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Going Gaga

Snap, snap … get ready for those flashing lights with this decadently dark bronzer plus light reflecting shimmer. You’ll be able to shine with gorgeous unforgettable color and shimmer that will have everybody Going GagaTM! Fragrance: Paparazzi Pink

Key features

  • Bronzer
  • Shimmer

Honest reviews


Nice Shimmer

The best part of this lotion has to be the shimmer and the way it made my skin feel. I had a good bronze color, not as dark as I had wanted, but once I got out of the bed my skin was shimmering and and really soft. It looked and felt better then I had expected. My skin looked bright and healthy, which doesn’t always happen with other lotions. The smell was pleasant and lingered on hours after I tanned.

Latisha Summerfield, NC

Stinks, NOOO color

Worst tanning lotion ever, I’ve been tanning for 4years and have used around 15 diffrent lotions and this has been the worst I have ever used in smell/texture/color. First I loveeee shimmer and that’s the main reason why I got this tanning lotion but I realized when I used it it had NO shimmer just pieces of white&gray chunks of glitter not shimmer and just a little of that! Second it stinks like candy (when I went back to school on my school lunch break someone told me I smelled like cupcakes) and absolutely no color from this whats so ever like at all, I have used cheap walmart lotions that give better results than this junk! I disliked it so much that instead of using it for tanning beds I used it this Summer when I went to the beach or lake….. I told the girls at Tanning salon that I hate this lotion and they told me that noone ever buys that lotion in there salon that’s why it’s always on sale and sometime even free when purchase of another lotion. If you want some great smelling lotion that gives greattttt results buy TAO from DesignerSkin

Sydney Floresville, TX

it smells great

before you tan and its so cute and glittery , also it gets you REALLY dark with the bronzers in it. However in my opinion the Good smell before tanning and glitter is a waste because to me it smells pretty bad AFTER tanning, either way Ill finish up the bottle but I prob wouldn’t re-purchase.

Carol Plant City, FL


If you are looking for a cheap tanning lotion with sparkles in it this is it. I love the shimmer in this bottle. It shines like the sun on your skin!

Brooke Grubbs, AR

Love this stuff!!

While I am not too crazy about Lady Gaga- (Sorry if I offended anyone)- this is great lotion. I bought it because of the shimmer, and it is just that, shimmer- not glitter. So that was a relief. I already have a pretty decent base tan, so I can’t say for sure if it made me any tanner- but it does smell good, before and after tanning, in my opinion. Also the bronzer didn’t rub off on my clothes. So for the price, you can’t beat it! Looking forward to getting more, since I like to switch them up.

Alexandra Ayr, ND


I didn’t mind the sparkles, but I had the same problem with the greasy feeling as I did the last lotion I bought from Australian gold. I wasn’t crazy about the smell of this lotion, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite. I like the cupcake one better. If you use this one before you leave your house then go tanning it works great. I found if you use it right before entering a tanning bed, the lotion kind of just tans, then it seems to rub off. I recommend this for new tanners, because you do get some great color off of it. That seems to be a good constant from Australian Gold, and the price is always good.

Erika Huggins, MO