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Giovanni Conditioner, Smooth as Silk for Damaged Hair, 8.5 fl oz Bottle

Enriched with certified organic botanicals. No animal by-products. Cruelty free. Smooth as silk conditioner: Creates silky-smooth texture. Protects hair and controls split ends. Adds volume, shine and an incredible feel. Silk. It has the most incredible feel, the most incredible texture. it makes you feel sexy. Desirable. Smooth as Silk Conditioner makes your hair feel so smooth, so silky, so amazingly detangled. It works only where needed to create a silky-smooth palette that’s repaired, renewed and ready for your own unique kind of style. Smooth as Silk provides smooth moves indeed. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • Our very popular detangling conditioner
  • Will not weigh hair down
  • Finishing herbal mineral conditioning rinse
  • A self-regulating conditioning rinse
  • The perfect daily conditioner

Honest reviews


This was okay for me!

I have 4b hair and heard a lot of good things about this product. Therefore, I purchased it and could not wait for my wash day. This product was okay, I did not think it detangled my hair that well or gave it that much moisture as promised. I will continue to use it and hopefully my opinion will change. But for now, I don’t think I will buy it again.

Jewell Wakeman, OH

I am allergic

Everytime I put this conditioner on my hair it makes my scalp burn. Letting my daughter use it, she does not have the same results. So the search continues.

Leona London, WV

Poor quallity conditioner

Why did I buy this, I don’t know. I was feeling lazy going to the grocery I guess. Not worth it.

Carlene Broadview Heights, OH

Wonderful for kinky curly hair

As with most naturals, I go through a whole lotta conditioner. Some don’t have the best slip, so I use those for my co-washes. Some have incredible slip and are great at moisturizing so I keep those for regular conditioning after shampoos. This is what I use for REAL moisturizing and detangling. It smells great and provides the slip I need to get my comb through this forest of curls with remarkable ease. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and it works even better. Though kinky curly hair does usually require more conditioner than straight hair (my curls laugh at the “dime size” amount recommended on most bottles), I have found that this product works so well, that I can use half the amount I use with other conditioners. I start by dividing my wet freshly washed hair into 4 sections and smoothing the conditioner on each one, combing through with a wide toothed comb, and then doing a quick twist when I’m done with each one. I then rinse my hair with the twists still in. When that’s done, I can untwist each section and either add my favorite oil, gel or moisturizing product to each section and retwist, then spin them on either side of my head. The next day when my hair is dry, I’m rewarded with lovely, soft stretched out curls. This and Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner are my top picks for best conditioner for thirsty curls. Love this stuff and highly recommend it.

Tisha Sobieski, WI

Love it for 50+ gray hair..

I’m in my upper 50’s with thick, curly hair… Over a year ago, I developed an allergy to hair dyes as well as the ingredients in most store bought shampoos and conditioners..My scalp became very itchy from store bought products, which was driving me crazy.. I’ve gone natural since then, using only natural hair and skin products.. I no longer dye my hair, and as most woman with natural gray hair know, our hair just seems dryer and less silky at this age.. I’ve tried a lot of natural products, but have found this conditioner to be the best for my hair..My hair is now short, but up to a couple of weeks ago, it was shoulder length.. I did not find that I used this extremely fast as other reviewers noted.. I actually use less of this than I used to use of the store bought conditioners, and believe me, my hair needs conditioning..It leaves my hair silky so I can comb it very easily after shampoos, and it still feels soft when dry.. I can’t smell it on my hair, but my husband comments a lot that my hair smells really good… I do use a little dab of a natural frizz ease product to control frizzing, but on days I decide not to use it, my hair still stays pretty much frizz free… I actually use the frizz ease because my hair is so thick, when it’s really humid out, my hair seems to swell and I feel like i’m wearing a football helmet on my head. lol…It has a very light scent, very pleasant… I have also used the Smooth as Silk Shampoo, which I also really like, but I’ve found that Dr Bronners natural soaps actually works the best for me (makes my hair feel amazingly clean), but I still like this conditioner the best…One reviewer noted that the style of the bottle prevents the last bit of conditioner to be used.. That’s very true, but I’ve found if you kind of wiggle and maneuver the cap off, you can add a little water, shake it up and use every last drop..It seems like most of the reviews left are for black womans hair.. I’m white, and I think it’s perfect for my 50 plus hair…

Marcia Mohawk, TN

Works great

Upon first receiving the product I noticed that the actual bottle is quite slim though the same height as other conditioner bottles on the market. The problem is that I would probably get at best 3 washes out of this conditioner since I have coarse, very coily somewhat thick hair. If you must hair type it, class 4 for african american hair. It seems to work better on hair that has an actual shampoo, if you do the no poo method or even cowash you may not feel the replenishing benefits this offers and it may not feel heavy enough for those used to that feel. It smells very nice, herbal like and has a very nice smooth feel, it really does make your hair *depending on your shampoo* feel like liquid silk, very smooth. It was very easy to detangle my hair even before I sat under the dryer for 15 minutes, afterward my hair felt heavy with moisture and its lovely light scent. Washing it out never left my hair feeling like it needed more. If it was readily available in Japan on base i’d buy it way more. I just can’t see myself buying this small bottle once a month and waiting 2 weeks for it since I currently wash my hair weekly. There is a larger size available from someone on amazon but I can’t spend that large amount on conditioner, so its my loss. It is very good though and its ph is about 7 if i’m not mistaken. Try it once you’ll love it!

Ruby Mosby, MT

Awesome for Co-wash for 3B Curls

Okay, so maybe I didn’t give this product justice in my first review. I tried to use it as a deep conditioner after coloring my hair and it just didn’t work for me. My hair was going through some changes and too much product use I guess.Now it does work as a co-wash. It leaves my hair very silky and ready for the amazing giovanni direct leave-in. I am now a convert and am glad someone got it right after many years of searching for curly hair Holy Grail products.I have bouncy naturally soft 3B curls with no crunch or frizz for the first time in 30 years. Bye bye mixed chicks leave in and hello Giovanni Direct leave in!

Nora Preston, MS

My Very Favorite Conditioner for CO Cleansing

I live in a super dry climate and am a “Conditioner Only Cleaning” enthusiast (which means I don’t use shampoo on my hair and only use conditioner to clean). I think this conditioner is the BEST on the market for this purpose! It has no gluten, so it is healthy and safe for the use of celiac sufferers, and it doesn’t have silicone to build up on your hair. The ingredients are high quality, and it leaves hair clean, moisturized, shiny and soft.The formula is thick and luxurious, super moisturizing (even though Giovanni has deeper conditioners). My hair is thin, and this formula makes the most of what I have. It smells nice, but not overpowering. When I run out, I use other conditioners, and I can tell the difference in my hair – both in condition and volume.It is more expensive than Suave, but not as expensive as WEN or Hair One – and it is every bit as effective as WEN without the astronomical price and without the gluten. I have to use a LOT of it to clean my hair, but when you consider that I don’t have to buy shampoo, it kind of evens out. Zero shampoo and twice the conditioner. Not too bad, really.The only thing I don’t like about it is the bottle is poorly designed. I can never get all the conditioner out of the bottle, even when I store it upside down. The last bit always gets thrown away. I have this same complaint about all the Giovanni products – packaging that is artistic and not practical. The lids break easily when dropped, the bottles are not stable and they are difficult to hold when wet. Even so, I wouldn’t use anything else.I like to buy this by the case because it is cheaper that way. I have never found anything better for the price. AND – for the majority of people who use shampoo along with their conditioner, you cannot do any better than Giovanni.

Krista Dickens, NE

Satisfied Customers

My teenage daughters and I are transiting from a perm to natural and we love to mix this product with coconut oil and aloe Vera for a every other day cream and a weekend deep conditioner.

Cecile Tussy, OK

They named this conditioner right

This conditioner smooth my hair without removing my coils, waves and curls. Keeps my hair bouncy. I mostly use this as a co-wash on my natural 4a hair.

Lottie Jacobsburg, OH

love it

I love this conditioner , I have been using it for months now . it has transformed my hair ! it really does the things it says it does !

Coleen Tennille, GA

I love it

I sue this as my deep conditioner and nothing has beat it yet. I even use the leave in now because of how well this works. I’m so happy. Natural Diva Out!!

Diann Davis, CA

LOVE it….

This is a very nice conditioner without a lot of "unnatural" ingredients. It smooths color treated, mature hair and makes it feel like it did when I was 20 years younger! Oh, a not much fragrance, which is a huge plus.

Sabrina Smithville, GA

I wasn’t sure if I would be disappointed by this conditioner because of all the hype

Worth the Hype!I wasn’t sure if I would be disappointed by this conditioner because of all the hype, but I was pleasantly surprised once I tried it.One thing I noticed instantly was that my hair felt softer as soon as I applied it to my wet hair; it went through my hair so easily, and immediately untangled it. Normally I don’t notice the effects until after my hair has dried. Once my hair dried it was easier to brush through and shinier. I also liked the scent.I would definitely suggest giving it a try.

Angelica Malcom, IA