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Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Lotion, 14-Ounces

Gold Bond Ultimate® Skin Therapy Lotion Softening with Shea Butter. 7 Essential moisturizers. Softens rough dry skin. Vitamins A, C & E. Fast absorbing. Non-greasy. Fresh soft scent. Hydralast™ for continuous moisturization.

Key features

  • **You may receive this product with a Bonus offer 20% more**
  • Two 14-ounce bottle.
  • Makes dry, uneven and rough skin noticeably silky soft and smooth.
  • Contains 7 essential moisturizers, 3 vitamins, Shea Butter, and a unique Silk Peptide Matrix.

Honest reviews



I get really dry skin in the cold weather, but I have a really sensitive and I cannot handle most smells of lotions. This is seriously the best lotion I’ve ever used. The scent is nice, it makes my skin so soft, and its not in the slightest bit greasy. I bought it at walmart for for a really good price too. Seriously just love this stuff. I’ve been a gold bond fan for a while, but this tops everything. And I never write reviews for stuff.

Selina Winston, OR

Great for dry skin. Pump idea needs do-over!

I have skin like the Sahara Desert all over. This lotion is wonderful at hydrating. I’ve even been using it on my old face (I’m 59)…ano break-outs surprisingly. Almost everything makes my face break out.The main ingredients seem to be glycerin, aloe, jojoba oil, and shea butter…NO MINERAL OIL, which is usually the culprit in breakouts. My only complaint is the pump. It shoud be in a squeeze bottle instead because it’s so thick, a sort of air tunnel forms inside the pump tube. You have to take the top off, and look inside. You’ll see a perfectly round hollow where the tube was. You have to turn it upside-down on your palm or wack the bottle to get air pressure to move the lotion into that space. I couldn’t get the pump to work at all when I first got it until I figure this out.

Doris Medway, MA

Nice thick lotion

The product has a light scent and absorbs nicely. I’m using it in some vain attempt to prevent prego stretch marks. It moisturizes very well to prevent itching and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. My only complaint – once you *think* you’ve used up the whole bottle, don’t throw it away. There is a TON of product left in the bottom. Really, enough to fill a bottle of hand lotion and maybe then some. The straw in the pump must be way too short. Other than that, this is a great lotion.

Natalie Summit, AR

wish I could take a shower in this

I love this product, and so does my skin. This winter has been so cold and dry, and my skin has reflected that. My hands are usually okay, because I use any hand cream a lot, but nothing has worked on them this year, they were dry to the point of being cracked and bleeding.Gold Bond with Shea Butter to the rescue! My skin drinks it in, it is not greasy or smelly, and the softness lasts all day on my body. I keep it with me at all times so I can freshen-up my hands when needed. Even my nails are doing better because my cuticles are moist now. Thanks Gold Bond for another great product, and thank you Amazon for carrying it.

Elma Niagara Falls, NY

RN Approved

I’m a RN. Nurses was their hands a lot. Not like normal people wash their hands a lot, but like a lot a lot. So when my hands were scaly and starting to resemble a cheap street knockoff alligator purse, I borrowed a squirt of this from a coworker. It couldn’t have been more magical if unicorns and sparkles emerged from the pump. Not only did it smell lovely and hopefully cover a little of the smell of sweat and various bodily fluids that were no doubt on my scrubs, but it made my hands look totally not like a cold reptilian handbag. My hubby is hooked too. Buy it.

Avis Sunbury, NC

Absolute favorite lotion!!!

I tried this lotion when my dad had come home from the hospital (my mom had gotten it from the hospital gift shop for him) and I was at their house. WOW!!! It moisturizes like no other. I had previously been using a natural brand and also a lot of Lubriderm (which I used to love). Although Gold Bond is more expensive, it is definitely worth it.I had originally tried the aloe and really liked it a lot. Then I tried this softening version with shea and love, love, love it!! Last week I decided to save a little money and go back to Lubriderm (new kind with shea and coco butters — smells awesome). However, my hands were dry as soon as I washed them once. The Gold Bond stays on throughout the day. I am switching back to the Gold Bond immediately. I will keep my other stuff as a backup and for the good smell (kind of like suntan lotion).I do wish the shea version came in a larger bottle. Also, it is very difficult to get all of the lotion out of the bottle. I have an old flip top that fits these bottles. When I get to the point that the pump won’t get any more from the bottle, I throw on the flip top, store the bottle upside down, and bang the sides (it’s so thick that it sticks to the sides of the bottle rather than flow down to the bottom).Love, love, love it, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a great lotion. I even use it on my face during the winter at times when my skin is super dry.

Shawna Durham, CT

Ok product. Thick and not a good smell tho

This product was ok. A little too thick for my liking and I didn’t like the smell so I would not purchase this item again.

Ethel Waterloo, OH

Soft Hands!

I have used Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Lotion for years and living in cold country Gold Bond helps keep my hands from being dry and cracked in the winter. We also live in a dry climate so use it all year round. It glides on so smoothly and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. I highly recommend Gold Bond Lotion to keep skin moisturized. Also a great buy.

Berta Delavan, MN

Best lotion I’ve ever used.

I have bad hang-nails year-round. However, since using this product throughout the day and at night, they’re much, much better. While it does wash off when using soap and water, you’re hands do feel much more moist overall when using this product, even after washing.While I can purchase this at about the same price at my local stores, and sometimes on sale for a better price, by purchasing this on the subscribe and save, I never run out, and most importantly never have to search for sales.

Irene Howard, GA

Works as well as designer brands for a fraction of the cost

While I love the scent of L’Occitane and other high-priced boutique and department store brands, I do not like their pricing. This product softens and even removes wrinkles (especially on the arms) as well as those other pricey products do and at a fraction of their cost. Love it!

Evelyn Cincinnati, OH

Thick but not greasy

I love this so much I buy it in bulk. I can never have enough. Thick and absorbent, great for post shaving.

Marcie Ringold, OK


This lotion is great, leaves my skin soft and it smells good. It is not too greesy like others. Amazon has a good price.

Rosetta Silver Beach, MA