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Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion, 14-Ounce Pump Bottle

Triple Action Relief; Moisturizing, Itch Relief, Soothing

Key features

  • For the temporary relief of itching associated with dry skin
  • Clinically proven to moisturize, soothe and protect for hours
  • Triple Action Gold Bond Lotion is medicated to provide prompt, effective itch relief

Honest reviews


Gold Bond

This a product I have used for a time. Ir is a good skin lotion and makes the skin feel soft.

Alta Hamburg, IA

Okay for now.

My daughter seemed to like it. She itched a lot. I remember the lotion sometimes being too thick to pour out. Again, okay for me.

Charity Haverhill, OH

Love It…Works Like The Powder In Tough Areas

Gold Bond powder has been a staple in my home for decades. There is nothing better for rashes, sunburn, etc. Whenever it comes time that I need this stuff I am still amazed at how fast and well it works. People who really are familiar with Gold Bond know and actually enjoy the characteristic sting that comes with applying it to a burn or rash. It’s not exactly enjoyable of course, but a sure sign its working. Most of the time rashes are cleared up overnight with just one of two applications. This body lotion is great for when a powder is not easy to use. It’s not at all greasy and doesn’t have a strong smell. I recently developed a rash at the base of my throat after a long day in the yard when it was really hot. Applying the powder just saw it mostly falling all over my shirt. This stuff when on fine and cleared up the rash by the next morning. And with the distinctive but minor Gold Bond sting that signals that you are on your way to being healed. Really great stuff that I recommend in every home along with the powder.. : )

Esperanza Wayside, MS

Fantastic Lotion/Medicated Treatment

I had always avoided Gold Bond Medicated Lotions because I figured I didn’t have any of the "ailments" it supposedly treated – so why was I going to pay well-above average for a product that was overkill for me? Well, hello Colorado living, and all of the extremely dry, cracked skin that goes with living at this elevation. As a frequent hand washer, my skin seems to stay drier than most people’s – and it’s miserable. (Lips are that way, too.) I also wasn’t in love with the smell of Gold Bond.I wound up using some Gold Bond Body Lotion at the pharmacy counter – they had a bottle set out for tester samples. I absent-mindedly squirted some into my hand and began rubbing. The consistency was GREAT – not too greasy, not a thick, massive film, and not thin or runny. Even with red, chapped, sore hands, Gold Bond was easy to rub in. It burned a little when rubbing it into the really chapped parts, but nothing that made me throw the bottle across the pharmacy and ask who was trying to kill me. It was more of a therapeutic burn – a burn that told you something was happening.It surprised me how well the moisturizing agents survived hand washing, also. And the scent, once absorbed into the skin, is more palatable than I first believed. It still has a bit of a smell – but if you happen to wave your hand in front of your face while driving, you aren’t going to wreck the car. (Very important factor, don’t you think?)I have been using this lotion on my moisture-deprived body for about a year now. I only have to use it during the colder months, and only a few times every week. I have recommended this lotion to my friends and family – and I’d do the same for you.Bottom Line: If it can relieve the dry, itchy, cracked, redness of my hands and body at this high altitude and commonplace cold, I’m betting it will work for you, too. It’s a great lotion/medicated treatment – for all sorts of issues I don’t have…but you might. 🙂

Naomi Ho Ho Kus, NJ

The best

Not sure how much more I can say. Will always reorder when I’m down to my last squirt bottle. Kent Oram

Bobby Venango, NE


I had never used any of the Gold Bond line of products before. An allergic reaction to a bath wash pushed me to order it. The aroma is slightly minty, but the effectiveness of the lotion is amazing. I am a believer.

Violet Pemberville, OH

Great Medicated Body Lotion

this is great medicated body lotion. I like it so much better than in the tube. It goes on so much easier. I highly recommend it.

Veronica Bogalusa, LA

OMG it so works

I live in the desert and always have dry skin, chapped lips and dry hair. This product works so well on my skin. Once a day works a treat. No more dry, ashy skin.

Corrine Palatine, IL

Superb Body Lotion

I have used this for years to treat rectal itch even though that is not one of the uses listed for this product, and the drugstore sells lots of other products for that purpose. However, I have not found any lotion or cream, including regular strength Gold Bond Lotion, to work as well as this lotion.I like this lotion’s “tingling sensation,” which effectively and immediately replaces the itching associated with rectal itch, which can drive you up the wall.The pump dispenser works well, though if you do not like that, this product is also sold without a dispenser.Shop for price. Sometimes I can buy this on sale at my local discount drugstores for less than the price on Amazon.

Freida Parlin, NJ