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Gimme Clips Boutique Flower Hair Clips, Winter Blooms, 12 Flowers

Decorate your life with Gimme Clips Unique boutique-style hair clips.

Key features

  • Decorate your life with Gimme Clips
  • Unique boutique-style hair clips

Honest reviews


Very beautiful, looks even more beautiful in hair.

I received these and my daughter was delighted to get them. I did however receive them with one of them already broken but since we’ve had them for almost a month none of the other have broken at all so it may just have been a one time thing with that one. My daughter has worn them all and much prefer the smaller ones because they look a bit more authentic. They are a little stiff but otherwise does what it suppose to do. Keep the hair together. They weren’t made to keep chunks of hair together like a barrette but more of keeping the sides of your hair in place or just for an extra splash of color in your hair. I totally recommend these although they are a bit on the pricey side.

Sarah Netcong, NJ

these are adorable and versatile, fit in a variety of hair types

These little flower clips are so pretty and fun. They fit in my nieces super thick hair, my sister=in=laws short hair, my fine hair, and even the dog. We had so much fun with these clips, dressing up braids, pinning up both sides of our hair, accent pieces.We had fun playing dress up, but these would be cute for dance recitals, party favors at birthday parties, costumes, and every day wear. They really stay put nicely in your hair, we even wore them out sledding.Only complaint, the clip part was awfully sharp and my sister in law did jab her head pretty good, so be cautious putting them in. My only other thought is that if the petals become bent I’m not sure how I can straighten them out, maybe steam. These are clips not closed barretts, and the top part of the clip is nicely wrapped in ribbon, on the big flowers you can’t see the clip, the smaller flowers you can see the ribbon.

Raquel Prairie Grove, AR

Pretty and good quality

I like the clips on these flowers because they are easy to put in any type of hair; the flowers are pretty and a good variety of sizes and styles.

Mercedes Leroy, PA

Fun hair clips

These hair clips are a great addition to any girls collection. They come with many colors and sizes. My daughters love them! There are several different sizes and three colors. The smaller clips are 2 to a package. These clips will work for a span of ages which is helpful in a house full of girls. I would recommend these clips since you receive so many for the price. As with other reviews, the springs aren’t that tight. They work best with hair held back in a ponytail or other clip.

Dessie Hazel Green, AL

So adorable…

These flower clips are the best… My 5 year old daughter was delighted to see the array of flower clips that arrived at our door one day. They are made well and the flowers don’t appear to be too fake… although they are, they seem to be of better quality than most silk flowers.The clips are tight and hold well in her hair. We highly recommend these clips – not sure how you’ll decide which ones to get… way say…. GET THEM ALL!

Amy Marquand, MO

Good value for your money – beautiful, durable clips

I was highly skeptical of these clips due to the price. However, after giving some thought to what I spend at the drugstore for similar products (at three to four dollars each) and the quality of these clips, I think they are actually very reasonable.These clips come in a variety of sizes from about one to four inches in diameter. Each clip comes on a card with a cutesy name – there are 3 pairs of clips in this set – the rest are unmatched. The 3 largest are BIG. I was very disappointed with these until my 4 y.o. screamed in delight – pulled one off the product card, and stuck it over her ear Hawaiian style with a headband. She’s been wearing the 3 largest almost every day since receiving them. Another day we pulled her hair in a ponytail and clustered the smaller of the flowers at the base; the effect was very beautiful.The clips themselves are metal alligator clips and covered on the outside with a ribbon. We had no problem with slippage in my daughter’s straight hair, and she can work the clips herself. The flowers are not realistic (obviously) and most have a rhinestone in the center, which is really a nice touch. Due to the color of these and design, I would think they would be appropriate for girls 11 and under.I am thinking of buying a second set and adding them to dress up girls’ birthday presents. They really are pretty.

Stefanie Norman, IN

Cute but not functional, great for dress-up or party favors

These hair clips come on a display rack, each on an individual card, which would make them easy to give out as party favors or gifts. It’s worth noting that the two small clips on each card are counted as part of the 15 total. So, if you are planning these for gifts or a party, you get 12 clip cards with a total of 15 clips.The flower petals are very colorful, but they also seem to be delicate. If they get bent or folded (e.g., from packing in a suitcase), you can’t get them to sit right again. The center of each flower is a jeweled or cloth-covered button. The clips themselves are alligator clips in various sizes. The larger the clip, the more functional it is. But, overall, these should be considered decorative rather than functional.One fun thing about these clips is that each of the clip designs is named. In the package, you get Raspberry Frappe (pink medium size), Ice Queen (white medium size), Strawberry Milkshake (pink varigated medium size), Mint Julep (white, pink, and green medium size), Grape Frosty (white and purple medium size), Fairy Blossoms (white small or pink small), Cherry Truffle (pink and brown small), and Bella Blossoms (white, pink, or purple large). For small clips, you get two on the card. This is also a “Winter Blooms” assortment. Gimme Clips also makes 2 other assortments, with a smaller set of flowers. It looks like they are all the same material and pattern, but with different colors.Of the group, I like the small “Petite Petals” clips the best. The small size made them a really cute addition to a hairdo. The larger ones might be great for a 50s-ish look. Or, generally, they could be used for kids’ dress-up. I’d be happier with these if the clips were more functional, but I still really like them as decorative hairdo additions.

Rosanne Carlton, WA

A must for the flower child or adult!

I got these for my daughter. There is a variety of sizes and the colors pink, purple and white. What I love about these clips is that they work in my daughter’s fine hair, but they also hold back my own hair. Overall I’m very satisfied with this product. They’d be great as party favors or just as a stocking stuffer for a little girl!**1/11 update – these are still in use! The clips have not broken. The white flowers got dirty over time, but I’m amazed by the durability!

Faith North Salt Lake, UT

Beautiful flowers for a little girl

These are much better quality than your average hair geegaws. They are well executed, full, and quite pretty. They stay in well and are really sweet in a little girl’s hair. They are very childish, so an older girl probably wouldn’t wear them.

Lilian Wheaton, IL

fun product

These are fun products. Appropriate for adult and young women, look very nice on the head. Just wish there were more color options available than just pink-blue tones.

Louella Fairmount, IN

Cute flowers + weak springs = clips fall out of hair 🙁

These “silk-type” flowers are really cute. Many of them have a “jewel” glued in the center, which makes them extra special. The maker took the extra precaution of covering the metal part of the clip in ribbon, which is nice, but may have affected the performance by making the spring on the end, rather weak.Unfortunately, the springs are way too weak on this. Since this barrette has a spring clip (like a clothespin,) it is essential that the barrette portion be firmly grasping the hair or else the barrette will slip out and be lost, along with the glued-on flower and nobody wants that. As an adult woman with coarse hair, I cannot get it to grasp on to my hair, even with force, so I can guarantee that these clips won’t hold a young girl’s fine hair for a second. Many of the clips won’t grasp any hair, at all, so what is the point? I wish they would have used a barrette with “teeth” or a locking spring clip. Spring clips have to really snap tight to be effective and these won’t even snap at all, even with nothing in them.The only reason I’m not giving these 1 star is that I like the flowers and plan to remove them and hot glue them onto my own barrettes. Given that these were meant to be hair clips, two stars is rather generous because they aren’t “clipping” at all.

Petra Sheridan, TX

Lots of Flowers

These are hairclips. Useful for decorating easter baskets, clothing, anything that can use some color. May be a bit over the top for the hair.

Sandra Meadville, MS

very cute

these arrived just in time for xmas…i used these as stocking stuffers for my three girls…got twelve and broke them up. they are very cute…came in various sizes and colors. they hold very nicely and are very nicely made. my girls ages 14,11 and 9 LOVE them. they wear them everywhere…to church and school and to play also. just a great accessory for every outfit…can’t go wrong!

Georgette Bowlegs, OK

Fun variety of clips

These fun clips offer a wide variety of styles that can fit many tastes. I have found the edges to be sooth and they do not poke into the scalp.The larger flowers tend to wrinkle. I’ve tried several things to straighten them but have had not luck.My granddaughter really likes them for “princess” dress up. The whole collection would make excellent party favors.

Elsa Lawen, OR

So pretty!

These are fantastic! They are so bright and pretty. Even nicer than I expected them to be. It’s a beautiful collection of hair clips that younger girls and older girls alike will love. I like the medium ones and smaller ones best, but the larger flowers would look really pretty for a wedding or for Easter. Great selection for the price. You won’t be disappointed!

Alyssa Libertytown, MD

So pretty!

These clips are so much prettier than they appear in the picture. The details with the textures and colors are so much more attractive in person.The clips themselves are small alligator-type clips, and they hold small sections of my wavy hair well. I tested them out with a bit of vigorous headbanging and they stayed in place. Still, they were designed to be more decorative than utilitarian.Depending on your style, they might be a bit much for a grown woman. The smaller ones look nice on me, but the largest size (three of these came in my assortment) made me feel like a drag queen possessed by Laura Ashley.These would be lovely on young girls. And headbanging drag queens.

Kerry Fort Oglethorpe, GA