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Glyco-Lac/60, Level 2 Gel Peel -30 ml/1 fl oz

With a combination of Glycolic with Lactic, Glycolac/60 provides hydration and tone improvements of the Lactic, with the increased collagen stimulation of the Glycolic. It is generally well tolerated because the Lactic and Glycolic work on different levels or the skin. Choosing the Best Peel: Skin Laboratory offers different types of chemical peels to help with things like exfoliating the skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. If you are looking for the BEST peel for your condition, the following list will help you select it. The peels effectiveness is not limited to these conditions: Glycolic: Eczema & Dermatitis, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Razor Bumps, Stretch Marks and General Toning & Texture Lactic: Actinic Keratosis, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Dry Skin, Eczema & Dermatitis, Melasma, Psoriasis, Razor Bumps, Scarring, Sensitive Skin, Stretch Marks, Sun Damage and General Toning & Texture Salicylic: Acne, Acne Scars, Adolescent Skin, Large Pores & Blackheads, Oily Skin, Psoriasis, Razor Bumps and Warts BHA+: Acne, Adolescent Skin, Large Pores & Blackheads, Oily Skin, Psoriasis and Warts HQ+: Acne Scars, Actinic Keratosis, Melasma, Oily Skin and Scarring

Key features

  • Mid-Level Professional Strength Peel; approx. 15 full facial peels per bottle (60% total acid)
  • Combination of Glycolic and Lactic acid for the benefits of both in a single peel
  • Effectively treats stubborn skin conditions, such as acne and environmental/sun damage
  • Evens skin tone and minimizing areas of discoloration for all skin types
  • Cumulative benefits and optimal results with weekly treatments

Honest reviews



I ordered this after reading about the benefits of glycolic and lactic acid peels. Ever since I turned 24 (I’m 25 now) my face just EXPLODED! I haven’t had a clear, unzitty day so far! (And recently it’s been getting worse)….I read about how these acids help to “Unglue” the dead skin cells from your face so that the fresh skin cells can regenerate better and also the dead cells won’t be able to clog up into pores (Which is one reason for acne)….. The minute I read this I had to try a peel and see if it would help me skin!I put it on last night, only kept it on for 2 minutes and then rinsed it off thoroughly. I also bought the pH balancer to use as an after treatment. SO far my skin FEELS so soft and LOOKS a LOT smoother. I’m waiting for the remaining spots I have on my face to heal up and then in the next week or so I will let you know if this helps keep new breakouts at bay by keeping my face regenerating…….. I HOPE THIS WORKS!EDIT: It is now 01/14/09 and WOW! What a difference! At first I used this peel once a week for about a month and MAN! It makes your skin so smooth and soft. After about two weeks I noticed I had not had ONE cystic zit! NONE! (I was still getting littler ones here and there but they were NOTHING compared to the big painful cystic zits I would normally get!) And now, two months later and my face is almost completely clear. I get about one zit a week, and it goes away FAST! I am so happy I found something that helped my acne prone skin!

Rosa Winchendon Springs, MA

Made me break out in huge swollen bumps!

I’ve been using a light glycolic acid peel for years with great results. For the last 6 months I’ve been using the “Aqua Glycolic” skin care line, which includes a face wash, toner, face cream, body wash and body cream. I used to have really bad cystic acne along my jawline, but Aqua Glycolic products changed my life. I don’t use all of their products every day anymore, but I use at least the face cream once every 3 days to keep up my smooth clear skin.My skin has been really great, but since I’m getting married late October, I thought it would be great to try a stronger peel. I want to look my best for my wedding day and since I’ve had great results with glycolic acid in general, Glyco-Lac/60 seemed to be the next logical step.WRONG! I kept it on for about 1 minute and rinsed it off with tons of water in the shower. My face felt a little sensitive, but no big deal. Within 5 hours, I could feel a whole crop of pimples developing along my jawline. Since I haven’t had any breakouts for over 6 months, this was quite surprising. By the next morning, my entire jawline was covered with huge cystic swollen acne.It’s been 4 days and I’m getting even more acne. I don’t know what to do because my wedding is 21 days away! I need this to go away quick. I’m so surprised because I’m no stranger to glycolic acid and I only left it on for 1 minute. Also, since I’ve had such good experience with glycolic acid in the past, I couldn’t imagine this happening. Could it be purging my skin of any leftover stuff in my pores? That would be ok, but I hope it finishes the process sooner than later. I guess I’m wearing my hair down for the wedding!I read and followed all the instructions, but everyone is different. I even did a patch test on the inside of my arm. I nearly covered from wrist to bicep and left it on for 1-2 minutes. My arm is just fine and nothing happened whatsoever, so I proceeded to apply it to my face.I’m glad to hear that most everyone else had a great experience. I just wanted to share a different type of experience with those who may be sensitive to this product. I should have left well enough alone! I just though there was enough downtime to deal with any after effects of the peel,

Savannah New Albany, IN

Great peel

I suffer from eczema on my limbs and torso and severe dryness on my face. All my skin problems are fairly new, and I have been searching for a product or regime that will ease the uncomfortable and sometimes painful dryness I experience on my face. Initially, I stopped cleansing my face with my normal face wash and decreased my cleansings to once at night. I began using Josie Maran’s argan oil cleanser which did not seem to help. Then I tried the oil cleansing method- a mixture of caster oil and apricot kernal oil- to clean my facial skin. This method relieved some of the irritation, but my skin was still extremely dry even after applying a generous amount of moisturizer (Dr. Grandel PhytoCare AZULENE CREME). My next try wasGlyco-Lac/60, Level 2 Gel Peel -30 ml/1 fl ozwhich did not seem to help but actually make my skin worse. After my second use of the chemical peel, I started using this Emu Oil. The emu oil has no scent and absorbs into the skin better than other oils I have tried. It has been the only moisturizer that has kept my face from having that tight feeling for nearly the entire day. After the second application of the chemical peel and the daily use of the emu oil for less than a week, I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin. The peel helped remove the patchy, red dry skin and the emu oil has made my skin feel fabulous for the first time in months. My skin is so soft and smooth, it’s incredible. I would recommend the use of bothGlyco-Lac/60, Level 2 Gel Peel -30 ml/1 fl ozandEmu Oil Pure Premium Australian – Powerful Skin and Hair Moisturizerto anyone suffering from extremly dry skin.

Ronda Frankfort, NY

For Professional Only

I would not advise the product for the non professional. It does what it says. It is very strong. And you can easily burn your skin if you are not very very careful. I you are brave enough to try it heed the time warnings. I would say don’t leave it on as long as recommended. This stuff is strong.

Hilary Ardmore, AL

Smells funky but works well

I love trying masks and peels. Some of my favorites are the L’Oreal salicylic acid peel and the DDF sulfur mask. This product was well priced and definitely worth a try. Something under 20 dollars makes it easier to experiment to see what works best for you and not feel terrible for wasting $ if its not what you expected.I have fair,freckled skin and have started to notice broken capillaries in my cheeks from sun damage. No one else notices, but, you know, when its your face, you see everything. I figured now in my late 20’s, its time to start taking good care of my skin and treating it the best I can.This peel is thin liquid gel and goes on nicely with a fan brush. I personally found the smell unpleasant, but nothing completely overpowering. I thought I had sensitive skin, but I can leave this peel on for 5 minutes or so with no discomfort. Just a little tingling. But, do make sure you read the directions and follow them well, because you don’t know how your skin will react, some can only stand the peel for seconds at a time. When the time is up, I rinse off with cool water and then use a neutralizer cream that came with the L’Oreal kit as a finisher to re-moisturize a bit. It actually pairs nicely with the peel.I’ve already used this one month on, one month off, and just started my 2nd month using the peel. I found that I kind of missed it and was happy to start using it again. It leaves my skin really soft with a more even tone. I don’t peel necessarily, but if I rub my skin gently, the top layer seem to roll off and its grey and gross so I’m glad to be rid of it. No down time, you wouldn’t even know I’d done the peel minutes before unless I mentioned it. I look forward to trying some of the other ones from this same company!

Terry Hot Springs, SD

I don’t see any reviews for strech marks

But this stuff works better than anything I’ve ever used. Literally a stretch mark miracle! I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and the marks have faded from pink to white and the dents in my skin are not nearly as noticeable! Amazing! I use it under my eyes too once a week, my circles are finally fading!

Brandie Laurens, SC

Unsure of how I feel about this product

I am 31 years old with what I would consider to be average to above average skin, sometimes a little dry in places but with very few blemishes, no visible wrinkles- I’m often mistaken for being 10 years younger. I am allergic to almost all sunscreens, but have (thankfully) recently found sunscreen that contains titanium oxide doesn’t make me break out. Unfortunately I have some freckling and sun damage from childhood summers spent in the sun (without sunscreen) and have been looking for an economical way to get rid of that damage. After reading reviews on this product I decided to buy a bottle of Glyco-Lac 60 and give it a try. I have previously used glycolic skin pads so skipped right to the level 2. On my first application of the gel I was able to leave it on for about 90 seconds, after reading reviews I didn’t want to leave it on too long. I followed the instructions not to peel or pick or do anything to my face for 4 days… nothing. My skin still looked the same normal dull that it looks when it really needs to be exfoliated. Finally on the fourth day I decided to exfoliate with some baking soda since it is gentle and the least abrasive thing I could use. I couldn’t really tell any difference afterward other than my face being normal looking after an exfoliation, no amazing stunning results to be found. 10 days after my initial peel I decided to give it another try- I wasn’t expecting miracles and realize that things don’t always happen overnight. Second application I applied and left on for 3 minutes, and again waited with the same results as before. No visible skin improvement at all, which is a little bit disappointing. On the 5th day I decided to use a new product that a friend told me about which is BeautiControl BC Spa Resurface Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel I used the Beauticontrol peel pad to wipe my face in a circular pattern, which I could “feel” scrubbing (more so than just a normal face pad). I left the product on my skin for 20 minutes which is the maximum recommended time and when I rinsed my face I could immediately tell that my face was softer and smoother. I was absolutely amazed. Is it possible that the previous 2 weeks of glycolic acid peel had “prepared” my face for the other peel? Maybe, and I will definitely continue to use the glyco-lac peel gel that I bought until it is gone but the Beauticontrol will be my “go to” for peeling and refreshing and fingers crossed, reducing discoloration.

Jenifer Ontario, WI


It really didn’t work, I didn’t see any changes and I used it multiply times as suggested yet the spot on my leg looked the same.

Ladonna Erbacon, WV

Gentle and not too scary to use

This was my first time buying (and using!) an at-home peel, and I have to admit that I was a bit scared when I used it for the first time two days ago. I purchased this one since it said that it is good for evening out skin tone and getting rid of wrinkles, which are my main concerns. The strength of this one is also supposed to be good for starting out. I use Retin-A on a nightly basis so my skin is used to exfoliation, but I didn’t want to aggravate anything since I’m prone to redness and sensitivity. I’m hoping to build up to using a TCA peel in a few months, but everything I’ve read has said to build up to using a TCA peel by using gentler peels first.The directions that come with this peel are excellent, and alleviated most of my nerves since they are so detailed and covered all of my questions. They call for using gauze pads to apply the peel in a light, circular manner, and that seemed to work well. Since this was my first time doing this, I only left it on for a minute and used a timer to time it. It didn’t sting too badly, but I could definitely feel it working.Since this is considered a lighter, “lunchtime” peel, it didn’t cause any actual peeling or flaking. Instead, it got rid of some flakiness and dryness, and has left my skin really soft and hydrated-feeling, especially on my neck. There was no irritation afterwards. It’s too soon to notice any difference in my wrinkles, but supposedly that takes a few more peels.I also made sure to use some emu oil on my face and neck three times a day for two days to heal the skin. Also, be warned that you aren’t supposed to use any foundation on your skin for 24 hours after peeling so that it can heal.I’m planning on doing this once a week for the next six weeks since supposedly that is the schedule that will yield the best results. I will be sure to update my review as I go, but so far this is working great and has left a nice glow to my skin.UPDATE ON 3/27/10: I’ve used this peel three times now, and it is really making a huge difference in the clarity and brightness of my skin! At the same time that I started using this, I also started using the Pretika cleansing brush, and the two together are making my skin brighter and my pores smaller. I’ve also been using the peel on my neck and hands, and the skin there is also becoming softer, too. I haven’t noticed any peeling after using this, but am making sure to really moisturize well for a few days afterwards.

Stacie Clarks, LA

Wow what a difference

I use this one and the salicylic acid peel by the same company. My skin is so soft after I use this, my acne is *significantly* better, and the acne scarring is fading. I will never be without this again!

Hester Cheney, KS

Nice beginner’s peel.

Came with good instructions. Not too strong. I apply with a good quality “fan brush” from the art store. I lasted about 20 seconds with the first one. The second one was probably about 50 seconds (after steaming). Third one was a little over a minute. Helps release clogged pores, but not as well as I would like. I am using this one to work up to a stronger peel.[…]

Lucile Pierce City, MO

Was hoping for a more dramatic result, oh well…

I graduated from a low % Lactic acid peel to this, thinking if my skin could handle the Lactic just fine, this might be the ticket to that youthful glow… Nah. Having used this off & on for 6 months, I’m sorry to say that it’s done NOTHING for my skin. I went from 2 min to 6 min (I’m simply unwilling to go longer for safety reasons), no burn, no sting, no nada. I’m glad some folk have experienced great results, and with my uber sensitive skin I thought I would as well, but guess this isn’t for me. I’m going to go back to a higher concentration Lactic peel since I liked that one better. Remember – each person is different – so what works for one person won’t always work for another, and this is clearly one of those things. Oh well!

Natasha Sewanee, TN

Works good- be carful

I’ve always wanted to try a peel but not salon prices. If you follow the instructions.. I noticed a slight difference . I would recommend using this during the winter months. During the summer, you need to be diligent about using sunscreen … Also don’t leave it on longer than recommended.. You can burn your skin .

Alisa Hallsville, OH

Must have product!

This is my first time using the Glyco-Lactic combo peel. I used the Lactic Acid Peel before and really liked so I thought I would give this one a try. I have fair sensitive skin and this is amazing! It really decongests the skin and makes it nice and smooth and clear. Be careful and read the directions so you do not get burned! Especially around the nose area can be very sensitive to these peels. I highly recommend this product!

Petra Dunmor, KY


This has worked great for my 14 year old teenager! Her spots have cleared up. She have a great complextion. Perfer purshasing from Amazon.

Alexandria Sinclair, ME

First Time Peel – Love it!

This was my first adventure in chemical peels, after years and years of acne treatments. I’ve been around the block in terms of acne treatment! My skin was dull, flaky, and wrinkly. I was very nervous to try this peel, and left it on for a few minutes. There was no peeling or redness the next day, though my skin was slightly sensitive at first. My skin texture improved immediately, and my pores look better. There was no real improvement in number/frequency of breakouts, but my overall texture has improved. I’ve since used it many times, once every five days or so. The results get better after each use. I also use oil free acne wash, a benzoil peroxide mask and moisturizers with sunscreen. This is a great peel, don’t be afraid! I just used a cotton ball to put it on, no need for a fancy brush.

Tonya Eldorado Springs, CO

Impressed but not ready to exhale yet

So I started with the 20% Salicylic acid because it’s a Level 1 peel and the awesome reviews, but it didn’t really help clear up my skin so much. What’s the point of all that flaky and scaly skin if the acne doesn’t at least subside?So I went with something a little stronger and although it’s only been 1 week, my skin has cleared up dramatically and with less scaling/flakiness. WTH?Whenever I feel a deep adult hormonal acneic cyst coming on, I dab on a little bit of product after washing, leave on for 3-5 minutes, neutralize with water, repeating everyday before bed. The thing usually dries up in 1-2 days and disappears. YAY~So I’ll update after a month …

Lucille Lake Leelanau, MI


This works although it doesn’t make my skin peel, I may use too much moisturizer ahead of time. I never used lactose but have used glyco peel. You can feel it working!!!

Carrie Middleburg, VA

Love this peel and love the free gift and lovely note

I was so pleased to receive a mini size peel to try. I used them both and they made my skin look outrageously clear, even, glowing and not irritated. I am sorry but I think its too much time to leave separate reviews, esp if you are a big shopper like we are. It was very kind to add a free gift with purchase, it makes for return business and the thank you note is so appreciated. KIndness gets you everywhere with me. I just think we should be able to write one review to save time after all we buy and aren’t obligated to review so when a seller gives great product, packaging and a gift with purchase plus a kind thank you, why not let me say so in one recommendation? 🙂

Dayna Valley Springs, AR

Effective–sensitivity varies a lot, so do test it prior to usage

I bought this for my daughter (20, combination skin, occasional flare-up) and decided to test it on myself (50, on HRT, with extremely oily skin and occasional acne) first.I have incredibly thick, oily skin–good, which keeps my skin well-moisturized and looking very young. Bad, though, because I have all the problems associated with young skin, plus a couple of age spots and many large pores. As a frame of reference, I have used AHA/BHA/Salicylic products in the past, like the Alpha-Hydrox 12% souffle, a 15% Glycolic mask, as well as a home microdermabrasion buffer (Olay) and a microdermabrasion cloth, the kind used in plastic surgeon’s offices. All have given good results, but some better than others (see later in review).So I had all my treatment tools ready–a clock with a “second” hand to count the seconds, the baking soda and cool water mix, the gauze pads, a sink full of cool, running water, a shower, and witch hazel astringent. The witch hazel is suggested as a pre-treatment to remove surface oil from the skin.I pulled back my hair and pre-treated with witch hazel. I poured the solution into a flat dish, dabbed the pad in, and started at forehead as suggested, went to one cheek, then onto the other, finishing with the chin and jawline. All this time I kept a sharp watch on the clock and monitored my tingling tolerance.At one minute, my forehead felt nothing, but my cheeks and chin, as well as nose, were really feeling the pain. So I began rinsing those quickly, and at 1 min 30 secs the forehead was hurting a lot so I rinsed that, and continued thorough rinsing, then went to the water/baking soda mix, splashed that on for about 10 seconds, then I popped into the lukewarm shower. My facial skin felt really dry in the shower (do not use any cleansers!) After that was done I moisturized. It is now 30 minutes later and my skin definitely looks better, smoother, more even-toned. It does still sting a bit, like that sunburn feeling, though, and shows a light pink tinge.In terms of intensity, it is slightly stronger to the results I had with the microdermabrasion cloth and 15% mask, and even more intense than the 12% souffle, and much more intense than the Olay microdermabrasion puff.I am really surprised that it took only 1 minute to start to feel such strong tingling, considering I do not have sensitive skin. This product does work, so I suggest monitoring intensity closely, especially the first time. Also, if you pre-treat with witch hazel or alcohol (even stronger), both of which strip surface oils from your skin, then it will definitely affect (shorten) the time it takes for the product to work.Okay, 45 minutes later, as it took time to write and proof this review, and the stinging has pretty much gone away, as has the pink tinge, although my face still feels dry and tight.I cannot imagine increasing the strength of this product; I would rather leave it on longer and monitor the time. My friend has had acid peels in a surgeon’s office twice, and although the peels have gone deep and been quite effective in dealing with wrinkles, boot have left her with white splotches (uneven pigmented areas) that I, personally, would prefer to not have, at the cost of doing a lighter peel such as this, and tolerate a few more wrinkles.

Marsha Richmond, CA


I’ve done professional peels (with a 7 day down time), light peels with my monthly facials and then for years, did Salycilic 20% on my own as needed. Salycilic 20% by Skin Lab used to make me flake a little around my chin and stung pretty good. This peel is more of a cellular level peel. I kept it for 8 minutes without having to fan at all and there was no redness or peeling afterwards. Repeated every week for 3 weeks and have definitely noticed that skin is smoother and tighter. No down time, no stinging, no redness – what’s not to like? However, if you have an occasional pimple, it won’t nip them in the bud like Salycilic does, so I will still keep it on hand. Right now, beginning of December, before the holiday parties, I am getting my glow on and stepping it up with a peel once a week, then 2-3 days later adding microdermabrasion crystals to my face and of course, using Clarisonic. You CAN glow on a budget no worse than anyone who spends $500 on it a month, drives back and forth and sits waiting for appointments listening to yappy receptionists. Give it 3 weeks before your event, get this peel, find a 8oz jar of microdermabrasion crystals right here for $13 and stock up on generic Clarisonic brush heads on Groupon (yes, they are excellent, I can’t tell the difference except for the extra cash in my wallet) and give your face, neck and decolletage some much needed attention.

Elsie Marilla, NY

Glyco-Lac/60 has been working great for me

This stuff has quite a strong chemical odor, and it does burn a bit when it’s on, but from my experiences it’s totally worth trying. I started with 1 minute and while I was afraid that I would get peeling and redness I didn’t get any in the least bit. I think around the 3rd treatment I started to see a real difference in the texture and clarity of my skin. I’ve been to dermatologists and tried every product I could find to help my skin and I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this stuff! I haven’t gotten any new blemishes at all since I started using this. My husband noticed the difference and actually tried it…never expected that. But it’s hilarious, now he’s like, “Let’s go do a peel!” He’s on his 4th or 5th and he has been washing it off after 1 minute because he keeps thinking that he’s going to get peeling and redness, but he’s never had a bad reaction. Regardless of him only leaving it on for 1 minute each time, there have still been improvements to his skin texture and tone.I will definitely order the peel again, I kind of want to try the HQ one but I worry that it sounds much stronger than this one, at least by the reviews.

Susan Hermanville, MS

Great, not too harsh

I am 27 and I do not sunburn easily…not at all really – so I certainly don’t have sensitive skin. Still, I had never done any sort of peel before so I was cautious – I left the peel on for 2 minutes the first time, 3.5 the second and 5 full minutes the third time – all spaced 1 week apart. I felt tingling, nothing major. The third time I did get some red peeling on my nose (I had a cold, so it may have been more sensitive bc of repeated tissue action), but otherwise minimal flaking.I just used my olay brush in the shower and cetaphil moisturizer with spf 50.Quite a few people have said that my skin looks great 🙂 so it def worked – skin looks smooth and clear.This is gross, but the peel removed the top layer of dead skin, so my black heads all came out super easily.The lactic acid is supposed to be good for undereye circles, so I tried applying it there (VERY carefully). I made sure to do this portion of my face last since I was a bit nervous to use something on such a delicate area. Surprisingly, it didn’t burn or peel horrible at all. I can’t really tell yet if it is working there though, since my undereye circles are so dark…One more thing, I used alcohol to remove my skin’s natural oils, applied the peel, waited the prescriped time, and jumped in the shower, rinsing my face for a few minutes. I tried the baking soda thing and really didn’t like it.

Karin Cedar Rapids, NE

A bit strong for my skin

I really want to like this – I think it does a good job exfoliating. However, it is a bit too strong, I think, because I tend to get excema after I use it. I have to be very careful with what i use, and this was just not good judgement on my part.

Jasmin Oracle, AZ

Pleased so far!

Hi All. I only gave this four stars because I have only used it one time. I like how easy it was to use. I like that the tingly sensation did not escalate to any scary burning. I like that all I needed was a piece of gauze to apply it. The directions were really clear and explained any questions I could think of. Also told me what to do as well as not to do before and after to avoid negative issues and negative results. I am African American with dark skin. I was told tha the TCA peels could darken already dark hues and that this was a safe alternative. Actually,I found this easier then the weekly clay mask that I use. I am so glad that there are multiple uses in just one bottle. I mean sixty dollars for one facial and you are encouraged to have several!Who can keep up at those prices? My skin is in fairly good condition. My issue of great concern is the marks on my nose from wearing glasses. I wear contacts for the most part but still have to use readers throughout the day. As a result I have hideous dark marks. I try to cover them with concealer but I do not want to wear foundation everyday just for these two marks. I’m hoping this peel will resolve this issue as well as improving the overall appearance of my skin. If I get the results in the reviews I will most certainly be happy. I have not noticed must of a difference yet but I have had some flaking that must be minor peeling. I’m so excited to do do my own weekly peels now. I plan to do one every 7 days. The directions say to wait at least 5 days. I will adjust according to the reaction of my skin. I will update these post too. Peace and Blessings.

Karen Crookston, MN


Arrived in excellent condition. Full easy to understand directions included. Product works as detailed when applied per directions.

Ester South El Monte, CA

Awesome Product! Get’s The Job Done!

This is a awesome amd effective product. The peel is great for beginners not too harsh or aggressive. However proceed with caution and allow your skin to become accustom to the acid… Also make sure you rinse well with tepid water and follow up with neutralizer. I prefer to use my own moisturizer blend afterwards.

Rhoda Northampton, PA

Very good peel for a first time user

I had never used a peel before so I purchased this one to start off! After just one use you see definite results. I use this every five days for ten minutes, the “burning” is VERY tolerable. I was an indoor, every other day tanner so I had a lot of discoloration in my face. After two uses, I am comfortable enough to go out with out make on! My skin tone has definitely evened out, my pores have shrunk and i think i have gotten TWO pimples since i began using this two months ago! Over all I am very pleased with my purchase but I am ready for the real stuff! I have tried this on several friends and after just one use, they have ALL purchased this as well!

Letha Elizabethville, PA

Exellent Quality Peel

This product goes on smooth as olive oil, tingles instead of stings, and does it’s job effectively without damage, burning, par boiled lobster face, huge patches of dark dead skin, or heavy duty peeling. In short, it is simply a product of amazing quality. Glyco-Lac/60 gives you all of the benefits of improved skin clarity and a quality healthy glow, without any of the downtime associated with peels. Afterwards, my face felt so tight, I simply love this stuff! As for post peel moisturizing try: a 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum and/or emu oil {If you are prone to breakouts like me, try mixing a tiny drop of either or both into your moisturizer and adjust the size of the drop to suit you skin. i.e., a full drop breaks me out, but half a drop mixed into enough moisturizer for my whole face and neck, leaves my skin is so moist, dewy and unbelievably supple}. Wishing all a peaceful soul, a kind heart, a happy disposition, and true beauty, both inside and out.

Wanda New Orleans, LA

Less Burning than the others

I do like the fact that I can leave it on little bit longer than my other peels and I does what it says it’s suppose to do. Just give it time.

Agnes Inkom, ID