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Glamarama Clip-In Comb Hairpiece by Dancing with the Stars – R6

With an overall length of 7.5″, the Glamarama hairpiece features barely waved layers on a clip-in comb. Tru2Life heat friendly fiber let’s you determine how curly or straight to style the piece. Accent your hair and create a great new look in less than a minute! This product is made from the new Tru2Life Heat-Friendly synthetic hair. It feels like real, healthy hair and can be styled using thermal tools on medium settings (up to 180C and 350F). Curling has never been so easy. When curling the Tru2Life synthetic hair, simply slide the curled fiber off the iron and pin the warm curl with a clip until the fiber cools and curl sets. Steam rollers and/or wet setting can also be used.

Key features

  • Collection: Dancing with the Stars
  • Hair: Synthetic
  • Model Shows Color: R4

Honest reviews


I give it a solid “Meh” due to the work involved! If you have thick hair or an adult-sized noggin’, read on!

I mashed a few pictures together on my phone of the Glamaramas that I ordered and what they look like together for you…IF they allow them to be posted you’ll see what I’m trying to illustrate here.When the first one arrived (the dark Auburn color, R6-30H) I was ecstatic! Its really flirty & bouncy with a lot of movement and shine, and the color matches my hair to a T. WAY beyond my expectation for the price. Then I heard the proverbial “wa-waaaah” as others have, when I got to the clip. Shame on you, Dancing With The Stars! I have seen better clips at the dollar store. Its smooth bulky plastic…doesn’t grip well at all. BOO! (As an example, I clipped mine to my bathroom towel rack in my pictures-which is coincidentally, a perfect fit.) So the ONLY possible way this is going to clip onto normal hair (especially fine hair) is with a load of bobby pins. IF you want to move that is…if you want to rest it on your head and sit still for a quick picture, you’re fine. I have long, thick hair…so I was expecting SOME issues…but the clip is really a problem. Here’s what I had to do:1. Buy another one. The size of it is clearly for tiny dancers. I needed two to look “Glamarama” on my adult-sized head.2. Get something for it to grip to-unless you’re cool with 100 bobby pins. I bought the “SalsaLoosa Hair Wrap”, also by Dancing with the Stars ($15). After seeing Glamarama, I trusted the quality of their hair…and this piece has a LOT of texture so it worked perfectly.3. Fuss with it until I felt it was secure and didn’t look fake-about 30 minutes initially.4. Dance around, head-bang and otherwise test it until you feel safe.My first time wearing it out, one actually fell off and landed in the snow in front of a U-Haul Employee while I was renting a truck. Holy embarrassing! It looked like a furry animal jumped off of my head and landed at our feet. NOT COOL. I’ve since learned to put the SalsaLoosa in first, and use it to wrap my natural hair…then find a spot to SECURELY clip this monster clip ONTO that…and use a few bobby pins to lock it down. A couple squirts of hairspray seals the deal. I’ve also since purchased two of their “Bellissima” braided headbands to add to the look.I haven’t got to the point of washing them yet…but I can see it’s coming, and it scares me. I don’t want to ruin them.If you have naturally curly, wavy and thick hair…you WILL appreciate being able to put your hair up, and have it look pretty and bouncy, but Dear GOD there has to be an easier way.

Fay Cairo, NY

Great for simple updo

I use this clip a lot when I want my hair to look like I did more than just throw it in a bun. But that’s all I have to do!!! This is long. When I put my own hair in a bun and then clip this in at the top of my bun it covers my bun and just looks like I spent some time on a “messy bun”. I got R10 and it’s a perfect match for my brunnette colored hair.

Fern Ridott, IL

Looks real

I do like this hair clip, however, the clip to attach to your head is ridiculously big and slips out easily if you have thick hair.

Deana Carver, MN

nice hair.

This was a very nice claw clip hairpiece. The hair was of nice quality. I returned it because it was not quite the right color but if not for that, I think I would have loved it!

Jenifer Nags Head, NC

Not for me

The color wwas nothing like what I thought I had picked out. I would never again order something like this on line as the color swatches were actually too small to see properly.The actual clip-in had very little hair and it would probably require 2 of them to make much of a difference.

Carly Girdler, KY

Cannot figure out how to clip it in and make it look right

I’m sure it’s just me, but the clip’s position makes it awkward to attach to an existing bun. I just can’t figure it out and am not able to wear it. The quality of the hair is really nice, so I think this is a user malfunction. 🙂

Carrie Sandyville, WV

just o.k.

i think it was to expensive for the quality of hair that was provided. it wasn’t human hair, and it was rather thin piece of hair. So, if you don’t have naturally thick hair, i wouldn’t purchase the piece.. It didn’t blend in well for me at all.

Chrystal Marietta, OK

does not stay in hair very flimsy

the color was fine but the clip is terrible it doesn’t stay in the hair and doesn’t feel secure at all. def not comfortable walking out of the house with it on for fear it’ll fall out and i’ll be completely embarrassed. i did get their hair wrap one and that one i highly recommend. did a review on that one too.

Reba Marietta, NY