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Glycolic Acid 50% Peel Gel easily penetrates your skin to exfoliate layers of dead skin cells that dull your complexion to immediately expose a clear, softer, more radiant face.

CellBone’s Glycolic Acid Peel Gel will also diminish the appearance of age spots, reduce hyper-pigmentation to even skin tone, prevent blemishes and help reduce acne scarring. At the same time, the gel will stimulate the growth of new cells so that your complexion will continue to stay healthy long-term. Our advanced formula has been buffered at pH2.4 contains Menthol and Cucumber Flower Extract for an amazingly cool, soothing and refreshing experience. This pure Glycolic Acid (purity of 99.7%) in the Peel Gel is used to enhance performance in many topical over the counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) applications.

Key features

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells for immediate clarity
  • Stimulates new skin cells for long-term health
  • Promotes younger looking skin by diminishing wrinkles
  • Reduces appearance of pore size and prevents breakouts
  • Improves skin elasticity, hydration and texture

Honest reviews



I’ve been using a panoply of Cellbone Technology products including this one. You can definitely spend more of your money without getting the same results from this glycolic acid peel. My regimen is: weekly peel, bi-weekly collagen masque with daily application of their excellent hyperpeptides liquid in combination with their stem cell lotion.I brought these products to my plastic surgeon and she was duly impressed with the potency of these products. I can tell you that it has made a huge difference in the texture of my skin and wrinkles? Well, a couple of friends commented that I keep looking younger and younger.These products are well worth the money!

Hester Clyde Park, MT

Peel Gel

This Peel Gel is very strong. everytime I use it I end up with some sort of adverse effect. If you have never gotten a peel before I would recommend getting a lower percentage peel gel as this one will be to harsh for the skin. I do not blame the seller or the product I blame myself for I should have gotten a lesser percentage peel gel something that my face would have been able to handle.UPDATE: JANUARY 12, 2012I now realize that I did not give an impartial review on this product. Now do not get me wrong this is a STRONG PEEL! However; one should always let their skin adjust to new things before casting judgement. Here is what happened. I allowed myself to heal after the first use, I did get scald the 1st time I used it, but after the peeling process began I noticed with the underlying skin that my marks was fading and my skin had a glow. So I waited for another month and did another session I got the scald but the healing time was well worth it since the peel, today I can say that all my marks have disappeared, my pores are noticeable smaller and my skin tone is smoother, much better than it was. Now the peel isn’t the only thing I was using, along with the vitamin C serum and crème and following the instructions to a T along with allowing the healing process I can truly say I am pleased with the overall results of this product. it must be working as I said it is because my sister and her daughters are now devoted users .

Jeanette Locust Dale, VA

Too expensive for what it is

I like Cellbone Technology and am enjoying its C23 serum, Moist’Seal product, and Solidifirm lotion. But its pricing for glycolic acid is far too high. For simple glycolic acid in various %s, I would recommend the much better prices from Garden of Wisdom products and Bulk Actives products. Garden of Wisdom especially has terrific customer service and what I feel are honest prices throughout.

Juliet South New Berlin, NY


I admit I was skeptical about this product being able to lighten the dark pigmented spots that had developed on my forty-something face but thought that I would try a peel at home rather than spend a fortune at a spa.My results? So far, after about 6 weeks of use, 3 times a week or so, I see some improvement in the dark spots, but they are definitely still there. The tone and texture of my skin does seem smoother and brighter so I do believe it is working well as an exfoliant. I do wish it had done MORE for improving pigment, but I will continue to use it and hopefully with more time it will lighten the dark spots even more.Even after 6 weeks time, I still have more than 1/2 of a bottle left, so as far as value is concerned, it is definitely worth the price of giving it a try since you will be able to give it a good long trial if you wish.IMPORTANT to note: I do NOT have overall sensitive skin and so it has not been a problem for me that this burns a bit and leaves my skin a little red and dry in a couple of apparently slightly sensitive spots. If you tend to burn easily, have an aversion to mild pain or have very dry skin, I don’t know that I would try this if I were you. That being said, I am NO dermatologist, just someone who has tried a lot of products and has seen my sensitive-skinned friends do the same with painful results.I have also followed nearly every peel with the PH BALANCING toner that is also available from CELLBONE and find that this seems to stop the burning sensation, relieve the redness faster and put my face back into “balance” if there truly is such a thing. I would recommend purchasing them together.Lastly, if they do the same for all of their customers, you will receive some great, nearly full-sized samples of some of their other products. I have tried them out and will probably purchase a few other things from them as a result….so for the money, give it a try.I can’t say you will have fabulous results but it will not cost a fortune to find out and you may love just having more radiant skin!

Lorraine Franklin, ID

Excelent product

completly satisfied my skin look so perfect , they have the best products after I try the firts see the quality of this products plus they always send samples that make me try the new products and all work perfect , I recoment this brand a 100 % , come on time

Sharon Evansville, MN

love the skin acids

Gel forms are the best, but keep in mind that this IS an ACID. I worked my way up from weaker acids to stronger. The gel doesn’t seem to do as much damage. I also did a skin test in the bend of my elbow where the skin is thin to see what my reaction would be for 3 minutes. I never leave the bathroom sink area (in case I need a quick rinse) and I always keep a bottle of baking soda and water for a quick neutralizer. I do my face about once every 2 weeks, varying the kinds of acids I do use. After time is up, I rinse like crazy and then apply alot of serums and creams to speed the repair.

Angie Westernport, MD

great at home peel

I started at 35% and now using 50%. I like how gentle but effective this peel does sting and can get intense if you leave it on too long.I started with 3 minutes and worked up.Nicely packaged with some extra little gifts put in, and some of them I will probably order in the future.My skin has started to really show improvement, and I am liking the feel of my skin again.Do not over do, if you are using this product more than once a week you are not giving your new skin a chance to develop and grow.Love it

Serena Taylor, ND


Product is somewhat harsh so use as directed. I have sensitive skin, this product burns at every use, however, you must build up to the time left on face. It has cleared acne that were beginning to bulge out of my skin. it clears a zit at most 2 days. I love this product. When I re-purchase, i will repurchase a lower dosage like 35.

Janine Pomfret, CT

Love it, but use with caution

I couldn’t find the 35% on Amazon, so I’m leaving my review here. I ordered Prep and Neutralize and received 1/2 oz samples of the 35% Peel and the Collagen Mask (fantastic sample sizes!) I used everything in accordance with the instructions. The first day was great. A little red and dry around my nostrils. Great results. Used Prep 2x a day, as indicated and did peel #2 one week later, as indicated. I avoided the skin around my nostrils, but ended up getting burned around my nose and mouth. Some of my pores were actually bleeding. Felt like a Samantha moment. Did it last night and my face hurts! Think I will cut back to only one peel a month (instead of weekly) and leave it on for 1-2 min, instead of the 4-5 they recommend. Prep alone, gave me amazing results. Love the collagen mask, too. Will definitely buy from Cellbone again.

Louisa Lake Hubert, MN