps. You could use a plastic cap and a dryer but this warms without the noise 🙂

Opal Woodbury, VT