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GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, 1.7 fl. oz.

Designed for Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries for camera ready soft glowing skin. A 10 minute professional quality mud mask for men and women. Dredged off the coast of southern France, home to glamorous Cannes, St. Tropez and Monaco. Glamglow is an amazing rapid gentle exfoliant mud mask for men and women, high in ancient volcanic pumice rock, super antioxidants and minerals. Glamglow activates moisturizing ‘collagen synthesis’, revitalizing complexion for illuminating, brighter radiant skin. Penetrates and softens wrinkles and fine lines leaving the skin smooth, supple, glamorous and glowing. Glamglow helps correct discoloration and improve skin’s texture.

Key features

  • Skin collagen synthesis for a noticeable three-day glow. Leaves skin noticeably smooth and soft
  • Multi level resurfacing exfoliation
  • Helps tighten skin and minimizes pores
  • Absorbs impurities without removing natural oils
  • The #’s on the bottom of the jar and on the package are Batch #’s and Not Expiration Dates

Honest reviews


Absolute crap & hype. Contains PUMICE –yes, the stuff you use to file your foot calluses

Remember that annoying girl in school who thought she was a ’10’ but really was a ‘6’, at best? And no one had the guts to say it to her face because she was so oblivious and self-absorbed? Well similarly, this is a mediocre clay-based mask that is a victim of its own overhyped “hollywood glam” marketing.The product is overpriced for what it is. Glamglow has an aggressive marketing team who hustles like crazy which is why its so (over-)hyped up. They somehow got this product into all W hotels, so you are inclined to purchase it in your hotel room. $25 for a sample-sized jar. Ridiculous. I saw it in the hotel bathroom when I was on vacation, and couldn’t believe it.Upon opening, first thing you notice is the strong scent of artificial green tea. The package promotes green tea in the formula, and yeah, there are bits of leaves in the jar, but then why load it up with a highly fake, non-green-tea-smelling artificial fragrance unless you have something to hide? I grew up drinking green tea. It should NOT smell like sickly sweet Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume (which this mask does). Further inspecting the ingredient listing, “fragrance” is listed, which is artificial and not necessary.Glamglow totally irritates sensitive skin or delicate skin b/c its loaded with pumice bits and scrubbers (yes, PUMICE = the stuff you use to scrub your foot calluses, which Glamglow lovingly calls “volcanic rock”) that act as an exfoliator once the mask is dry. Upon rinsing, the pumice was so scratchy and i could feel it creating microtears in my acne-prone skin. The mask dries quickly but the clay is embedded with pumice so it’s impossible to wash off without literally
• scouring
• your face. (shudder)Next, it is loaded with a methyl salicylate or menthol type of tingle. The sensation, if you have sensitive, red, irritated, or acne-prone skin, can be very painful and stinging. i find that masks which add the “tingle” do so in order to warrant a “feeling of action” that their product works. If the product really worked to purify and synthesize collagen (seriously –that’s what they claim), then you wouldn’t need to add gimmicks to fool people.Not only that, but Glamglow has been spamming the boards on MakeupAlley and other beauty forums. I wrote a post on a
• cosmetic procedures
• board about enlarged pores and rec’s for derm treatments–guess what? got spammed with “try Glamglow!!” post written by an obvious shill. It was such a promo publicity-laden post that the message was removed by the forum police after multiple complaints. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth and says a LOT about the company. They are trying so hard to promote this “hollywood celeb secret”, and doing it in such a crass way, it’s one step away from late-night infomercial disaster, taking away all credibility in this company’s skincare “science” if any.If you have sensitive, delicate, dry, irritated, acne-prone or reddened skin, I do not recommend. It’s too harsh and scratchy.If you have tough-as-nails oily skin, you can use this, but why fall for the hype when there are so many other mud masks out there at a better price with better ingredients?

Lula Olga, WA


I like this product but it dries up hard very easy. And this item was not cheap. I would like a replacement.I would like you to replace this item. It cost to much to dry up n the jar with the lu d tightlyClosedI would like a replacement or a refund on my account this product dried upAnd could not b usedPlease respond to me

Leeann Getzville, NY

Expensive little jar but so worth it

Expensive but it does what it says it does.I use it 3 times a week and my face is softer, smoother and clearer.I suffered from terrible teen acne and now older, I get deep, large white heads.This mask clears the oils and I am not getting as many white heads.My acne scars are softer and my pores are less noticeable.Very expensive, but worth it.I will continue to use 3 times weekly.

Concetta Christmas, FL

Love this!

I was skeptical about ordering this because of the price, but after my first time using it I was hooked. Does it tingle? Yes. Does it burn a little bit? Yes. Does it make a noticeable difference after the first time you use it? Absolutely. If you have sensitive skin try using a little water with a small amount of the product and work your way up to using more product. Definitely recommend.

Erna Moundsville, WV

Irritates skin

I have oily skin that isn’t super sensitive, but I had a bad reaction to this mask. The “tingling sensation” isn’t at all pleasant and kicks in as soon as you put the mask on. After 10 minutes it hardens almost completely, and you exfoliate when you wash it off. I definitely noticed some improvements in the way my skin looked (brighter, smoother, etc.), but I also had some redness on my face and some dry patches, which weren’t there when I applied the mask a few minutes earlier. I guess it all depends on your skin type, but I personally usually do well with most products, and the side effects with this product are excessive. I do not recommend it.

Maura Saylorsburg, PA

Love it! Amazing product!!!!

This product is amazing!!!! I purchase some items at sephora and they gave me a sample of this product. Yesterday I was going to a big party and I decided to try it on to see what was it all about. I put it on and the first min was really tingling!!! I thought if that feeling was gonna be for the full 10 min I wasn’t gonna be able to leave it on, but it disappeared fast. When I wash it out I couldn’t believe how alive,bright and hydrated my skin looked!!!! Like magic!!!!! I live in Seattle so right now is really dry, I use in my skin expensive good products that work for me, but this one is SPECiAL!!! I will continue buying this product for a loooong time.I had just purchase it from amazon because it is cheaper than in sephora.

Bertie Albin, WY

very cool

This stuff is expensive, in my opinion but it takes just a dab. I leave it on for at least 15-20 min., rinse and tah dah, my face feels so soft and I’m 63 yrs old so feeling soft has been just a fond memory. recommend highly.

Marylou Nyssa, OR

too expensive

i’m new to exfoliating as I have dry sensative skin. And this really does do what it says. I let it dry. Loosen it up with my clarisonic, rinse off with warm water. Pat dry then folow with maracuja oil. And my skin the next morning was glowing and soft, not dry and red like I anticipated.

Dolly Grand Rivers, KY


Ok before you dump the money on this take 1 part Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Scrub and mix it with 1 part Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask. If you feel you must, open a green tea bag and put some of the leaves in it. Then use it the same way. Because that’s basically what you’re getting with this. I like mud masks and I like really scrubby scrubs but this one was exceptionally unexceptional and I can’t believe they’re charging what they are for it. I feel like a big sucka for buying it. Will not rebuy and yes I agree with the reviewer that said "Clarisonic". Love mine.

Sallie Taswell, IN

easy use

a very small pack as a mask,it says only need to put a thin layer on every time.smells like grass.a little bit pain if skin’s in very dry condition.i thinks it mainly a polishing and deep cleaning.

Suzanne Hartsville, IN

It’s Okay

I tried this facial mask due to the media I’ve heard about it. I gave it a try and it’s just ok to me. I do my own at home glycolic and salcyic acid peels and follow with a moisturzing peel. I also use Lancer Rx polish daily which is a God send for my oily skin. This was a good try, but not the best exfoliator for me.

Theresa Moores Hill, IN

Delightful Luxury!

This mask works great! My skin just glows like nothing else after using this. However, it is extremely tingly and does hurt pretty bad if it makes its way into your eye. The Amazon price is great. I would not pay full price for this product and would invest in a Clarisonic instead. If you do have a Clarisonic, this is a great addition to your skin care routine.

Ava Westhope, ND

Not Impressed

I bought this for both my twenty something daughter and myself and neither of us were impressed. We read all of the hype and it didn’t come close to living up to it. I finally threw it away because it dried up.

Jeanette Ponsford, MN


Once you get past the tingling – which to be honest really isn’t THAT bad, this is a great product. Leaves my face feeling soft and very clean. Comes off easily too.

Kerri Folkston, GA

Good mask, results fleeting

I read alot of the reviews before I bought this. I tend to get carried away with hyped beauty products. I didn’t mind the smell(very strong green tea) as some reported and the consistency was good (some said the tea leaves annoyed them). I liked the scrubby bit to this mask, It goes on for 10 mins to a dry face and then you rinse. My skin looked healthy and slightly pink, but that went away pretty quickly. My guess is if you’re going out at night for something special, do this mask beforehand. It is expensive and though it looked bigger, the actual mask product is inlayed and it’s a small amount. Probably won’t buy it again, it was nothing mindblowing…

Emma Bon Aqua, TN

Mud Mask

This truly is the most wonderful product I’ve ever used. The mask is so strong you can only apply it 3 days a week and get excellent results. No need to buy numerous other products that maybe less expensive none of which will give half the results. I apply Glamglow while I dry my hair and wash off with a wash cloth and warm water. This product is worth every penny.

Serena Solomons, MD

Glam glow- would definitely buy again

I’ve seen this on youtube and a bunch of other sites. The reviews looked good, so I thought I’d try it. I like how it makes my skin feel and my boyfriend has tried it too. He is a huge fan as well. It makes my skin feel really stiff while it’s drying and I can kind of see it pulling the grossness out. Washing it off feels so great! It’s a little muddy so I recommend washing it off in the shower- I usually do that with most masks anyway because I wind up making a mess on the bathroom counter otherwise. Anyway, I really like this and will buy again. It’s a little pricey but if you use it sparingly, it’s worth it.

Marcie Washington, KY

what’s the big deal?

Alright, so I literally did a side by side comparison with a $3 mud mask- I put this on half my face and the cheapo one on the other side- and they both looked exactly the same as before I put on either. I even left a bit of my face uncovered by both to see if it as least made my skin smoother or softer as it claims, and nope. I don’t know how to trust buying high end beauty products online anymore because my friend in cosmetology says a lot of it is knock-offs (apparantly you have to have a cos license to sell these things and how do you know if the seller has one or if perhaps they bought it off someone with a cos license, etc.), but I bought the sample off ebay for about $8 and I was entirely disappointed. somebody on pinterest said that it extracts pimples, maybe it was the other one in the white jar or maybe it didn’t work because I have no pimples, but I’m starting to lose my faith in high end products. They seem to be only minimally better than the cheap crap from the store. Try St. Ives Apricot blackhead scrub. It dries up your zits in a second and it really does seem to make my face look tighter and brighter.

Doris Mount Gay, WV

It’s okay

When I first tried the sample, it was amazing! I can visually see my pores being purged from impurities, but as I begin using the product more I didn’t see any major changes in my skin. I continued to receive break outs and didn’t see any results after using the product for several weeks. I will not be repurchasing this product.

Beatrice Canvas, WV


take off my black head, and minimize the pores that is real cool!!! good product . and is nuture.good good

Dayna Washburn, IL

The product sold here seems sketchy, but the real deal is wonderful

The real deal product – 4 to 5 stars. The product being sold here, less than that because it seems suspect.I received a large sample of this from Sephora some time ago. I used it several times and absolutely loved it. I have dry, sensitive skin skin, but contrary to some of the reviews here, this product did not feel too harsh, nor did the exfoliants feel like they were skin-tearing. After use, my skin felt so incredibly hydrated, even without the use of a moisturizer (that’s a rarity for me). It also felt smooth and silky soft. It might be true that there are cheaper masks that are just as effective, but to be honest, I’ve not found a decent mud mask in a very long time.Now the product being marketed here, at least based on the photos, does not seem authentic. I have only seen it sold at very specific places, so that alone raises a red flag. But what I find more disturbing is that when you zoom in on the photos of the product, you can see that it’s a poor imitation of the actual GlamGlow packaging. There are errors in the writing – it is not smooth and you can see almost "wavy" lines, almost as though someone colored outside the lines. It’s a poor stamp. The font and writing simply is not sharp and crisp as it is on the actual jar. In addition, these photos show a plain black jar, but the authentic product has an almost granite look to it – black with grey or white spots throughout it (at least the one sold on Sephora looks that way). It’s entirely possible these are just poor photos, but they make me wary.In any event, I would be careful when buying this through a third party seller not authorized by the company to sell its product. As this is not actually sold by Amazon, I would think this is a buyer beware situation.

Catherine Highgate Springs, VT


This is a great mud mask. It makes my skin very smooth. The couple of things that i don’t like is that It does have a strong perfume smell to it and pieces of black leaves in it, which I don’t care for. I use this product before applying my make up. It smooths lines and makes make up look flawless. I would buy this product again.

Eva Hamlet, IN



Maricela Lozano, TX

Great stuff!

I would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for the price 🙁 Love this stuff on my acne prone skin. It can be a little drying but I love the tingly feeling and rosy, glowing look it leaves on my 41 year old stubborn skin.

Judith Frenchton, WV


This is nothing special, leaves your skin smooth after you use it, but as far as any glow, I don’t think it holds up to the hype.

Kay Madison, IL

Always amazing.

This is the only facemask that I truly notice a difference with every single time. It makes me skin so much healthier, it makes make up look better. It is so worth every penny.

Marilyn Greenbush, VA