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Glytone Fading Lotion, 2-Ounce Package

To treat. 2% hydroquinone and 1% kojic acid helps reduce hyperpigmentation. Concentration of 5% glycolic acid.

Key features

  • Medical grade cosmeceutical
  • Glytone uses free unbuffered glycolic acid- effective for skin rejuvenation

Honest reviews


Weird packaging, bad consistency, good ingredients

I purchased this for the hydroquinone. What I didn’t realize is that Glytone uses the word “lotion” to mean a liquid consistency; I’m used to seeing lotion mean “a lightweight cream” type of thing – a moisturizer that’s runnier than a cream would be. This is a liquid and it’s in a bottle with a sponge dabber top. Since I’m trying to lighten my entire decolletage, this is an enormous amount of work. I also worry that dead skin cells are getting picked up by the sponge. So, I will continue wrestling with this bottle until it’s empty, but the formulation and delivery are not making me happy at all.

Lara Denair, CA


I’m a garden lover, simply love to work in the yard. The results of my flower beds aren’t prize winners but that’s beside the point – the pleasure is in planting and tending to them. What is not a pleasure for me is wearing garden gloves. Yes, I know better but don’t wear them hence those unattractive brown sun spots on my hands. Thought they were just something I’d have to live with until discovering Glytone Skin Bleaching Fading Lotion.With 2% hydroquinone this is an active bleach. It has been about two weeks (I apply just once a day at bedtime) and those spots are actually disappearing.Glytone made the application very easy with a soft rollerball that dispenses a small amount of liquid with the slightest touch. Thus, I’m able to simply dab it onto the spot.Very pleased with this product.- Gail Cooke

Jodi Holland, IA

Really doesn’t seem to be doing anything

I’ve been using this for months, and I can’t say that I really notice any change in my skin. If it’s faded any sun spots or dark pigmented scars, it’s been such a gradual change as to not be perceptible or necessarily attributable to Glytone as opposed to just typical fading over time. I do make sure to wear sunscreen every day.I actually like the packaging. It enables you to spread the product thinly and evenly, and it makes the lotion last a very long time. Be warned, this stuff stinks a lot. I have to hold my breath using it, and it still usually sends me into a coughing fit. I’ve made it better by trying to apply near my nose last and holding my breath during application, but it’s still pretty bad. It also stings a bit. I think it’s actually helped my adult acne somewhat.Since I’ve forked out the money for the product and it seems to be at least helpful for adult acne, I’ll keep using it. My advice is that if you want to see noticeable results, this probably isn’t the product. This is something that is a long-term, permanent addition to your skin care, not something that you’re going to use a month or two and see noticeable results. Combined with religious application of sunscreen, it’s probably a good system for preventing new spots, but those old ones take a long time to fade.

Molly Rock Falls, IA

fade “cream”

This stuff works for a short while .I like it but the felt tip or sponge tip came off and I was told its suppose to do that ,NOT SUPPOSE TO!!!!!!!! That tip coming off is a defect.So you will have to use a cotton ball or q-tip to apply. . It is NOT a lotion ,It is a clear liquid.its OK.

Monica Lebanon, NE

Working, so far

I purchased this fade product for the dark spots (sun, age, etc.) on my hands. I’ve used it for only a few weeks and my spots are fading noticeably. The packaging info does say that if it doesn’t work in three months, to stop using it. So, I have quite a ways to go yet. I feel it’s going to work completely judging by how it’s starting out, and judging by how the 4 other Glytone products I’ve used to date have worked (wonderfully).A note about the odor. I’ve read several reviews (here and elsewhere) that say how “disgusting” or “offensive” the odor is. I didn’t find that level of odor. What I smell is the chemicals, that heavy sort of scent that isn’t pleasant, but it goes away immediately upon closing the container and doesn’t linger in the air or on your skin. I’ve found it quite easy to simply hold my breath for the moment it takes me to apply the liquid to my hands (and one spot on my face). I am meaning to say, don’t let the fear of a bad odor scare you from trying this product. Other products, they say, don’t smell bad or have a floral scent. It seems to me that since they also say those other products don’t work… maybe the right chemicals aren’t in them. It’s designed to take pigment off of skin… why would it smell rosey?I gave it four stars because of high price and because I don’t have the full result yet. But I will update in a couple of months to let folks know if the spots fading all the way. Thanks.

Amber Brilliant, AL

It works, but at what price?

This stuff worked for me. However, it’s only been a month and even though I notice a difference in the fading of my dark upper lip-I am starting to break out more on my upper lip. I am unhappy because I never used to break out on my upper lip and I can only contribute my recent breakouts to this lotion.

Shelley Echo Lake, CA

Highly effective and reasonably priced

Recommended by my dermatologist, this transparent water-like solution is very effective in fading the darker areas that appear on my cheeks especially in the summer time (in spite of sunscreen lotion use).I don’t use it in the summer, only in the fall and winter as the sun-rays are oblique and less intense. The fading is gradual. After the dark spots have faded, I use Retin-A to exfoliate–always under dermatologist’s guidance, et voilà! Moisturize well as this lotion has a drying effect on your skin.Have been using it for years and it lasts me forever, as the affected areas are rather small.

Beth Cuddy, PA