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Giovanni Sugar Scrub Hot Chocolate — 9 oz

Sugar Scrub sweetens your day as a warming, gentle body exfoliator that polishes skin’s surface, removing cellular debris. The richly scented formula contains the exclusive Giovanni PureOrganic Technology blend, an advanced essential oil complex to soothe, smooth and regenerate skin all over. What an intoxicating experience.Feel.Relaxed

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  • 9 Ounces
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Honest reviews


Chocolatey goodness!

I really like both of Giovanni’s scrubs. This one has larger granules than the mint lemonade scrub, so although I have used it on my face, I primarily use it as a body scrub. I like how it has the crushed cocoa beans and the walnut powder, so you have some scrubbing action even when the sugar has dissolved. The smell is great – not overly strong but definitely noticeable, and not sickly sweet but not at all bitter. Just a really pleasant chocolate smell! And you can’t beat the ingredients – it scores a 2 out of 10 in the Cosmetics Safety Database, with 0 being the most nontoxic. It’s not super moisturizing, but it’s not at all drying, and it does leave your skin smooth. The warming effect is quite brief, but fun. Swanson is the best place to get these, though.

Lorena Jemison, AL

how could chocolate go wrong

this scrub smells amazing, just what I was hoping for. I got the pack of 2. I wish I got one chocolate and one coconut lime, the latter sounds promising too.

Jerry Buffalo, TX


YUMMY scent, REAL CHOCOLATE SMELL, great sugared scrub. Extremely happy (and I am picky). I took this scrub with me to the gym and opened it. It has a TRUE Chocolate scent and is an excellent scrub. Happy!

Abby Joffre, PA

Love it.

I love the smell, I love the size of the scrub, I love the packaging. There is nothing I don’t love about this product. It is my only body scrub. I use it about once a week. Highly recommended. I prefer this to Philosophy’s sugary food smelling scrubs.

Jeanne Brigham City, UT

smells awesome!!!!!

I love that it smells so goooood!!! I also liked how it came in a pack of two!!! I read on other reviews that it gives off a burn feeling but it didn’t 🙁 but oh wells I love it. It leaves my skin super soft and refreshed! I love organic products!!!

Cathy Ola, ID


What an amazingly delicious chocolate fragrance!! The consistency of this product is just right, and is not as oily as some scrubs, but some improvements to refine that a bit would be helpful. The fragrance is not heavy and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Did I mention how much I liked the chocolate-y fragrance!?

Ronda Wycombe, PA