Godefroy Double Lash and Brow Treatment, for longer & thicker eyelash and eyebrows

Top selling formula in Europe to lengthen eyelashes.

Key features

  • 6 week nighttime treatment
  • All natural ingredients, no side effects
  • Strengthens lash and brow cuticles
  • Encourages eyelash growth
  • thickens and conditions lashes and brows

Honest reviews


Inexpensive but still not worth it

This is little more than putting oil on your eyelashes and brows. Your better off using some higher grade vitamin e oil. My face is oily enough that using this doesn’t help. I hate shiny face look, and who wants to take ALL their mascara off every night? Rubbing the skin around your eyes so much is not good for retaining elasticity.They didn’t list the ingredients, so I took chance. Here they are so you don’t have to:Ricinus Communis (fancy name for caster oil), Lanolin, Triticum Vulgae (fancy name for wheat germ oil) – First 3 ingredients are oil … as I continueCetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palminate, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate (name for vitamin e), Limonene, Linalool, ParfumUnless you can find a better use for this, I’m better off using it on my lips.

April Northvale, NJ

Unpleasant to use, but OK product

i hate using this product. i followed the advice of one of the reviewers who uses Ardell in the a.m and this one in the p.m before bedtime. so i bought both. it’s been 3 weeks of treatment exactly. i have started to notice some light growth (longer lashes) in the 3rd week. But you have to use them every single day. Even if you are dying to go to sleep and dont feel like applying all your night time products. it is easy to apply the Ardell in the morning, just like a mascara.it WAS easy to apply revitalash or rapidlash or mavala and all the other products i have tried. But THAT one was and still is the most unpleasant to apply. You dont just need to open it and apply the product with your right hand while holding the tube in your left hand. You need to remove the cover of the little applicator, put it aside, remove the lid of the little tube, put it aside, insert the applicator inside the little tube and get rid of all the dried oily pieces that accumulate around the opening of the tube, and apply on your lash roots and over your lashes. Well it is not easy to apply this over the lashes because it is a simple little brush like a tiny painting brush. How practical is that??on the other hand, you cant read anything after applying it. you have oil in your lashes blurring your vision. if you wear glasses, your lashes will leave oil residue on the glass.So the applicator must be re-designed.other than that, it doesnt seem to be a bad product. i have tried Talika, Rapidlash and Mavala, all of them were completely useless. The ONLY one that worked well was Revitalash. that one felt like magic. i am not hoping to look like Minnie Mouse but just to grow back the lashes that fall out when i use the curler or when i remove my mascara. When you use an eyelash conditioner, your lashes look nicer with mascara. But i know that if i got ok results in 3 weeks, then it will only get better as time goes by.you must be patient when using those products. it is not like you are going to wake up with 1 inch lashes in 1 week. the change is quite subtle, and like a diet, if it kicks in on the 3rd week, then chances are that you will get increasingly good results later.

Joy Otto, WY

Not what I expected.

This product did help my eyebrows and lashes grow a bit but no at all like I thought by the reviews. It is a decent product for the money, but you have to continually use it to keep up the good results.

Shelby Slocum, RI

***** Worth 10 Stars!! *****

I have been using this product for the past 2 1/2 weeks and I must say this product really grows the brows and lashes very quickly. I have been using it every night before bed since I received it (Did you hear me? In just 2 1/2 weeks.)no complaints here. I had lashes that were sparse in some areas and it filled those lashes in and I have noticed my lashes are longer. I also put this on my brows as well and they are getting fuller. This product works just as well as the more expensive products if not better for a fraction of the cost. I will never be without this product ever again because I like the results in such a short amount of time. As a matter of fact, I am stocking up on more as soon as I finish this review. Get it, you won’t be disappointed.

Patti Laurel, IN

Godefroy Double Lash and Brow Treatment

This product does not work. I faithfully used it waiting to see some results. The only results I saw were little tiny raised red bumps along the outsides of my eyes. It was too cheap to send back. Threw it away.

Renee Heath, MA


After a month of use, I did not see one bit of difference. I have thin eyebrows due to thyroid issues and have tried everything, but unfortunately so far have not found anything that will work.This product smells like menthol and is greasy and just rubs off in the hair and pillow case.Don’t waste your money.

Lorene Gagetown, MI

Great Eyebrow Dye

Dark brown is a cool dark (no red) and was perfect for me. Happy with the results and the ease of use.

Clara New Kingstown, PA

Miracle Serum! 🙂

As my title says, this stuff is a miracle. 🙂 The bald patch in my right eyebrow area started growing in and after only the first week of owning this serum. 🙂 The more you use it, the more hair grows in the area (above and below the eyebrow). Be careful not to let too much hair grow in the eye brow area and line becuase it’ll be hard to find after a week of using this stuff, but otherwise if you want thick brows, this stuff is for you. :)I recommend it. 🙂

Jennie Kingwood, WV

Seems to be working.

After decades of over plucking my eye brows are too thin. I saw this on Amazon and thought I’d try it. It seems to be working. I’ve been using less than a month so I’ll continue to use & hopefully I’ll have my brows back again.

Carmella Bayou Goula, LA

Dont buy

Don’t waste your time and money, it doesn’t work.I have used it straight for 2 and half weeks and my eyebrows have shown 0 signs. Infact someone just told me yesterday that my eyebrows look much thinner so Im guessing instread of hair growth it is shedding my eyebrow hair.

Jeannie Natoma, KS

Gets lashes darker

I have always had to have my eyelashes tinted (sometimes professionally) because they are quite pale. This kit is the best I’ve tried for home use. The new formulation includes two gels instead of a liquid and a gel. It is much easier to handle. It won’t make your eyelashes thicker or longer; only darker. If you understand that, you will be happy with your purchase.

Robbie Dansville, NY

I really love this!

This is one of the best help for my lashes. My eyebrows do not need as much help but my lashes looked very dry and short (like I had cut them, but I had not.) After using the Godefroy Double Lash, my eyelashes are really longer, fuller, and shiny. They look very good when I wear mascara. I gifted one of these to my friend who has longer lashes than I do, and she also said this product helped her lashes. I will buy it again. Also, It really does last long, since so little has to be used.

Frances Sterling, UT


I have been using this product for about 2 months now. It has helped my lashes grow in fuller and possible a little longer. I have always had long full lashes, but I had a salon put on some of those lashes that lasted about a month. That was a mistake because when the fell out a month later some of my lashes fell out with them. This treatment has helped my lashes get back to normal.

Aimee Ellinwood, KS

Conditions eyelashes and eye brows.

I only just started using this product. So I can not say if it will work on thickening lashes. It does make lashes feel silky.

Marquita Junedale, PA

been using it for over a year

At least for me, it does work, but it takes a looooooong time to see the results. I put it on at night, and in the morning, and I do see the difference, no placebo effect. I see the lashes grow and get longer, so I know it works for me.

Deann Faith, SD

Love this product!

I love this product…it really nourishes my eyebrows and prevents any additional thinning, it’s like a moisturizer for your brows…it has helped with growing them also.

Emilia Dorrance, KS

It’s ok

Ive had this stuff for about a month and a half and haven’t really seen much of a difference in my eyelashes or eyebrows, but maybe i’m just being impatient. I’ll continue to use the rest of what is in the tube.

Saundra Tyngsboro, MA


Not sure if it works or not but judging by the box you would think it was the size of a tube of lip gloss. Not the case at all. Its extremely small , I only used it 3 times and I think I only got 2 more uses out of it. Smells like vicks vapor rub lol but it was delivered fast so that’s a plus. I don’t notice a difference but like I said I only used it twice. I’ll use the rest and update my rating. Oh I only used half of a pea size amount under each brow. if thats helpful.

Tiffany Lacrosse, WA

Slimy and Ineffective

This is slimy and feels like putting petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) on your lashes and brows. Look at the ingredients–there’s not much in there that I see that would stimulate lash growth. I’ve used RapidLash with great results that I documented after using faithfully day and night for six weeks (but be sure to buy from a reputable seller, not from an individual seller on Amazon where you might get a fake). This product just didn’t cut it, and it felt horrible. I’d rather just condition my lashes with a light coat of oil, which would probably do just as much, if not more, good than this did.

Darla Central, AK

didn’t work

This product is very oily and greasy so you can only really put it on at home or before bed. Even before bed, it rubs off on your pillow case. I have not really noticed any difference in my eyebrows.

Jerri Middle Bass, OH

It works!

I used this product only for a week and I can see the results. My eye lashes are longer. This is better than other products I used and the price is good.

Bonita Inez, KY

So far no

Have not used long enough. Have payed a lot more for others worked a little if I used every night. I don’t have a lot of eyebrows so a bad start. Am afraid this wont work. I decided to try/price and good reviews

Antoinette Hoosick, NY

Great for growth on eyelashes & eyebrows!

It’s a great price & I use other Godefroy products. And am more than satisfied so I decided to try this. It is goo-y & greasy, but I will definitely keep using this because of the results it delivers. I am impressed & as well satisfied.

Blanche Alexandria Bay, NY

good results

the product started working well on my lashes and eyebrows. no issues yet. I dont use a lot but very small amount eery night. its rpetty good so far!

Melva Olar, SC


been working so far. it is a nice consistency. cheap and i will buy again. way better than anything i have tried.

Martha Sargent, NE

Didn’t see any results

I didn’t see any results so I will not be purchasing this product again. I had high hopes for it since I read a lot of positive reviews but it just didn’t work for me

Kerry Livingston, AL


When I purchased this product,I wasn’t expecting too much.I brushed my eyebrows and eyelash with this every night.A week later,I found my eyebrows become longer and thicker.It’s true because my eyebrows is short and I can easily see the effects.Don’t miss it!

Jessica Lowell, NC