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Giovanni Hair Care – Direct Leave-In Conditioner, 8.5 fl oz liquid

(Product received may temporarily differ from image shown due to packaging update. Product details will be revised, shortly)

Key features

  • Does Not Contain: Animal products and cruelty free
  • Imparts shine, body & compatibility
  • Excellent for swimmers & sunbathers
  • Prevents and repairs split ends
  • Not tested on animals

Honest reviews



I’m a black women who enjoys my hair natural. I heard a lot of hype about this product on youtube and several other blogs that were actually pretty referable. So I gave it a shot. At first it seemed to be making my hair soft, but the next morning, my hair was hard as a rock! I could bearly pull it back in a puff. I had to suffer through work all day until I was finally about to come home and scrape that crap out of my hair.

Fannie Bancroft, WV

Great Leave In For 4 Hair!

I had ordered a different leave in for $18.00. It was watery out of the bottle. The minute I opened the Giovanni, I could tell it was different. I put it on my natural hair and couldn’t believe it. It kept my hair moisturized. I kept feeling it through the day and sure it enough, it was still soft. I slept with it and the next day yep, still soft and moisturized. Before ordering this leave in, my hair was super dry and products would only last for a couple of hours. I put it in a spray bottle with glycerin, olive oil, and water. I found my staple!

Merle Swain, NY

Five Star Product

LOOOOVE this product! My favourite leave in conditioner EVER! I have tried many leave in conditioner but this is the one that I fell in love with. I am a kinki multitextured gal with 4a – 4c hair! The product is thick and my hair loves it! My styles come out better when I use this!

Lynnette Lena, WI

dont like it.

This product made my hair very dry, did not add any moisture to my hair. I will not be using it again.

Staci Delmont, NJ

Love it

I am hispanic with long 2c/3a hair. The minute I put this product in my hair, It felt so soft and manageable. The ultimate test was when I had tried a new shampoo and conditioner that left my hair very dry. I put this on after and the dryness was gone. It is very light weight and didn’t leave a residue on my hair. the smell is subtle and i didn’t smell it on my hair once it was in. I can’t wait to try Giovanni’s other products. I am very impressed with this product so far!

Tammie Newtown, PA

a nice leave-in conditioner

I’ve gone natural.I have 4c hair. This seems to work pretty well in my hair. I haven’t tried any other leave in conditioner at this point since this one seems to be working.

Simone Medina, OH

It’s okay, but…

While this product may work well for some, it did not exactly work well for me. It definitely did help keep more moisture in my hair, but that lasted for only a short time – my hair just didn’t respond well to this. The scent was absolutely awful, too, which made it all to easy for me to decide to give this away. It works all right as a leave-in conditioner, but I think that the scent could definitely be improved upon, because it’s very strong and absolutely disgusting.

Valeria Independence, KY


I have read many blogs on which people rave about this product, especially for curly hair. I couldn’t wait to get to Whole Foods to buy the Direct Leave-In along with Smooth as Silk shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, I am quite underwhelmed. I find the Direct Leave-In to be too light for my hair. It also took a while to absorb, so it sat on my hair until my hair dried. Not cool. No one likes to walk around looking like they didn’t properly rub the product into their hair. This could be because I used more leave-in than I normally use since this product is not as thick as my usual leave-in. I hope other reviewers have a better experience, but I will not purchase this product again.

Lupe Buena, NJ

love this conditioner brought me to buy this and so glad I did.. I was watching a video and someone suggested this product…use it all the time! Thank you!

Muriel Means, KY

Great product!

Amazing leave in conditioner. I already tried Giovanni products before so I knew this wouldn’t let me down. I have long thick afro-american type hair lol So yes, this can work on our hair too lol

Hollie Cactus, TX

Love it

I use this every time i wash a co wash an it works great, not sticky doesn’t make my hair feel heavy, leaves it very light, smells nice, i recommend to anyone who is natural an needs a too leave-in for dry hair.

Jolene Industry, TX

Great for lazy days!

I have 4B/4C hair and sometimes I feel I have to do way too much for wash and gos. This product is great as defining curls and leaves your hair feeling soft all day. After cowashing my hair, put some of this on and call it a day! Makes my hair look fabulous. I will purchase the three pack next time!

Simone Milford, KS

Great, Great, Great!!

Product arrived on time and works great! My only complaint would be that i wish the bottle was bigger, but a little does go a long way. You don’t really need much of this conditioner in your hair. Also the smell is great 🙂

Ola Carol Stream, IL

Not bad

It does moisturize your hair well. Maybe a little heavy, but I could be using too much. I’ll play around with the amount, but if you want moisture this product does the job. Also, it make your hair really soft.

Alissa Ada, OK

Great leave in

This is a nice lightweight leave in that products excellent conditioning to hair. I accidentially purchased 2 bottles and I am glad for my error. This product does not weigh hair down.I was very happy with delivery. Product came fast and was sealed in plastic for safety.

Kim Scott, OH

One of my favorites until…

i started making the Kimmaytube conditioner which wins every time. I have gone back to trusty giovanni direct but you know what? It is not as shiny and soft as with Kimmaytube’s recipe on my 4a/b hair . However if you are a newly natural, this is a trusty cannot go wrong product that is inexpensive and gives excellent results. It can also be found at any local health food store.

Iva North Aurora, IL

Great for the no-‘poo crowd

Like many others with very curly hair, I’ve sworn off shampoo, using this in its place and again as a conditioner. It does nice thing for my hair and is quite inexpensive. I find the fragrance pleasant and not overbearing and like the flip top container as well

Angelita Myrtle Beach, SC

great for 4a, 4b hair

This product is very moisturizing without being heavy or greasy. It has a light fresh scent. I use it under eco styler gel to combat dryness. It is a great end protectant.

Mercedes Jersey Mills, PA

I use for hair detangling only

I purchased from WholeFoods.This leave-in is great as a hair detangler but not as a leave-in moisturizer. Your hair must be clean of any products because it clumps on your hair(think snowflake like substance); however, it is very moisturizing. I’ve used it on dry hair and damp/wet hair and it leaves a white and clumpy bits on your hair.I give it 3 stars because it is moisturizing and detangles hair really well.Hair Type-3c/4a/4b

Misty Pattonsburg, MO

I love it

I dident know this product at all.I was introduced to it while reading a customer’s review for another product, and fortunately gave it a try. It is the same exact thing I was looking for .It defines my curles perfectly, no frizz at all and very good volume without heaviness or clumping.The sine is good too.There is nothing left that I expect from a hair product.All done!Thank you Giovanni.Thank you Amazon.

Shana Mccammon, ID

My favorite product

Very light weight and leaves my curls fluffy and soft. I use it right after a wash for flat twist outs and Bantu knot outs.

Katina Burdine, KY

First Time, Hair Feels Great

I tried this product for the first time and my hair which is normally coarse and dry felt amazing! It was soft and easy to come. I have only tried it once, I can’t wait to see how it works in the long term.

Vivian Malin, OR

Gives me a polished look

I like this leave-in a lot—it tames freeze and thickens the hair. It does not weigh the hair down much at all. Does not seem to build up on my hair. It appears to enhance my naturally curly hair

Elena Wheaton, IL


Love it, makes my kinky hair manageable, bought a bigger one after i finished this one. Try it, you will love it

Lindsay Brimhall, NM

Absolutely great buy!!!

I bought this item due to the million reviews I Read on and the reviews in other places. I can say this product has provided me with soft, fluffy, and moisturized hair for 2-3 days!!!I have 4A natural hair and this product is the BUSINESS!! Won’t go wrong using it, just need larger quantities.

Lena Sarita, TX

Not great

I bought this on the advice of a friend who heard great things about it. I also saw the reviews and that it was wirth a try.The bottle is cumbersome and a little difficult to get product out as it goes down. The smell (which was the worse aspect for me) is really terrible. If it was just neutral it would be okay but it has this strange unpleasantness to it that had I known I would have left it. The smell does not grow on you it just got a bit worse for me actually. I use it as a leave in after washing and it has not really hardened my hair as mentioned in another comment but it has not reall done much in the way of moistre either. I have been trying a few different products to find one that works for me and had I not spent so much on it (I did not buy on amazon) I would have given it away. But I won’t let good money go to waste.That said, everyone’s hair is different and so what does not work for me, may do wonders for you. But I hate when I see all good reviews for a product and try it and it works terrible for me, I wonder didn’t one other person feel like this? Why didn’t they leave a review. So my little review is just to make you tread with caution, and I hope it helps.

Germaine Mount Carmel, UT

Where have you been all my life??!!

I am natural 4c hair, this stuff makes my hair sooo manageable its unbelievable!!! I love that you don’t need a lot at all, so go easy ladies! I highly suggest purchasing…

Cynthia Loranger, LA

nice ingredients but no slip

This does not help me detangle. It moisturizes okay I guess, it may need to be watered down because it’s thick. It actually makes my stands stick together and become limp. It smells okay, not sweet or flowery or anything you like your hair to smell like. I wouldn’t buy again but I gave it three stars bc of the price kuz it’s way more in stores. Maybe I am using it wrong…..

Alissa Savanna, OK


I buy this on amazon when I can’t find it in the store. I love that it’s more natural than other conditioners, it provides great slip for detangling and a nice hit of protein for your hair. The bottle lasts me a while too.

Melba Koosharem, UT

There are better leave in conditioners out there

I don’t care for this product much due to the white residue it left in my hair. I’ve discontinued using this product. Besides as a natural hair girl, I was searching for a product that was all natural or mostly natural and this product does not fit that bill.

Johnnie Centerville, PA