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Gold N Hot Gh2257 Professional 1875 Watt Ionic Dryer with Tourmaline

Tourmaline infused air-exit grille for silky-smooth hair with superior conditioning and brilliant shine.

Key features

  • 2 Speed / 3 Heat settings with cool shot
  • Hinged air-intake grill
  • Non-slip inserts
  • 9ft.cord with hanging ring
  • Includes styling pik and air concentrator

Honest reviews


works as advertised

I purchased this hair dryer to replace an older one that worked poorly. This dryer works fine and seems to dry my hair quickly. I like the comb attachment that comes with it. My only gripe with the product is it has some sort of GFI feature in the transformer end of the AC plug that requires you to push a button on it before you can use the switch on the dryer to turn the dryer on. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it is a pain to have to do this every time you want to use the dryer. So if your dryer won’t turn on push the button on the transformer.

Estella Oaks, OK

Love the Comb Attachment!

I bought this hairdryer specifically for the comb attachment. I have found that a hairdryer with a comb attachment is so much easier to use than a plain hairdryer and a round brush when drying my hair. I found this hairdryer on Amazon, and I couldn’t believe the great price and numerous positive reviews. I am really very pleased with my purchase! The dryer is light, easy to use, and has multiple heat settings. The comb attachment works like a dream. I would recommend this hairdryer to anyone. 🙂

Irma Toyahvale, TX


This is a nice dryer. It puts out good heat, but not wild about the comb attachment. I like that it’s plastic and bendable so it won’t crack, but the teeth on the comb are too wide to help straighten my hair. I need a blow dryer that has a good comb to help straighten my hair is this one is not it.

Robert Blue Rock, OH

Great Dryer!

Love the dryer, gets HOT which my thick, porous hair needs. Comb attachment runs easily through my hair…only minus is the comb attachment is starting to bend, but again, my hair is past my shoulders, and super thick! Thanks Gold N HoT!

Irene Henrietta, TX

Love the dryer but…

Absolutely hated the comb! I need a comb that can stand up to my hair and this one could not. The dryer is fantastic! It has a setting for any type of hair and it dries quickly!

Darlene Summerfield, TX

Attachment stays on..but died a month after purchase

I am on my third blow dryer of this type as my other two only had concentrators and I really wanted one that came with a comb. I tried buying the universal comb that is available at local beauty suppliers but it kept popping off because my natural 4B/4C hair is very very thick and curly. This one stays on because it clicks into the dryer itself. Like another reviewer said the dryer gets very very hot and it even smokes a little on the hottest setting so the comb attachment is made of a plastic that is somewhat flexible. I let it cool down before removing the comb.I didn’t give it five stars because I would have liked to have a finer tooth comb on the end as this gets the hair even straighter with less time to flat iron and the fact that it smoked. Outside of those two things I believe this is a really good one. I sectioned my hair and each section dried pretty fast getting my hair pretty straight two.Using this type of blow dryer where the heat and the comb get to your roots really quickly reduces your flat ironing time dramatically. I saw someone on youtube use this type and it does make a big difference.Update to my review: December 15th was drying hair and the blower got stuck on one setting. This dryer will now only blow on the lowest setting…very disappointed…barely used 4 times…had a little over a month. Purchased replacement Silver Bird by Conair from Sally’s (2000 Watt) Dries like a pro and true tourmaline effect…hair was so straight and texture was so good barely had to flat iron. Very Very disappointed in this brand.

Liza Walthall, MS

Lightweight and Just amazing

Hair dryer is lightweight and simply phenomenal.It dried my relaxed, afro textured hair in 10 minutes flat on the lowest possible setting! (low heat, low airflow)

Bridget Passaic, MO

Good product

I purchased it for the comb attachment. It suited for curly and thick hair, too big to use for me.The hair dryer works well, not too heavy or loud but dries hair quickly.

Ila Quimby, IA