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Glytone Acne Gel

Acne GelTo treat. Helps control blemishes with 10% benzoyl peroxide.

Key features

  • Medical grade cosmeceutical
  • Glytone uses free unbuffered glycolic acid- effective for skin rejuvenation

Honest reviews


Glad I bought it…

I’ve been using the Perrigo brand Benzoil Peroxide 10% with prescription since I was 13 but I’m having a hard time locating it. I heard they discontinued it and now they only have the over the counter BP 10%. I tried the acne wash, it only made me break out even more. Btw, I get red acne, the ones that goes under your skin and it hurts when you touch, and of course, the white stuff comes with it too. So gross, I know. I also get em’ all around my mouth and chin area. My dermatologist sold me another BP 10% acne gel, which did an ok job but that one really dries up your skin and the gel is too thick.I bought this cream based on the great reviews and I have to say, it’s just as great (and even better than my favorite Perrigo brand). Some people complain about the gel turning powder like.. I didn’t find it a problem at all. Some poeple also mention it dries up their skin. Most BP gels do that because the percentage is so high but this is what I do. Before I sleep, I wash my face very well with the Clinique soap for oily skin (the soap really helps). Then I put on a good moisturizer (mine is Super Antioxidant Night Rescue from Clinique), I let it dry, then put a layer of this cream. Then I spot treat certain acne spots that are bumpy. The next day, the bumps are considerably smaller, they don’t hurt and my face looks and feels great. No dry spots either. I hope they always sell this Gel here, cause I’ll buy it, Always!!

Lana Machiasport, ME

Didn’t do anything

It kinda dries up and feels like you put something nasty on your face, like diluted plastic, feels crappy. I lost it for about a year and didn’t even notice it was gone. good riddance. not memorable.

Kaitlin Boerne, TX

Excellent BP Gel for Spot Treating

I’m pleased with this BP gel. It gets the job done for spot treating zits and dries them up overnight or within 2 days. Beware that it is quite strong. It’s a good idea to use a water based moisturizer like Sebamed Clear Face Gel or Face Reality’s Hydrating Emulsion when using this to counter the dryness. If you have more than a few areas to treat, you should start with a 2% BP gel all over your face. Start slowly wearing the BP only an hour the first day, then 2 hours the 2nd day, until you work your way up to wearing it all night. Your skin has to get used to benzoyl peroxide products. In addition to the 2% gel, you can spot treat the bigger zits with this 10% gel. If you’re still breaking out all over when you’ve been using the 2% gel while, bump up your treatment with a 5% BP gel all over at night.

Luisa Hillsborough, NC

I can’t believe it worked!

I had been using Neutragena’s on-the-spot acne treatment cream for years because it was the only thing that worked in the slightest when trying to control my blemishes. I had tried everything before that and discovered that salicylic acid was NOT for me, it made my skin oily and would create cystic acne. It was horrible. The benzoyl peroxide worked fairly well, causing no problems, but not ever completing clearing up the problem. I was kind of ho-hum about what to try next. Then I searched amazon for benzoyl peroxide creams/lotions/treatments and came across this. I was a little worried about trying a 10% solution, because I have combination skin and where I’m dry I get REALLY dry and flakey. BUT! I bought it. And it has made a life changing difference. I am blemish free for the first time in my life since I was 12 ( I am 30). I have never had anything do even close to what this gel does. I went to dermatologists and was prescribed all sorts of creams and antibiotics. The only antibiotic that temporarily worked without making me feel nauseous was minocycline, but I didn’t want to be on antibiotics for years. Not healthy! Anyway, with a combination of birth control (maybe TMI? I don’t care, I’m trying to help fellow acne sufferers!) and this cream at night, the Neutragena cream during the day, I am FREE of acne. That is some advice I’d give though, to use this at night only. It has a granular texture and if you don’t completely, I mean COMPLETELY rub it in, there are white streaks leftover. So, I only use it at night and then I don’t have to worry about how I look. Also, when I started using this, I have been using every day. For some really sensitive skinned people I would say start with every other night. I did notice dryness near my eyes and mouth for the first couple of weeks. Now I just make sure I leave a halo around my eyes and mouth where I don’t put this gel. Otherwise, PLEASE try it if you know benzoyl peroxide treatments work better for you. You will not be disappointed. I hope they never stop making this. Good luck!

Anne Picayune, MS

great for mild-moderate cystic acne – good replacement for Benzaclin

I’m in my late thirties, and although my skin behaves itself fairly well with with regular cleansing, once every few weeks I will start to develop a very large and very painful spot right in the middle of my cheek or on my chin. The pain was the thing that made me go see my dermatologist, and he diagnosed it as cystic acne and gave me a prescription for Benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide with an antibiotic), which worked well.A few weeks ago I ran out of my Benzaclin before my appointment with the dermatologist and decided, in desperation, to try the Glytone (two day prime shipping from Amazon vs. a two week wait for an appointment with the derm). I have used the Glytone lightening cream for years, and it really works, so I thought maybe their acne cream might be good as well.I am happy to report the Glytone acne cream really works. Like the Benzaclin, it doesn’t miraculously make the spot go away, but it reduces swelling and pain fairly quickly, and with regular use, the spot becomes more of a small blemish that is easily treatable/coverable rather than a large raging volcano on my face that hurts like heck and looks like a nightmare.The Glytone is actually a cream- opaque white and thick. It does dissolve into skin quickly, so you can wear it on bare skin or under makeup/sunscreen, but I find the cream works best when I just put a liberal blob of it right on the blemish and let it soak in for as long as possible- usually overnight. Every time I wash my face (usually 2-3 times a day), I replace the blob. If I go out, I put a much lighter application on, of course.Within 24 hours, the blemish usually shrinks quite a bit and dries up, and then fades away like a normal pimple.Again, this isn’t a miracle treatment, but it greatly reduces swelling, redness, and pain within a 24-48 hours period when applied regularly. It DOES dry the skin significantly, so I would try and just apply to the blemished area.If you’re like me, and you get the occasional blemish that you want GONE, this is a great option. (Plus, it’s cheaper than the Benzaclin- which seems to go bad very quickly- so I might just get this from now on and skip the prescription altogether.)Highly recommended.

Lacey Blachly, OR

works for my adult acne

Very quick and effective, cleared up my face quickly. My only comment otherwise is that it is supposed to dry out your skin, and if your skin is very sensitive like mine, then you might experience flakey skin and dryness, nothing that a good lotion can’t cure.

Jannie Ravencliff, WV

Not sure yet

I have adult acne that will not go away. I need to use this steadily to figure if this works for me.

Vera Balko, OK

Amazed! EDIT: be careful

I never had acne as a teenager and thought I was out of the woods as I went into college. Joke was on me! I’m in my early 20s now and suddenly was inundated with acne. I tried over-the-counter stuff, then went to my dermatologist. We tried multiple prescription creams, even several different antibiotics, to no avail. At one point I was taking 1,000 mg of amoxicillin every day trying to get rid of it. We tried different things for MONTHS, costing hundreds of dollars with no improvement.I had nothing to lose (except my acne) so I went on Amazon and looked up the highest rated acne treatments. This one stood out. I ordered it with extremely low expectations–if prescription creams didn’t work, why would this?I’ve been using this product twice a day for four days and already my acne is significantly improved. The smaller “remnants” of blemishes I’ve had for the last few months have nearly disappeared, and newer ones are shrinking. I wash my face, apply this grainy gel gently in a circular motion, wait 10 minutes, then put on moisturizer. It’s only been four days and I look so much better my friends have commented on it. I have no idea why this one works when supposedly “better” treatments didn’t, but here we are!If you suffer from acne, try this. I wish I’d tried it before I spent so much money on prescriptions!EDIT: Unfortunately I’ve had to stop using this product because it has bleached all my towels, sheets, and shirts. I always apply it and wait at least 10-20 minutes before touching anything else to it, but somehow it’s still bleached everything. It did work well, so I’m bummed I can’t use it, but it really did completely ruin a ton of my stuff. I wish there was a note about this on the bottle, so I’m sharing it now. If you use this, be wary of anything that comes near your face (or your fingers after you’ve applied it–even after I washed them off, it still bleached things I touched!)

Gina Stinesville, IN

This stuff is no better than any ten percent benzoyl peroxide you can buy …

This stuff is no better than any ten percent benzoyl peroxide you can buy at Walmart. It is just way more expensive.

Elvia Bella Vista, CA

I do not recommend it

Tit didn’t do anything at all for my acne and also it made my face winkled. I believe there is an ingredient in it that does not do my skin justice. I stopped using it, disposed it and now my skin texture is back on track at least

Denice Spiro, OK

Amazing product for cystic acne

This product alone is not a miracle, BUT, after all my product searching, this comes close. I put a pea sized layer on my skin overnight when I’m suffering a bad breakout, and by the next morning, the redness is gone, as are most of the nodular cysts. Just be sure to wash your hands well after use- it will bleach cloth!

Guadalupe Haltom City, TX

True Love

Before I started using this product, maybe six or seven months ago, I had some mild acne issues and these two cystic pimples that kept reappearring on my cheeks ruining my life. Those monsters have been defeated. I’m usually so oily that the oils burn my eyes, man. This keeps that under control. My first tube lasted from June 2011 to February 2011 . My face probably wouldn’t survive without this stuff, I love it.

Rosalinda Korbel, CA