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Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Radiant Skin Just a Peel Away Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Peel Mask is a multi-tasking peel-off mask that helps to reduce visibility of fine lines while renewing complexion. It also helps with congestion and blackheads while improving skin tone to give you a youthful look. Gives radiant skin Removes dead skin Combats blemishes Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Peel Mask brightens skin tone and helps skin look brighter and healthy. Just For You: All skin types A Closer Look: Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Peel Mask contains natural fruit acids from passion fruit, lemon, grape and pineapple, along with papain enzyme from papaya to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, while encouraging cell turnover and ironing out fine lines and wrinkles. You Won’t Find: Fragrance, parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic colors, silicones, glycols Get Started: Apply a thick layer of this mask on clean skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and then pat and lift with fingertips gentle. Rinse afterwards. Weight: 1.7 oz.

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  • Ren – Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask 50ml/1.7oz

Honest reviews


great for my skin type

Impressed… this is possibly the best peel I’ve used. Granted, results will vary with skin type (as with all products). I typically have dry skin, sometimes with mixed zones. This was recommended to me as a good product for younger skin. While it does nothing for my pore size, this stuff leaves my face shockingly soft and clean. Would buy again.

Blanca Georgetown, ID

Skin is soft, but acne & scars are untouched

I’ve only used this product once, but I feel okay about reviewing it since most people say they see results after the first use.Though this product did not irritate my skin and did not burn or tingle upon application, it really did nothing for me. I mean, my skin feels soft, but there was absolutely NO difference in any acne or related scarring.I have a sample with maybe one more application in it, so I’ll give it another try in maybe a week. If there’s any change, I’ll update.

Inez Pine Grove, WV

Holy crap! ….. update

I am writing this review after only one usage, but am compelled to begin as I was blown away after the first use. I have normal to oily skin, with mild to moderate sun damage and, well, a few thousand miles behind me. I picked this up @ Seph0ra upon an associate’s recommendation, plus I wanted the combination of glycolic / lactic acid – I favor fruit based acids over trichloroacetic acid ANY DAY (burned the crap out of my face with trichloro about 4 years ago and will never ever ever go back). As per the product instructions, applied generously to clean dry face, left on for 10 minutes and gently rinsed / wiped off with a warm wet washcloth. Once I was done, I swear, my face felt like a freaking baby’s bottom. Even my husband was impressed after he felt the results. Instructions say to use weekly but I can hardly wait to use again! Smells lovely as well. I intend to post a follow up review after several weeks of use, but this is a good start.Update 6/17… I’ve used the product a total of 3 times now… Why so few? Because I did a follow up treatment one week after the initial treatment, and haven’t needed another once since then, until today – and not because my skin feels like it needs it, but rather because it’s a good idea to be pro-active in skin care. For my skin, this stuff is worth its weight in gold. For folks who have commented they they broke out after, it’s a shame your skin reacted that way, but I’ve had Aveda stuff do that to me… everyone’s skin is different, I suppose!For what it’s worth, the other parts of my skin regimen (and have been for a couple years) La Roche-Posay cleanser and their Anthelios SPF15 moisturizer. Those are also both items I’d recommend, but I have a “best of” REN kit from Seph0ra that I haven’t tried… at this rate I’ll probably end up being a REN junkie. We’ll see.

Daphne Riverton, CT

Makes my skin awesome

I’ve been trying to find a mask for a while. I’m basing my review off of 3 samples that I got through Sephora. Each sample was enough for 2 masks, so each time I used the mask on myself and a friend. Everyone has had a great response to this. It feels kind of tight on your face, but it doesn’t burn or feel bad. I’m 27, and I used it on my brother’s girlfriend, 22, my mother-in-law, age-not-defined, and my husband just for kicks. He has kind of alligator skin on his forehead that he’s slowly starting to get rid of with proper skin care. In every case, I followed the mask with an exfoliator to get the newly-liberated dead skin cells off of my face. My husband was kind of skeptical, “you want me to put acid on my face, then rub little rocks into it? YOU DO THIS??” I’ve been very happy with it. The .1 ounce sample worked for 2 people, so the 1.7 oz. size should last a while.I’m not sure why the retail price is listed so high on here… it should be $55. So it’s still cheaper here than at, say, Sephora, but the discount isn’t quite what the site would have you believe.

Lacy Etna, NH

Great exfoliator

My sensitive skin won’t tolerate physical exfoliators with grains, but it will tolerate AHAs and other mild acids. This is transformative. I use this once a week and it removes all the dead skin and leaves me with a dewy finish, but without redness. Love it.

Christina Douglasville, GA

This works…fast!

I received a sample size packet which allowed me 4 uses.First this product has a mango/vanilla smell to me with the consistency of a thick honey. Very easy to apply(avoid eyes) it will feel sticky…do not expect it to dry down very much. I pin my hair away from my face. I experienced a bit of what I would call very low dose fumes…not unpleasant but noticeable. The instruction say to leave on for 10 minutes then using a wash cloth and warm water to remove. I did this the first time and my skin just glowed afterwards. I had no bad reactions at all so I upped the time to 30 minutes the next time…then 45 minutes the next time…still no bad reactions or burning pain. The fourth time I let it sit close to an hour…no problem at all. Your skin will feel very soft, feel firmer and glow afterwards. I could swear my makeup went on much better and looked better after the treatments. You need very little…I would say about a dime size to do your whole face. You can use this on your neck as well.Amazon’s price is very good about 9 dollars cheaper…so good pricing here. I will be purchasing the full size. I love it!!

Lorrie Sunol, CA

a wonder product

I just finished this product. It is a wonder. Skin is gradient and smooth. I keep it on 20 min once a week. A half pump is all that is needed.

Audrey Whitefield, NH

Love this stuff!

Geting ready to order some more. It lasts a long time. I think its great because it really helps to exfoliate. I use it with my steamer. Highly recommend.

Shanna Goddard, KS