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Glytone Exfoliating Body Lotion, 8.4-Ounce Package

To retexturize. Powerful glycolic acid lotion help visibly reduce rough, uneven skin for renewed smoothness. 17.5% glycolic acid.

Key features

  • Medical grade cosmeceutical
  • Glytone uses free unbuffered glycolic acid- effective for skin rejuvenation

Honest reviews


Careful how you use it..

First of all this is pretty expensive and the bottle isnt very big. Second be very careful when using, try it on a portion of your body that no one can see first. I dont know if I am allergic to it or what but i put this on my back and chest where i have been getting break outs and i got a HORRIBLE rash on my chest that lasted about 2 or more weeks.. i dont think its helped with the break outs at all and im scared to use it again. Also i put it on my jawline and check area and it did nothing but really dry out my skin. So for the price id say think twice. I have never had a reaction to any product like this before.. very weird.

Melva Berlin, OH

Good Lotion For Problem Skin

I have been searching for the lotion that can exfoliate skin effectively. I have skin that prone to blemishes and in-grown hair. I have used Aqua Glycolic before and I liked how it feels on my skin but didn’t see much of improvements. I switched toGlytone Body Lotion, 8.4-Ounce Packageabout 3 weeks ago (I was told skin needs 21 day to show difference) and I am quite happy with the result.I used the lotion after epilation and my skin no longer show tiny red bumps, I also notice huge reduction of in-grown hair, almost none. I only use this lotion on most nights because it feels quite sticky and doesn’t glide easily, but if you don’t mind thick lotion this could be your perfect solution. It also stings, but to me stinging means work, and it does work, I saw great improvement for the past 3 weeks. My skin still has problems, just a little scratch, or nettle rash, usually leave me marks for days but this lotion helps me getting rid of blemishes faster.Edited: I finished the bottle and switched to Amlactin, and it turns out to be better, same great result but less greasy and so much easier to apply. I won’t be using anymore Glytone.

Rowena Flag Pond, TN


I like this lotion it does exfoliate okay, but I dont like the consistency of it. The pump on mine stopped working, I have to open it to try and scrape the thick/glue like lotion out. I want to keep using this if they ake a thinner consistency.I will use this and add some lactic acid to it /and a thinner glycolic lotion to try and make it easier for it to glide on my body.Besides the feel of this treatment lotion, I think it does a pretty good job at exfoliation.

Jayne Hyattville, WY

This stuff is amazing, worked for me!

Bought this based off the good reviews, I am prone to getting KP bumps on my arms, which is very annoying to say the least. I had it under control for a long time with Retin-A cream, regular exfoliation (especially with a good dry brushing or good exfoliating cream, ZA New York Megavoltage exfoliating cream does miracles but it’s hard to find, I used to purchase it in Hawaii), Dove Deep Mouisture body wash (or generic equivalent) and Lac-Hydrin lotion. Well, just went through back-to-back pregnancies and couldn’t use the Retin-A, so the bumps were pretty bad for a bit there, the Lac-hydrin just wasn’t cutting it. I tried Am-lactin, and saw some improvement, but it’s true the scent is pretty awful with that lotion (at least with the heavier version). I decided to give this a go and was happy to find that 1) it doesn’t have as strong a scent as Am-lactin and 2) it will keep your skin very soft for a long time. I use the lotion after showers only, so generally once per day, and over the past 1-2 months the bumps have slowly gone away. It was crazy, I could actually see the line move further and further up my arms until the bumps almost completely disappeared…my arms feel pretty smooth now which is awesome, I am just waiting for the last of the redness to go away. So no, this stuff will NOT make bumps go away immediately, but I am still on my first bottle (just ordered my second) and it has improved my skin DRASTICALLY with regular use. I am very pleased and will continue to buy. Also, for those who use Am-Lactin, if you don’t like the scent, use that just where you need to and use your favorite good-smelling lotion elsewhere, and you will be fine. I am using up the Am-lactin on my thighs only (and yes, my skin there is great and kept nice and smooth) and then from the knees down where my skin is always perfectly normal I use something like my favorite Victoria’s Secret lotion or if I don’t want any scent just plain Lubriderm. It’s no big deal, I keep a few bottles of my favorite lotion by the tub, and I’m in the habit of grabbing each one for the right area, with the result of nice skin with very little effort. KP is a pain, so hope maybe this review will help someone else…everyone’s skin is different, but after much trial and error these are the things that have worked for me. Good luck!

Agnes Kenna, NM

Best smoothing lotion out there

I have incredibly resistant KP, and this is the only thing that helps (Amlactin, microdermabrasion, a medley of physical and chemical exfoliants have all failed). I have to use a generous amount 2x a day, and if I skip the lotion for 2-3 days the KP returns.Unfortunately Glytone is a bit too expensive for me, and given how resistant my KP is, I’ll go broke in no time from buying this lotion. Not blaming the product though — it’s fantastic.

Shanna Loma, MT

Works well

Product works well but is a little sticky and you really have to rub it in. A little goes a long way.

Enid Ward, SC

really works!

I have severe keratosis pilaris on my arms (red all over, small red dots, small red bumps) and was hoping this would help. It did! My arms are significantly smoother, with only a few small bumps on each arm, and the overall redness of my arms is also reduced. The smooth red dots, however, are still there. They do seem to very slowly be going away though.I have been using this for about 5 months, and I find that if I go a day without using it, my arms start getting worse. I also try not to use it right after my shower because it tends to sting too much (probably because I exfoliate in the shower), so I use it at night before going to bed. I would really recommend this, as it has made my keratosis pilaris much less embarrassing.

Eva Washington, IL

Good result

My skin tones appears very even since using the glytone and its so soft. Will continue to buy as it slowly yet progressively removes rough layers of my skin.

Rosemary Stopover, KY

Finally something to help my KP

I have suffered with KP for years. I’ve used everything from prescriptions to over the counter products (LacHydrin and AmLactin). While using what my dermatologist prescribed, my KP almost disappeared but the cost for the products became too much for me to continue. So, I began my over the counter searches. For me Glytone has been the best product out there. I’ve been using it for about 4 months and have seen amazing results. I followed some other reviewers and exfoliated before using and my arms became smooth within about a month. The lotion is a little thick and sometimes stings/itches when applied but the results far outweigh any of the cons.

Katharine Clarksville, VA

GREAT Stuff!

I absolutely love this stuff, it’s my absolute favorite AHA body lotion, hands down! It has the highest level of AHA that I’ve been able to find in a lotion (17.5%) so not only is it great for all over the body, but it also works great on those extra dry areas (like elbows, heels, etc) too. The cream itself is rather thick and heavy, and very moisturizing- probably not the best for those who are oily or acne-prone, I would think. However, it absorbs pretty well and doesn’t leave you feeling overly greasy. However, it WILL burn (badly) if you are applying it to skin that is irritated, freshly shaven, etc, so be warned! I typically use this once or twice a week for an extra boost of exfoliation and to help keep my skin nice and smooth. I do wish it wasn’t so pricey but it’s such a great product that it’s definitely worth the cost! I refuse to be without this stuff! 🙂

Deanna Burnsville, NC

Great lotion…Highly recommend!

I am 45 years old and was previously using Aqua Glycolic body lotion with minimal results relative to improved skin texture. When I came across the Glytone line, I was impressed because all of the products have the free acid value boldly listed on the product. And with a free acid value of 17.5, the Glytone body lotion has improved my skin in just one month. The calluses on my heels are nearly gone and my feet haven’t felt this soft and smooth for years. I can also tell a difference in the color and texture of my chest area, and it has completely eliminated the bumps on the backs of my arms associated with keratosis pilaris.

Latisha Idledale, CO