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GLAMGLOW Brightmud Eye Treatment

The World’s first reverse action, quick fix under eye & orbital eye non-drying mud treatment for instant, bright sexy eyes. Powered by Tap Wipe Bioactive technology, absorbs toxins while delivery high nutrients & minerals to tired eyes. Leaves a micro layer of actives behind extended continuous results. Active Teaoxi Peppermint Technology activates sensory TRPM8 COLD COMPRESSION to seriously de-puff eyes. With soothing Mentone & Menthyl Ester Fatty-Acids, Botanical Mint with Vitamin C & A helps skin look noticeably smoother & brighter. Our cool, refreshing and revitalizing powerful natural active is for fatigue circulation and a super-bright finish

Key features

  • Active 14% Nitroffeine a Powerful Proprietary C8H10N4O2Formula for Under Eye & Orbital lymphatic stimulation & skin fatigue reduction, providing an immediate temporary ‘Zing’ sensation
  • Active 5% Juvelane designed to activate retinol-like activity, without the common side effects, combats the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while providing an intense hydrating & plumping effect
  • Designed for instant 3-minute backstage results for men & women of all ages & all skin types

Honest reviews


Expensive and does not work well

I bought this with such success with Glam Glow mask treatments.It works okay, for the price, it is not worth it.Each pod will do both eyes, too much for one eye.I noticed softer skin under my eyes, but did nothing for bags and darkness.Did not “brighten” my eyes.I was so disappointed with the results and spending 69.00.There are other brands that do much better than this.I will continue to buy the face masks but not this, sorry.

Wilma Bearcreek, MT

Refresh Your Eyes

This product refreshes the eyes and will reduce any puffiness. I like it because it works fast and lasts for about 2 1/2 days after using. I can see the effects immediately and takes only 3 minutes per eye. I also like that the eye product is individually wrapped — a plus for any eye product.

Anne Arlington Heights, MA

Didn’t Work

I get bags in the morning from allergies, that’s why I bought this. It seems like a great idea, all those ingredients to de-puff your eyes. Unfortunately, if anything, it made me worse. I was probably allergic to something in this.

Kathryn Scroggins, TX

works for a short time

I’ve been wanting to try some products from glamglow and I got a sample of this eye mask treatment. I was surprised when I opened it, as I was expecting a cream. It is a muddy-looking gel, hence the name "bright mud." I have some fine lines under my eyes that are genetic and not from age, I knew that the mud would not take care of these. I was basically looking for a tighter skin under the eyes because when I run my finger under there, my skin is not super taught. This product definitely pulled the skin tight because there wasn’t as much movement under the eye when I tested it.That being said, the price here on Amazon is the best deal. I would pay 40 dollars for this product if I had a really big problem with my under eyes, but I would NOT pay 69 for it. When I first put it on there was tingling and I liked that, because I felt like it was working. I liked the treatment, but would not use it everyday. It doesn’t promise long-time changes and I’m afraid it might speed up aging if you were to use it everyday. However, there’s no information on the longevity of this product.

Cora Hunter, KS

not for sensitive skin – burns!

I really like the GlamGlow face mask, so I was very excited to try this eye treatment. However, I was disappointed by how much it burned on application. I understand there is mild tingling expected as the active ingredients do their job, but I am nervous to try this again. I try to be very gentle with the skin around my eyes, and this was too harsh. I think I’ll just stick to the mask.

Kara Ranchita, CA

Eye Treatment

I was buying this product as a gift for a friend of mine who thinks this is the greatest eye treatment around. However, I never received it and had to buy her something else due to the time factor.

Sandy Fox Lake, IL