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GlowFusion Air Glow Air Gun

Introducing a revolutionary in-home self-tanning technology. The AirGlow Airbrush Gun is a totally seamless, sunless, sexy, head-to-toe tanning aitrbrush gun. You will achieve a perfect, customized shade of airbrushed glow in the comfort of your home. The first and only at-home airbrush gun blows out a sheer, vapor-light, even mist of tinted GlowFusion¿ Micro-Nutrient Protein Tan that dries on contact. GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Protein Tan is a proven micro-nutrient technology that distributes powerful vitamins and nutrients to boost skin’s inherent, sexy lit-from-within luminosity to provide a streak-free, stain-free and dye-free glow. The fast-drying formula develops naturally and lasts up to two weeks without fading. Breakthrough cocoa complex delivers potent anti-aging properties and anti-oxidant protection. No need to smooth, spread or touch.

Key features

  • First and only at home do-it-yourself airbrush tanning gun
  • Fast drying, streak-free and odor-free self-tanning
  • Develops naturally and lasts up to two weeks without fading
  • Dermatologist recommended. Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


ja ja ja, it’s this a joke?

I was happy to get a good product for a good price, but I was proved wrong again, it’s just another example that what you pay it’s what you get…I paid cheap I got cheap… don’t buy it! Save your money until you have enough to buy a good thing for a fair price… mean while, I’l save your time not telling you about my awful experience with that thing…

Concetta Arma, KS

If i could give this a negative 5 stars i would.

I got this inspite of all the negative reviews so i have no one to blame but myself. I liked the charging it up idea and being portable. I actually changed my mind about it though but too late before it shipped out. They don’t do returns on this. Gee I wonder why? I really thought it would be something like an aerosol can of spray tanner. It comes out in an aerosol but just way to small to know where it’s going. It would take all day to do your body. Plus, it dripped little droplets all over me. Figured at worst it could do my face. Wrong again. Ended up just using a spray bottle like the one reviewer did which worked 10 X better btw. Threw it in the trash today too.

Graciela Big Indian, NY

amazing product for the price

A friend of mine had this same airbrushing gun, and she told me great things about it so I knew it would be worth the investment if I was seriously considering self tanning at home. The gun is easy to use and produces a fine mist that is very consistent.Pros: you can use any spray tanning solution you want in it. The spray stream is very even. The compartment holds enough for multiple full-body tanning sessions so you aren’t constantly refilling. I love that you can just recharge it and not worry about buying batteries.Cons: You can’t turn the gun upside-down and you have to try and keep it upright at all times. This doesn’t sound like a big deal until you are trying to spray tan every inch of your body alone (including you back). Unless you are super flexible, you will probably need help getting to the hard to reach areas. My fiance helps me out so it’s not big deal, but if you are trying to do this solo, you are probably going to need practice with some of the areas on your backside.Overall, this product is pretty amazing for the price, and pays for itself after only a couple applications at home over going to the tanning booth. It’s so easy and the results are so great that my friends have asked me to spray tan then for upcoming weddings and events.

Edwina Sidon, MS

Waste of Money

This product is a waste of money. As someone who is very, very pale I love to get spray tans-the only problem with that is that spray tans typically cost around $40 to $60 each time. I bought the Fusion Beauty Airglow Airbrush Gun in the hopes that I could start to do the spray tans at home and, thus, save some money.The problem-it doesn’t work! The “tinted” mist showed no color whatsoever. I had no idea where I was putting it on my body. The gun sprayed the mist erratically-very, very difficult not to get the mist over the same parts twice.The end result-my legs were orange and streaky. The color did not look good at all, even if it hadn’t been full of lines.I would have returned it but this seller does not accept returns on personal items.

Carla Banner Elk, NC

Only works if . . .

Had a frustrating time getting this thing to work. However, I discovered that if you don’t put the tiny plugs back in after adding tanner, it will work. Will NOT work if you replug those holes.

Rhoda Huntland, TN