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Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, Weightless moisture conditioner 8.5 fl oz Bottle

Enriched with certified organic botanicals. No animal by-products. Cruelty free. Restores strength, lustre and nourishment to abused hair. Moisturizes and builds body. Detangles for easy comb-out styling. To create condition and style, you need to go direct to the source. Direct Leave-In Conditioner goes directly into each hair to provide both. This Leave-In treatment repairs hair as you go through the day. It also has the added benefit of plumping up each repaired hair so that it feels thicker. More bodified. This conditioner infuses each individual hair with protein. Pumps it up. Goes directly to style. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • A weightless, stay-in hair conditioner
  • Imparts shine, body & compatibility
  • Excellent for swimmers & sunbathers
  • Prevents and repairs split ends
  • Not tested on animals

Honest reviews



this leave in is great. i was hesitant to try it because i’d tried the giovanni shampoo and it made my hair dry and hard. but this conditioner leaves my hair soft fluffy and doesnt weigh it down at all. i will buy more maybe the 3 pak next time.UPDATE:i bought the 3 pak and did not know they changed the formula. the new formula makes my hair hard and brittle i had to dilute it with water but it still was heavy and left residue. the old formula had leaves on the bottle and did amazing on my hair.this new formula has dots on the bottle and is a disaster.

Merle Fayetteville, WV

Not a fan

I am black with 3c type hair.this leave in is not for me, leaves a stinky/dry feeling in my hairit also has alcohol as a main ingredient

Sophie Saint Georges, DE


I have read so many different reviews about how awesome this leave-in is but I was not that impressed. I mean sure it’s nice but my hair just didn’t absorb it as much as I expected! It is a good product but I guess you have to know what YOUR hair type needs!!

Adele Williamson, NY

Has become a necessity for me

I HATED this product when I first used it. But, once I discovered the right amount to use for my particular hair and when the best time to apply it was, I got the results I was looking for. I have super fine/thin wavy blonde hair that frizzes easily in humid weather and has thin ends. First, I discovered I need to shake the bottle pretty well before I use it. I use a TINY amount (this stuff is very thick like lotion) for my type of hair and really emulsify it in my hands before applying on towel dried hair right out of the shower (I find for my hair type, it’s best to put products in hair that’s still pretty wet as opposed to waiting until it’s had some time to dry). I put this on the last few inches of my hair and comb thru. It helps detangle and thicken the ends so that they don’t look so thin and have some good texture that’s not stiff. You can get this at Target and many online health stores for a good price as well as here on Amazon. I recommend it if you have hair like mine. Just have to find out what amount and technique works best for your hair.

Rebecca Duncan Falls, OH

This is a winner, great product for natural texture hair

4B or 4C hair, smooths great, also enhances your natural curl definition. Love it. Purchased one bottle. After using a couple of times, purchased 2 more to have on hand. Saw it recommended on YouTube in a natural hair video on tips for natural hair

Kristen Murdock, KS


I LOVE this leave in for my dry hair because it adds tons of moisture throughout the day. Not to mention one bottle lasts me nearly a month! I would definitely recommend this purchase. I like either put it directly on my damp hair or put some in my spray bottle mixed with water and aloe Vera gel.

Lara Culebra, PR

Always works

I’ve been using this for at least 2 years now. I always keep this product around, this is a staple on my daughters hair. Sometimes I switch up on my hair and use the kinky curly knot today. However this is much cheaper, and a little goes a long way.It makes your hair soft.Makes it easy to detangle.Can also be used to do roller sets.Won’t leave any build up once used correctly.

Lily Hurricane, UT

Great product for natural hair

I recently just bought and started using this product. Before purchasing it i had heard great reviews on it on amazon and Youtube for natural hair, so i decided to give it a try. I have the lightwieght version of it though. The first time i put this product in my hair i was like WOW!. My hair just felt amazing. Its creamy and has a nice consistantcy. Doesn’t really have a smell to it. I get mine from Puritans Pride because they have free shipping on her products most of the time. I got mine for $5 8floz off of the site. I have to becareful in how much i put in my hair because a little bit does go a long way. I will suggest that you finger comb this product through your hair to get better results.

Eugenia Woodson, IL

Great Conditioner, Great Value

I am editing this review after further use (I think its been about 4 weeks now). I have found that in extremely humid and hot whether this is not enough. At first I thought I could use this without any styling product but when its very hot, I definitely need gel for my curls. Still a great product but I definitely have to mix it with additional conditioners and I also think its better when your hair is damp. I think for me it will be better as a detangler after washing. My prior review is below.I have only used this product for a week but let me tell you I love this product. It can be used daily and it washes out easily. I typically don’t review hair products until I have used it for some time because in the past I have found out later that the product wasn’t as great as I thought but this one is so amazing. There was instant gratification after using this product. My hair feels smooth and looks so rich. I also used this on my daughter’s thick long hair and saw the same results. I did mix this product with coconut oil and apricot oil but I can tell that the product itself is great because I don’t get the same results when mixing these oils with other high end products. Some reviews I read commented on the 8.5fl oz not being enough for the cost but I buy a lot of high end product and this is in my opinion a great value. I initially used way too much because the product flowed out of the bottle so easily which made me think it was going to be too watery but a little of this product goes a long way so now I try to be careful when I squeeze the bottle not to get too much. I typically wet my hair daily and so I have used this product daily for a week and I still have half a bottle. I think this could easily last 2-3 weeks for someone who likes to daily condition their hair and longer for those who don’t wet their hair as much. For those of you who are interested in hair types, I have tight curly hair that is textured but not very thick and shoulder length and I dye it a lot (currently i have 3 colors one being blonde) and my daughter has extremely thick long curly textured hair. I think this product however could be used on any hair type or texture because its so light.

Leola Knobel, AR

Love Love Love this Leave in Conditioner!!

This is another staple leave in conditioner of mines. My hair feels so soft and moisturized after applying on freshly cleaned hair, even after its air dried.This is a great leave in conditioner I also dont have any tangles when I use this leave in conditioner.

Marsha Gretna, VA


It’s light and gives the right amount of weight to my hair. It is a great leave in conditioner for my natural hair.

Deanne De Young, PA

Nice fregrance

This conditional smells nice and blended well with my shea butter mixture. Will be buying more. I just think it is costly!

Polly Franklinville, NJ

Love Love Love!

I love this conditioner so much!!!! Unlike the stupid tea tree version, this conditioner is ALL NATURAL and smells amazing. Will buy the triple pack next time. Love Love Love!

Cara Sarasota, FL

It’s Okay.

Seems to work. it’s very foamy, like shampoo but it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave any residue so I’m content with it. My hair might not like it. I have wavy, biracial hair (African American & Chinese) so it takes a lot for my hair to enjoy a product.

Sadie Delaware, OH

Satisfied customer

My daughters and I are transiting from a perm to natural and this product leaves our hair soft, easy to comb, moisturized and beautiful.

Lori Moran, TX

Like a Dream

All I can say is this conditioner is AMAZING in my 4b-c hair. this is the 1st and only conditioner I have ordered (and I am a PJ) that works wonders for moisturizing and defining my twists when mixed with aloe gel and essential oils. NO frizz and the style lasts 4-5 days too. IM IN LOVE!

Janine Laketon, IN

works great

just like several ladies in my book club suggested this leave-in works great. it leaves my hair feels soft not all dried out after cowashing and air drying.

Lashonda Ratcliff, TX

Didn’t do anything

It did absolutely nothing! I tried it as a leave in conditioner- adding it to a few drops of oil sometimes… If anything the oil helps tame some frizz.. This actually make my hair feel like the ends of a broomstick. And I tried everything- a little, a lot, with oil, with no oil- no results!

Darla San Mateo, CA

Natural hair 4C not for me, great for my daughters looser curls

I am African American with about 4C hair, and my hair is not permed and this product is cool but not for me. My 15 month old has very soft hair and not 4C (not sure which though loose curls but not super duper loose; she is not mixed) and when I put this on her hair it moisturizes it and brings out all of her curls. I originally bought this product for her so if I wouldn’t have used it, it would have been five stars but after I took out my sew in that had been up for about six months my hair was a mess and after my husband deep conditioned it and washed it I used this product as a leave in and it just doesn’t moisturize my hair. I have also tried this product dry a couple of days ago and maybe I put too much on but it left my hair white and then the next day it was a snow storm whenever I scratched my hair. I have to wash and deep condition again because of this stuff. It says not greasy but it is not weightless to me and very greasy even in my daughter’s hair. I will not be using this product again. But a girl on youtube with similar type hair as me, kind of, swears by this and it works awesome for her but she does use other products and from what I have seen, has used it on damp hair. So it may work for you, I hope it does.

Bethany Allendale, MO

Good addition

This is a good product as far as leave in conditioners go. It’s not oily or heavy so it makes a good starting point for adding other products on top. I have natural (african american) hair and sometimes use this as my leave in for my twist outs and rod curls so I do add a couple of other products on top with no issues.The one of two negatives I think is that it doesn’t come in a spray bottle. The flip top is aggravating to use generally but at least the product comes out with ease (it’s not overly thick). I tried to add it to a spray bottle and it’s too thick for the thin pump and adding a little bit of water didn’t work either as it just separated again after it was shook (which tells me it’s not completely water soluble so it doesn’t absorb completely into the hair shaft) The other negative is the sheer amount of chemicals in the product. (the culprit of the separation in water) While it works for it’s intended purpose, I wish it were more all natural.I have sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate me too much more than any new product I use does. The smell was pleasant also. I will keep a bottle around because I do like it but I will keep searching for a more all natural leave in conditioner.

Kristine Stockton, MD