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Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 20 Percent 60 count

Say goodbye to wrinkles and large pores and hello to smooth, clean and young-looking skin. Glycolic acid treatment pads gently exfoliate, moisturize and assist in the removal of oils and residue. These convenient and easy-to-use treatment pads contain witch hazel, delivering skin-toning and astringent benefits, as well as vitamins A, C, E and Coenzyme Q10.

Key features

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean
  • See and feel results immediately
  • Vitamins A, C and E and Coenzyme Q10 protect against harmful free radicals
  • Perfect for use as a makeup primer

Honest reviews


Not for the folks that haven’t used Retinol but great for those that have

My dermatologist recommended this product for me and I really like it. She referred to it as an "at home peel" which I think is a good description. You start off slow (2 minutes) and build up to 10 minutes. I have been using Retinol for a number of years and I could only use this for 2 minutes to start. However, my skin looks great! Clear, bright and less wrinkles.

Nikki Andover, NY

This is the best

I started wih the glycolix 5-2 ( 5% glycolix acid and 2% salicylic acid) which was given to me by my dermatologist. Used that for 2 wks and it helped a lot but it was clear I needed something a little stronger so tried the 20% and i LOVE IT. acne cleared right up in a couple days (granted the 5-2 got it started), smoother, much much smaller pores, fine lines diminishing. I did not think it was greasy AT ALL and it didn’t sting unlike the 5-2. This stuff is great. Can’t beat the price. Will last two mos easily if not more as I probably won’t need it every day now that things have cleared up.

Angela Clio, CA

seems to work ok

This has been helping to keep my skin clear. It doesn’t really sting, but sometimes my skin itches a bit after I put it on. I’ve read on other places that the pH is 4….I wish it was a bit lower….a pH around 3 would be more effective. It still seems to work ok.

Nikki Midville, GA

great price

These are exactly what they say they are. You can get glycolic acid pads under a much more expensive brand, or you can buy these. I use them once a week or so as part of a mini facial I give myself. When I’m done with my face, I wipe my upper arms and chest. I’ve had bad keratosis pilaris for a while and it’s gone down, which I think is thanks to these pads.

John Limestone, ME

Great At Home Peel

This is a good glycolic peel and it is safe on fairly sensitive skin. It might be too strong for people who have never used a skin peel before or someone with really sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and have burned my skin using other at home peels. I have had no problems using this on my face, neck and chest. This has helped me greatly with my acne and hyperpigmentation.

Rosanne Ranger, GA

Believe the reviews!

I am in my 50s and my skin has changed from very nice to very old haha! I admit that I am not very good about consistently caring for my skin. I use mineral makeup, and once I heard you can sleep in it – but you shouldn’t – I do! More often than I should. That means I was not putting enough moisture back into it at night. This stuff stripped away the dead skin and made my skin feel smooth and tight! I use it most nights and I do not wash it off. You have to see how it goes with your sensitivity level. I have to say that I noticed a huge difference from the first time I used it! Now I am much better about washing my makeup off at night, wiping my facce down with one of these, then moisturizing. In the morning, I just wash with plain water, moisturize again, and then my makeup goes on so much better. I have bought some very expensive skin care products, and nothing has done any better than this, and most have not even come close. I will keep buying this! I also bought it for my teenage daughter to help with her problem skin. Read the reviews of people who are using this to fight acne – it is making a huge difference for her as well! She is using it along with a couple of other things, but I believe this product is helping a lot.

Heather Cayuga, IN

good for texture

I was using the Avon Anew retexturizing peel pads but they won’t tell you how much glycolic acid is in them – even if you call them. So I like using this because it says 20%. I found another one that is 40% that I will try next, but you do need to work your way up – don’t just start with the strong stuff. They are thin pads, but they don’t rip or anything – they work ok but they do roll up sometimes which is annoying. I did like the thickness of the Anew Avon ones which didn’t roll up.I do the Visia complexion analysis and these made my texture score get way better. Plus they probably are one of the reasons my wrinkle score is so good as well because I have been using glycolic acid for years – you should start when you are 21 and do it 3 times a week for ever – you can even go up under your eye area if you have tough skin, and I also use it on my neck. I’m 34 and I look younger! This is a product you need to use forever, not just one bottle

Adriana Salkum, WA

Good for at home facial

I like these facial peel pads. They definitely are not as strong as getting a chemical peel at the dermatologist office or spa but they seem to work well. I do not peel but I do think they are helping with exfoliation. I just wish they came with instructions for use. It does not say if you should rinse off. I had to ask at the dermatologists office.

Angelita Comfrey, MN

Love it!

I’ve been using this Glycolix pads for over a year and I absolutely love it! It’s so easy to use in the pad form. I just put it on my face and wait about 30 minutes and then wash it off. My face gets tight and my large pores shrink! Good stuff! If you’ve never used Glycolic Acid you might want to start out using a lesser percentage than this (this is 20%) and then work your way up. Otherwise it might sting your face.I’ve notice using it for awhile that it helped with my age spots (I’m 53) on my face and hands as well as keeping my acne away. I have acne prone skin and this works wonders on my face. No more break outs! Yay! Love love love it!

Jana St John, VI


You HAVE to try this if your issue is enlarged pores. I have seen a reduction in pore size so much that my make up goes on smoother. I also rub the excess left on the pad on my arms and the brown spots are lighter. i am ordering more. thx amazon for this connection.

Kathie Cedarcreek, MO

Easy way to Peel

This is an easy way to peel I still use the peels in the bottles as it seems you get more but I still like this. it will change the condition of your face for the better.

Rosalyn Tonasket, WA

After just two weeks,this is already fading spots and helping with fine lines

I’ve been using a prescription-strength Retin-A cream for about eight years, and generally have pretty good skin. At the age of 42, though, I’ve been plagued by acne outbreaks that have been leaving deep red marks on my face that don’t easily fade. After doing some research, I had heard that Glycolic Acid peels can help fade acne scars, so I ordered this one based on the positive reviews — and it really is fantastic!I waited to use this for two weeks before writing a review, but even in that short amount of time, it has already made a huge difference in my skin, which appears brighter and feels smoother. I’ve also noticed a pretty dramatic difference in my fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eye area. My red acne marks are also slowly fading, and I’m not getting as many breakouts as I had been.I’ve been alternating this with my Retin-A cream at night, and use one pad on my face, neck, chest, and the back of my hands.My sensitive skin tingles a bit after using this, but it’s not too bad and the tingling goes away after a few minutes.The other products that may also be helping are the Vitamin C serum and antioxidant serum from Paula’s Choice that I’ve also been using. I’ve been using the Paula’s Choice products for about three months, though, and it was really adding in this Glycolix product that kicked things up a bit.It’s pricey, but I’m honestly just amazed at the difference this has made in such a short amount of time!

Leanne Mount Lookout, WV

Nice gentle peel

I have been using this for a couple of weeks. I have never had any peels done before, and figured I would try with a gentle peel. This is gentle but definitely improved my skin texture over the last few weeks. It doesn’t burn, it doesn’t smell weird, and it is so easy to use in the pad form. The improvement in my skin shows in that my pores don’t appear as large and the texture is slightly better. I don’t think I would re-order this because I am looking for a more intense peel, but I will definitely go through this package.Drawbacks: There is only one drawback as far as I am concerned – there were no instructions on the back as far as recommended use, so I use it a couple times a week since I have had no adverse reaction.Overall I am happy with the purchase.

Esmeralda Pierceton, IN

Great purchase

I have a glycolic acid addiction- so when I saw these treatment pads I HAD to have them!!! I use them to clean my face and one pad is all you need. Sometimes I feel a slight stinging but it quickly goes away. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it leaves somewhat of a film on my fingers from using the pad. No biggie- I just wash my hands after, so I wouldn’t deduct a star for that..So, my routine is to take one pad (before bed and when I wake up) and wipe/scrub my face- allow to dry- then follow up with a 10% facial cream.This is the only ingredient that my skin has responded to!

Jo Folkston, GA

buy me!!

Does just what it says it does! Makes skin look just gravy… yes gravy!! I use this two or three times a week or as needed/tolerated and I noticed better looking skin in a month or so. Plus, my dermatologist just loves that I use a quality glycolic at home to keep up a great complexion! FYI while using this please stay outta the sun and do where sun block!!!Happy shopping! X

Sondra Russia, OH

Have to have it

Can’t believe this actually dries up the black heads on the spot. I’ve had to use this with salicylic acid to clear up my break outs. I have oily/sensitive skin that is prone to stress breakouts. I use 2 pads a day. I can no longer use BP. It gives me an allergic reaction. This product is definitely worth the price and monthly maintenance cost.

Rena Tallahassee, FL


I have been using these for a couple months now before I go to bed and I am very happy with the results. I can feel it working and my face feels really clean after using it. I usually through on some sort of night cream after I use it. I am in my mid 30’s and I used to get that occasional weird zit out of no where… I can’t even remember the last one since I started cleaning my face with this.

Myrna Braddock Heights, MD