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Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion-8 ounce

Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion. A shielding lotion bonds with the outer-most layer of skin, locking in natural moisture and oils. Natural moisture and oil loss is the leading cause of dry skin and irritated skin. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many dermatologists are now recommending Gloves In A Bottle as an effective dry skin treatment. Unlike contemporary skin moisturizers which try to replace the skin’s natural moisture with an artificial, often greasy moisture, Gloves In A Bottle bonds with dead skin cells to create what can only be termed an invisible pair of gloves. This new outer layer helps prevent the loss of natural oil and moisture, supports skin elasticity, and improves the overall ability of the epidermis to protect the inner skin cell layers. The natural moisturizing effects of Gloves In A Bottle will leave your skin soft and supple

Key features

  • Shielding Lotion that bonds with outermost layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible pair of gloves.
  • “invisible gloves” prevent dry skin by helping to keep moisture-robbing irritants out while better retaining your skin’s own natural moisture.
  • One application of Gloves In A Bottle lasts four hours or more and comes off naturally as you exfoliate the outer most layers of skin cells.
  • Gloves In A Bottle restores the protective qualities to the outer layer of skin that modern living strips away-so that your skin stays properly moisturized and healthy.
  • Gloves In A Bottle delivers moisture the natural way nature intended.

Honest reviews



maybe if i were dealing with harsh chemicals everyday, this would actually be of some use. I thought this could just protect my hands on a daily basis but I felt as if after I applied it in the morning it would block and lotions or hand treatments I would try to apply later would just not absorb and my hands just kept getting drier and drier. It was just awful.

Lorena Georgetown, CT

No great improvement in hands

I have been using this product on and off for a few months and I haven’t really seen an improvement in my dry hands. I have an infant so I wash my hands close to a million times a day and was looking for something that would elminate my dry, cracked skin. In the beginning I used it as directed, even took it to / from work each day, and I still didn’t see a significant improvement. I now use it when I remember, maybe once a day, and am back to using my regular regime, Cetaphil lotion.

Lucinda Springfield, VA

Only OK

I really wanted to give this lotion five stars but just couldn’t. It doesn’t do any more than any other lotion for me. In fact, I have others that cost about one-fourth the price of this and perform better. This lotion DOES dry quickly and IS non-sticky, but so what? Others do as well at a much less expensive price. I could not give it more than three stars. However, I COULD give myself ONE star for falling for a dream in a bottle. I find it feels slick and leaves my hands shinney.

Jeanie Ruth, NV

I love it!

It keeps my skin moisturized. I even apply it at the bottom of my feet after shower while my skin is still damp. I will reorder again.

Mellisa Alturas, CA

Not impressed…

If you have issues with dry cracking skin/fingers, use O’Keefe’s Working Hands. The stuff saved my butt. It’s literally a miracle. My hands are in and out of water all day. I was in terrible pain from the cracking. O’Keefe’s heals them and keeps them healed as long as I use it.

Mollie Cobb, WI

a real solution to dry hands

this product is noticeably different immediately. it soaks in quickly and lasts for hours through several hand washing but never feels greasy.

Olga Wilsons, VA


Why did I not know about this product sooner?? It has no smell to speak of, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily or greasy film.

Malinda Cookstown, NJ

Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion

Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion works, but it is not scented. I did not expected it to be just wanted to remind everyone not to expect a scent.

Nellie Fairview, OK

Didnt like this

Not at all as effective as they portray it to be, it is merely a simple lotiony type thing not a skin barrier like they claim.

Lou Potts Grove, PA

relief at last

I get very dry hands in the winter. i am proud to say that just a small dab of this lasts all day. yay for moist hands!

Jacqueline Saratoga, NC

Actually my husband loves it

My husband was having to do some engine work on his truck so he asked me to buy this for him. I thought he was crazy since I had never heard of anything like this before. Anyway, you put it on your hands like normal hand lotion and when you have to do something that is really going to get you hands grimy, this stuff allows you to wash your hands without and residual dirt from getting around you finger nails and other parts that tend to attract and retain dirt. I found I like it too when working out in the yard so I would have to say I would recommend to anyone who is going to be getting their hands dirty.

Erica David City, NE

Dry skin in the desert

I don’t know how to be completely fair with Gloves in a Bottle because I do live in the desert so it has high expectations to live up to. Particularly in the winter, my skin is so dry and itchy, including spots of eczema. In all fairness, nothing else has "worked" to remedy it either, including all the eczema specific over the counter stuff. Gloves in a bottle helped, I believe, but nothing more substantial than the other lotions I have tried.

Sophia Paradise, MI