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Giovanni Invigorating Shampoo, Tea Tree Triple Treat, 8.5-Ounce Bottles

Enriched with certified organic botanicals. No animal by-products. Cruelty free. Increases scalp circulation for a refreshed, renewed feeling. Removes all traces of dirt, oils, and build up. Alleviates dry, flaking scalp with organic peppermint botanicals. Contains no laurel/laureth sulfates. Shampoo should clean your hair. Really good shampoo should make you tingle from had to toe. With Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo, invigorating ingredients wash in rejuvenation while washing away the previous day. You’re left with something rich, something clean. Something incredibly stimulating for hair and mind. Think about it. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

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  • Removes all traces of dirt, oils and build-up
  • Alleviates dry, flaking scalp with organic Peppermint botanicals
  • Contains no laurel/laureth sulfates

Honest reviews


So far so good

I bought the big bottle (33.5 oz) from Marshalls (great value) and I really like it so far. It has a fresh light scent and doesn’t tingle too much. I have 4B textured hair and use a lot of oils and product during the week and this really gets it clean to start fresh each week. I also use it on my daughter’s hair which is really thick and curly and it works well. I do notice that it is more of a clarifying shampoo and not moisturizing so it does feel really dry after I wash however I follow up with their 50/50 conditioner or smooth as silk and my hair is back to feeling soft and silky.

Irene Buena Vista, NM

Good for severe dandruff!

I’ve had a scalp plagued by severe dandruff since I was a kid. I’ve used almost everything – big name brands (H&S;, Garnier, Selsun Blue), generic brands, salicylic acid, lotion, exfoliation, pyrithione zinc, selenium sulfide, nearly everything. I was using Selsun Blue’s medicated for severe dandruff when I became really bothered by all the chemicals. I’m not a greenie by any means, but I couldn’t stand the chemical smell. Plus, the day after shower day I’d always get a few dry patches here and there.Anyway, I decided to get this on a whim. Just saw it on Wal-Mart’s shelf and noticed the tea tree oil ingredient(which I had already heard good things about but never wanted to try because of the smell). I was pessimistic, but sold. Good choice. All the ingredients that I read were…98% natural – If I remember correctly there was one ingredient that was not natural. Anyway it smelled SO GOOD! Like peppermint! Wow! I rubbed the (REALLY foamy) liquid into my scalp and massaged. It rinses away and feels clean. Even more amazing? BETTER results than Selsun. Maybe it just worked for me but DANG! It is for sure worth a try. I recently got and now use the hair reconstructor as a conditioner. Nice hair. Naturally.I am annoyed by the fact that the product is a little pricey, the smell doesn’t really stay, and that it foams up SO much (tons of dense bubbles), but for the results it really isn’t a big deal. I’m getting my third bottle in two days.

Kaitlin Eleva, WI

Best shampoo

I’ve been using Giovanni’s Tea Tree shampoo for nearly 4 years and I love it. I have very sensitive skin and this is the only product I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my scalp or cost a small fortune.

Zelma Mustoe, VA

Best shampoo ever

I have bought other shampoos with tea tree oil and mint, but this is the best. Great for oily to normal hair, and a good natural shampoo for the relief of dandruff or seborrhea. Triple treat will make your scalp tingle and the smell of mint will awaken your senses!

Julianne Hoschton, GA

Much better than the Trader Joe’s alternative

I’ve been using the Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo for a few years since I had heard that it was the same formulation as the Giovanni one. When I finished up my last bottle of the TJ’s brand, I decided to get the Giovanni one — and there is a world of difference!The TJ’s brand always left my hair feeling stripped and dry after using it, but this Giovanni one is much more moisturizing. My sensitive scalp never feels irritated, and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or stripped.On days when I use this, I also use the matching Giovanni conditioner.This is also Curly-Girl-friendly for those who don’t use sulfates or silicones on their hair.Another reviewer mentioned that this ended up damaging her hair and her boyfriend’s hair, so I’m worried about long-term use. Because of that, I’ve only been using this for one wash per week, but, so far, it seems to be working really well! The other days, I use ABBA COLOR PROTECTION SHAMPOO 33.8 OZ (FORMERLY PURE COLOR PROTECT) UNISEX, which I love.

Briana Pickens, OK

ok, but definitely not perfect. I would give it a 3.5 if I could.

This shampoo is a little more drying than other Giovanni shampoos. This shampoo leaves the hair feeling tangled even after conditioner is used. i prefer 50:50 shampoo.

Julianne Preston, IA

great for an oily scalp

I bought this and the conditioner. Combined it saved me almost 50% if I would have purchased the bottles at the store. Cleanses the hair and helps with oil control without drying out the hair or scalp.

Polly Chatham, VA

Definitely Invigorating!!!

I love Giovanni TTTT Shampoo. It is very easy to apply to scalp and lengths, smells wonderfully, and leaves hair feeling well cleansed. It does invigorate the scalp and tingle a bit, which I love. It definitely does what it claims to and uses organic ingredients to boot!

Isabelle Paradise Valley, NV