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Glow in the Dark Neon Nail Polish

Set of 6 Neon Colored Polishes that GLOW IN THE DARK – Set includes Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink & Orange. Each bottle is 4 ml (.13 oz). also available in a set of hot pink,pink,yellow, purple,green and orange

Key features

  • available in a set of hot pink,yellow,green,orange purple and blue
  • also available in a set of hot pink,pink,yellow, purple,green and orange

Honest reviews


Glow in the dark nail polish

This product would have been great for a 10 year old girl to play with, maybe to use on her dolls.

Bobbi Butterfield, MN

Wow! They glow!

I’ve been looking for glow-in-the-dark nail polish for months! This stuff is GREAT! They glow VERY bright and look great, too! I recommend painting the glow-in-the-dark nail polish OVER regular polish. For instance, I painted my nails white and then painted over it with the green glow-in-the-dark! Wow! I’ve painted my nails purple and then painted over the top of it with the purple glow-in-the-dark nail polish. This was neat because no one could tell my nails were going to glow – they just looked like normal purple nail polish – but when the lights went out – they were very bright!!! 🙂 ***this fingernail polish does NOT require a black light to see them glow***

Ashleigh South Union, KY

It REALLY works!

I love these little bottles of joy LOL!!! They are super cute and aftr placing my hands under a regular 70 watt light bulb for about 5 mins the glow in the dark effect is realli vibrent and cool! Can’t wait to hit up a nightclub and wear these polihes over my regular polish on my feet and hands!My only complaint is that they colors themseleves, without th glow in the dark effect, are very dull and should only be used as a top coat! The bottles are small but the advertised pic advertised the bottles as being small!

Rosa Harlingen, TX


My daughter and her frenz had a blast with these colors. Now I just need to find glow in the dark body paint

Flossie Block Island, RI

Ok Product

These nail polishes take about five coats to even glow in the dark? I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who wants their nails to be SEEN! This is more for kitties not so much people who take nail polish seriously.

Sophia Allendale, SC

Good for little girls

This glow in the dark set works, but it is appropriate for younger girls. I would say up to age 10. They go on very light so you may have to use a white base coat to bring out the color, or use the glow in the dark polish over a base coat of the same color. Cute set for little girls.

Angel Kittery, ME

kinda crappy

This is a top coat….the only color that glows is blue….n it glows green….I thought it would be better…. too expensive to suck sooooo much

Mara Croton Falls, NY