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Glytone Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream, 1.7 OZ

A unique cream with no Glycolic Acid, that retexturizes, softens and smoothes dry, rough elbows and heels.

Key features

  • Provides Vitamin E benefits
  • For dry skin conditions, it is important to exfoliate with a formulation strong enough to safely yet effectively remove the dry, rough skin and plaques

Honest reviews


Works as well as/better than foot file!

Yes, this cream is expensive, but a little goes a long way. My heels crack in winter, and now that I no longer live near the ocean (walking barefoot on sand is the best exfoliation), they don’t look so great year round, either. The skin is not painful, but my heels look ugly–sometimes I expect horns to pop out. The cracking is largely because I hate socks and do not wear them unless the snow is higher than the top of my shoe. Thus, my heels dry out very quickly, even when I slather them with all kinds of gooey creams and oils, like Eucerin and BadgerBalm. I’d previously been prescribed Amlactin lotion (12% lactic acid), but after using two full bottles, I didn’t notice a difference on my feet, though it smoothed out my upper arms nicely. Based on this lack of success, expectations for Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream were low, but the morning after I first used it, I was amazed. Benefits were immediately apparent, and it was so effective at sloughing off skin, I could rub it off with my fingers! In fact, I now vigorously rub my heels after showering (when skin is softened by water) and I find that the calluses are slower to build up, which lets me stretch out use of this cream further.I started using Glytone a few times a week, alternating with a foot file in the shower, and when my heels stopped snagging the sheets in bed, I began using it on my elbows, and, occasionally, on my knees. The instructions say to rinse it off, but I don’t bother. On the slightly more delicate knee skin, however, I go over the Glytone application with a bit of CeraVe moisturizing cream or lotion to cool down the tingle. DO rinse it off your fingers–it’s not the tingle that’s so bad as much as the risk of transferring any residue to face or eyes or close to the mucous membranes of the nose. My heels feel so nice now, I actually like rubbing them against my calves, just to remind myself how soft they have become.DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO USE THIS ON YOUR FACE. This little jar contains almost 30% glycolic acid.Amazon has the best price I have found. I paid almost $50 for my first jar at another etailer, where it occasionally goes on sale for $40, but I just now discovered it here (while looking for something else) and I am about to stock up. Note that, over time, my cream turned yellow. I attribute this to oxidation; it had no effect over the product’s efficiency. Highly recommended for those of us with horny-toad feet. Worth every penny.

Connie Moscow, TX

Stronge stuff

This stuff really works, I love to use it a day before I go in for a pedicure and it really makes the pedi. Even better. Wash your hands after you apply this stuff would not want any of this to get in your eyes by accident.

Darlene Plainfield, WI

Works so well; wish I could give it more than five stars

I was very skeptical of this product, but decided to go for it because I had reached a breaking point with the callouses on my feet. I have used a number of lotions over the years on my feet, and unless I applied lotion twice a day and wore socks all day, I really did not see significant results. So in the summers, I find that my feet are worse because I wear sandals and no lotion. I bought this lotion and have had it for about a week. I put it on when I get home at night and wear it with socks until I go to bed. I have noticed a huge, huge difference. My feet are smoother, and the callouses are sloughing off. I use a foot scrubber in the shower (Flowery Swedish Clover Foot File * #530) and the dead skin has been coming off easily. I wore it all day with socks one day and noticed a HUGE difference that night. If I could give this more than five stars, I would. Great, great product. Absolutely worth the money. I imagine the little tub will last about two-three months at the rate I am using it.REVIEW UPDATE: Three weeks later, I still love this product. I use it nightly when I get home and wear it with socks until bedtime, then I use the foot scrubber in the shower the next morning. I am still seeing great results, but a few things to note: 1.) I have to use this pretty consistently. A few days of not using it, and I got a crack in my heel. I think this will be less of a problem in the winter, when I will be wearing footwear that isn’t has hard on my feet. (I wear sandals all summer long, which is probably not a great idea for someone with such bad callouses, but I guess I’m unwilling to change.) And 2.) This little tub looks pretty small when you get it, and it’s even smaller once you get in there and start using the cream. The bottom of the inside of the tub is raised slightly, which you won’t see until you get to the bottom before you expected to. This is a little disappointing due to the cost. But I still plan to reorder; I’m just going to have order a little more frequently than I thought I would.

Kathy Haverhill, NH

Quick results!!!

Honestly, I have had rough skin on my elbows and heels forever!!! I have experienced temporary fixes with pedicures and scrubs but with glytone ultra heel and elbow results are permanent!! I use it nightly and immediately put on socks. I would say I had impressive results within 3 uses. anything that works is worth the money to me!!

Sybil Fountain, CO

So far so good!

I just started using this and am already noticing aSoftness that lacking before. I get such bad calluses on my heels and the tops of my feet were just DRY!So the calluses are not gone yet- but I’ve only used it 3 times. The tops of my feet are without a doubt softer- so I am confident that the calluses will improve as well (there is already a very slight improvement).Two things I will mention although not worthy of a star removal:There are no directions on the bottle.NONE! I don’t save boxes, so I had to look it up on amazon to find the directions.The other thing is since there are no directions, you may be tempted to use a lot more than you need to. This product is too expensive to overuse. This creme is very thick and a little goes a long way!My advise- use as little as possible – massage into your feet and be done. I don’t rinse it off. I use early evening, massage well and go about my night. I will buy again- for sure!

Pearl Auburn, IA

heels and elbows

i’ve been using glytone texturizing cream for years and really like it. i think this cream is ok, but i also think it’s very overpriced. i think there are cheaper alternatives and will look for those in the future.

Leanna Staplehurst, NE

The best

Nothing else that I have ever tried (and as someone with dry skin that loves to crack I have tried it all) does the job as quickly and effectively. One use is enough to make a difference. If you can have the discipline to use this every day (don’t I wish I did!) I can’t even imagine how buttery soft your feet could be!

Marjorie Glennallen, AK


I do take care of my face with Glytone so why not take care of my feet to/ great stuff for the feet and the best I have used.

Kasey Van Wert, OH

Eliminates cracked, bleeding heel problem

I have been using this for years and, when used regularly, do not have deep, painful cracks in my heels. It functions by speeding up the exfoliation process. It is only necessary to use a tiny amount each time. How often depends on the weather. Sometimes every night, usually every 2nd or 3rd night.

Sylvia Elrod, AL

Did work

it did work ….after applying it for maybe 1-2 weeks, one day when I was in hot tub, my skin started peeling off when I rubbed it a bit! and a brand new skin underneath…felt so good and soft…

Jan Eighty Eight, KY

Awesome – but definitely not for the face.

Glytone advises that this not be used on the face, and in fact, I wouldn’t use it anywhere but my feet, because the acid concentration is so strong. But it is wonderful. Daily I sit tailor-fashion on a leather chair with bare feet, so the side of my right foot is constantly dry, flaky, and coarse. After bathing, I apply the Glytone cream, and by morning, that patch is soft again. It did take about four days of evening application to get it back to 100% normal, but four days, that’s really something. I love this stuff and have recommended it to friends with chronic foot dryness.

Louisa Underwood, IN

strong stuff

I have been using this for awhile. It has smoothed out tne backs of my arms, BUT, It is strong and you have to build up to this glycolic strength.

Lauri Wilsondale, WV

Great stuff

This jar of strong glycolic cream is the real deal! I have a totally unscientific and brute force way to test potency of glycolic (or vitamin c) products: put a dab on a fresh shaven inner thigh. If it burns, it definitely has potency. This cream burned, OUCH! (I washed it off that area immediately).As for usage, the instructions are on the box, so keep it! (They are so short, they really should be on the jar). You are to leave it on feet or elbows 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. However, I use the instructions on dermatologist Cynthia Bailey’s web site: use pumice stone after showering, apply cream, and wear socks for eight hours. Here’s a little time and hand saver: wash hands, after applying cream (you must) and pumice stone at the same time. Two washings in one. And the pumice stone is much more easily cleaned sooner than later after use.The result? Noticeable softening of rough skin on feet! Expect an improvement as early as after the first use and even more after 3-5 uses. I am using it every other day for a week, then a week off, then back to every other day, etc. Not exactly, but something like that.I usually am skeptical about products such as this from somewhere other than a dermatologists’ office or authorized brand dealer, but in this case, I’m pretty sure it’s the real thing. Also it has an expiration date (some products don’t) and the day was way out, not anytime soon.I hate pedicures! (except the massage part, I would pay for that if I could get it “a la carte.”) This cream, and Dr Hauschuka’s nail neem oil, are two products that can help keep you away from the cuticle cutting chair–and, at the same time, reduce your risk of toenail fungus that you may get from a pedicure.

Rowena Dumont, TX

I will buy this again!

I have terribly dry heels, cracked and horrible looking. I have used a number of things, but there is so much work involved or they are messy to use. I just slather this on and put on socks, then go to bed. Some people noted that it is strong and they don’t leave it on for long – you just have to try it to find your own sensitivity level. For me, I leave it on all night and the results are amazing! I will keep this around and use it nightly. You notice a huge difference the first time, but keep using it, and it just gets better!

Reyna Cortaro, AZ

Good stuff

Good stuff, though expensive. The directions say to rinse it off in 15 minutes or so. But, I don’t see why. It melts into your heels, so no reason to rinse it off. To each his own, though. There’s no scent, so that’s great. It’s pricey, so I use it once a week and other regular lotions in between.

Tasha Zion Grove, PA

Good Exfoliant if you want to remove layers of skin

This stuff literally removes your skin. I had some warts on my feet frozen and the dermatologist said to put it on those areas and also my heels to remove my rough, summer skin from wearing flip flops everyday. Heavy creamy that does the job of exfoliation…..Do Not put this on your face!

Cleo Mishawaka, IN