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Gillette Venus Spa Women’s Razor, 1 Razor Handle and 2 Razor Blade Refills

With the Gillette Venus Spa razor for women simply add water for a skin-loving, light lather and a smooth shave—there’s no need for separate shave cream. Even better; the shave gel bars are infused with the fresh scent of white tea to soothe your senses. Indulge your senses as you shave with the Gillette Venus Spa is 2-in-1 razor for women. Each package contains: 1 Venus Spa Razor, 2 Razor Blade Refill Cartridges.

Key features

  • Built-in Shave Gel Bars with white tea scent eliminate the need for additional shave gel or soap
  • 3-blade cartridge and shave gel bars flex for incredible closeness around every curve
  • Soft Grip handle for great control
  • All Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles.
  • 2-in-1 Razor for Women – Indulge your senses as you shave

Honest reviews


Great women’s razor,my mom loves it!

My mom truely enjoys this razor,she say’s it shaved her leg smoothly and comfortably,and no bleeding,major plus! A recommended womans razor from Gillette,the maker of the best quality razors!!! A+

Summer Collins, GA

Great Product But Could Be $$$

Yes it’s a girls razor.No I am not a girl.Call me metrosexual but I found that shaving my underarms years ago made for a cleaner gi at karate and I just liked the way it looked after getting in the habit. I always found that women’s razors worked better for this area because men’s razors are meant for the face (I use the Gillette Fusion for this every other day activity) and have tried quite a bit since I started with this habit back in 2002/2003. Like with the men’s razors the products keep getting better with time and the Venus Spa Breeze is no exception. With this latest incarnation the soap has been attached to the blades and a nice scent has been added as upgrades. The old Venus blades always worked great but this upgrade is definitely a worthwhile one. The pros are that the soap produced makes for a smoother shave and more clean and the smell really is nice. The cons are that I would imagine these new blades are much more $$$ than the old Venus razors with regular cream and the soap attached doesn’t allow you the same kind of control that you had before.If you like not having to lather up and don’t mind spending the extra money this is a fine product. If you want to save some cash and just use lather + the standard Venus product you can’t go wrong there either. Gillette makes the best razors around and I don’t think they will be losing the shaving title any time soon.***** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Kaitlin Woonsocket, RI

Great for travel, works as advertised, but . . .

The Gillette Venus Breeze is a lightweight, three-bladed razor with solid lubricant that obviates the need for shaving cream or shower gel. All you have to do is wet it and begin shaving since the soap-like pieces above and below the blades turn to a clear substance the consistency of (sorry!) mucous as you shave. The handle is molded to fit comfortably in your hand, although the weight feels more like a disposable.This pack comes with two sealed blades — airtight so as not to dry out the lubricant. Herein lies the first problem: instead of a neat row of blades in a small holder, you get individual pods. For this reason, the packaging is bulky, and it seems like a very non-green approach to razor blades.I use a Gillette Quattro as my primary blade, so I compared the two. I used the Venus Breeze without soap of any kind, and I used the Quattro with my usual Dove Body Wash. The Quattro shaved slightly closer, although this wasn’t obvious until the second day. My skin was noticeably drier on the Venus Breeze leg, however. The best news is that the lubricant worked since I had no razor burn or other discomfort while shaving.I recommend this razor primarily for travel when you don’t want to take cream or gel for shaving and you can pop a pod into your bag. Because the lubricant is solid, you don’t need to put anything in the airport carry-on quart size bag, which frees up more room for other items.This razor works exactly as advertised, although I suspect it will end up because more expensive than most choice simply because of the cost of replacement blades.

Dianne Cayey, PR

Not for the thin-skinned….

I love my old Gillette Venus razor and expected to love this one too. However, it may not be for all skin types. The gel bars built into the cartridge should give most women an ultra convenient all-in-one shaving experience, but my skin ended up with very mild razor burn. I started out as the package suggested, in the shower and wetting the razor, then when that burned as I stroked, I made sure that my legs were wet too. Even that wasn’t enough; hours later I can feel where each swathe of the razor went. I can also feel how nice and smooth my legs are. It gives a close shave. It’s a lovely razor; I just need more lubricant.Four stars – it should work well for most users. But beware if you have dry skin or like me have that thin, no-tan skin; you may need to add a little shaving cream.

Sofia Terrell, TX

Very nice razor

My wife loves this razor. The blade holds it’s edge very well, and is comfortable to hold. It has gel strips along the sides to prevent cuts, and lubricate without shaving cream. The razor also smells really good. The package was also very easy to open, and did not take the jaws of life to open which is rare among razors.

Claire Orient, SD

Needs Organic Lotion

I would give this product 5 stars if it used organic lotion. Works well, handy for travel, but some of us are sensitive to chemical perfumes and prefer to use our own brand of lotion.

Stacey Needles, CA

Great Product

Got this for my wife, who reports that she gets a nice, close, smooth shave. Highly recommend item.

Rosalinda Villas, NJ

Nice razor not sure about the holder

I am enjoying the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor so far. It is similar to the Embrace Venus razor, but the Embrace has rubberized strips that make the blades float above the skin. The Venus Spa Breeze Razor has two strips of very hard milled soap on the top and bottom so that you do not have to use soap or shaving cream/lotion when you shave.The soap is not overly scented. It is not overly lathery either, which surprised me. It is quite solid and does not melt easily, which is good because you won’t blow through the soap before you finish the razor in sharpness.The soap does have sodium lauryl sulfate (and some relatives) in it which I avoid in my skin care products, but it is not a large amount and it did not leave my skin parched when I got done using it.The storage rack that comes with the Spa Breeze Razor is nice but I don’t like the way it attaches to the wall. It has two square adhesive strips that you are supposed to attach to a clean shower wall and then hang the case up on it with little knobs that hook it in. I don’t like that idea- there is too much risk of sticky being left behind being yet another challenge in cleaning the walls of the shower once it has lived through its usefulness and has to be removed.I have given this four stars because of the case mounting idea, and the fact that I don’t like this razor quite as much as the EMBRACE by Venus. The EMBRACE seems to shave closer and more easily than the Spa Breeze Razor.

Dollie Conneaut, OH

Nice shaver, but the blade outlasts the gel stuff

All of the venus products do a good, clean, irritation-free job & this one is no exception. The new scent is pleasant & the color is pretty and girly.The problem with these (versus the other brand of 3-blade girl shavers) is that the strip of shaving gel disappears long before the blade wears out, but the extra surface area where the gel was is then irritating, so you can’t really use it once the gel’s gone, even though the blade is still perfectly good. The triple blades are usually very long lasting, but with the irritating little pads dragging along your shaving surface, the long-life blades become an unusable waste. If your skin’s not sensitive, this might not be an issue.That said, it does give a great shave, even on bikini line, and it is very handy to have an all-in one for travel.

Lillie Vallecito, CA


I got this this razor to try and I loved it. It smells great and works very well. When all the conditioning stuff was gone I bought a pack or refills, because I loved it so much. Oh and I have ridiculously sensitive skin and this razor didn’t bother me at all so that is a huge plus! I would recommend this razor to anyone!

Jenna Weir, KS

Will Change The Way You Shave

I have been a long-time user of Gillette’s Venus Razors. I absolutely think that they are the best razors. You buy a handle that comes with razor cartridges and a holder for the shower and then just buy additional razor cartridges as needed. One cartridge will last me for months, much different and eventually much cheaper than the cheapest disposable razors which only last about a week or so.Gillette’s new Venus Spa Breeze Razor combines the great Venus razor blades and handle with new shave gel bars that eliminate the need for separate shaving cream.I wasn’t sure at first about how well the shave gel bars would work but after trying, I’m hooked. This changes shaving for me from now on. It’s aggravating to have to use shaving cream and with the Venus Spa Breeze, you don’t need it.Perfect for shaving in the shower, just wet the razor and glide the razor over your legs. A smooth shave with no irritation. Afterwards, my legs were incredibly smooth and soft. Just be careful over smaller areas like underarms to be sure you have plenty of water to avoid irritation. It seemed the longer that I used the razor like over the long stretches of leg, the shave gel bars seem to really work the best. The razor doesn’t produce foam or cream like actual shaving cream but just a slick moisturizer, that’s why it works best with plenty of water.*Note* If you are currently a regular Venus razor user, the cartridges for the Venus Spa Breeze fit the blue Venus handle also so you could just purchase the Spa Breeze cartridges to use with your current handle.Highly recommend. Venus Spa Breeze razors are all I’m buying from now on.

Sally Elka Park, NY

A Pretty Good Razor

I have to say, I was hesitant with this product. I was pretty much convinced it wouldn’t work well. I thought the shave gel strips would make the razor not shave close or that the shave gel strips wouldn’t really be able to take the place of shave gel. Then, I gave it a shot. Wow! The shave gel strips are quite effective and the razor shaved as close as any razor without the strips. On purpose, I didn’t use lotion or anything after shaving my legs to see if there would be any kind of razor burn from not using a shave cream, soap, etc. Nothing!The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five was due to what you get for the price. The package says it is a one count, but goes on to say there are two of the head pieces included. In other razors, this would typically mean there is one full razor (handle and head piece) and two refill head pieces. On this, you get one handle and two head pieces. At $10.99 a package, that makes these $5.50 each which is pretty pricey for a ladies razor. I’m also a little concerned that the life of the razor might be short because once the strips are gone, it is just a plain razor. I’ll have to update to let everyone know how long the strips lasted.UPDATEUnfortunately, this razor didn’t stand the test of time. The first shave was great. The second was okay, but the strips were drying up. On the third shave, one of the now dried up strips fell off. On the second razor in the pack, it lasted about five shaves before one of the strips fell off. So, I can’t recommend this product.

Nina Crown Point, NY

Unique Razor

Venus Spa Breeze Razor has a unique feature – shave gel bars at the top and bottom of the razor that eliminate the need for shaving cream. It comes with a handle and two razor cartridges. The razor handle will hold all Venus razor cartridges, not just the Spa Breeze ones. The entire package was very easy to open and the razor handle and cartridges come in a nice waterproof container that can be stored in the shower, although it’s not all that sturdy. The package comes with a bracket so you can hang the razor in the shower, however, I couldn’t figure out how to use it. While the razor cartridge packages are conveniently waterproof, I had a hard time opening them and ended up having to use scissors, which damaged the shaving gel bar a bit.The Venus Spa Breeze Razor was just okay. I love the fact that there is a scratch and sniff panel on the front of the package so you can smell the shaving gel to see if you like the odor and the white tea scent was very pleasant. You need to be careful how you store the razor in the shower especially if you can’t figure out how to hang it – put the razor face down and the shave gel bars are activated and the razor becomes messy to use. The handle fits pleasantly into the hand and the cartridges snap on and off quite easily. The shaving gel bars are a unique feature and work quite well, but don’t expect lather like from regular shaving cream. The razor provides a nice smooth shave although I did knick myself a bit, causing my leg to bleed.Venus Spa Breeze Razor is an interesting concept that is perfect for people that may be traveling and don’t want to pack shaving cream. However, I’m not sure how long the shave gel bars last, which makes me a bit wary. In the end, I prefer regular razors and shaving cream.

Gabrielle Bloomingrose, WV

Worked Great!!

This worked great. My legs felt wonderful after using them. I have been using it for about a month and it is still working great.

Thelma Jonben, WV

Best of shaves

I was very pleased with the smooth operation of the Breeze – I who usually nick myself ten times in a row with anything but an electric razor. The cream is delightful as well, with a pleasant scent and smooth operation. This definitely is a worthwhile and convenient product.

Maxine Pine Valley, NY

Average at best.

I think the Venus breeze gillette could have been better packaged, and the razor more exposed. The way the soapy edges of the razor are covered prevents it from a close shave. I would probably not recommend this for a very effective shaving.

Gladys Alexandria, AL

Amazing shave!

You should try this Gillette Venus Breeze Spa for yourself! It is amazing – smooth, very close shave – everywhere. And it is so pretty! Teens girls will especially love the romantic design – plus, everything you need is included, so you can tuck it into your bag, or keep it in your gym locker.

Maryann Scobey, MT

Excellent shaver, great in or out of the shower.

Wow! This shaver is great. I use it to shave in the shower and I have had no nicks and no mistakes. It glides around my curves and removes the hair everywhere I shave. I use it on my legs, underarms, etc. It is great. I feel safe using it, and I barely used any shaving soap.

Blanca Bloomfield, MO

Excellent razor, but no design improvements over existing Venus razors

For those who have used a Venus razor: The only difference between this Venus and previous instances, as best as I could tell, was the scent of the gel/soap bars and the color of the razor handle. Otherwise, it’s the same razor.For those who have not used a Venus razor:There are three main features of a Venus razor versus a standard multi-blade women’s razor.The first is the soap/gel bars. These bars basically provide the glide that you usually get from shave gel or foam. You can definitely shave without lathering up. That saves you time and cost. However, the bars do mean that you have to press a little harder than you might be used to when the razor head is new to get a close shave. (As the bars wear down from use, you don’t have to press as hard.) Until you get used to this, you may notice some unintended stubble. Also, the bars make it a little tough to clean the razor. I’ve found that I have to really get the shower nozzle pointed at the razor to get stray hairs out before I put it away, and it feels like I’m wasting the soap/gel bars when I do it. It’d be nice if Gillette provided a small razor brush to help with cleaning between uses. For the Spa Breeze razor, the gel/soap bar is scented with a pleasant combination of white tea and tropical flowers. I really liked the scent on this one, and I’m not normally a fan of shave gel scents.The second big feature of the Venus line is the easy-to-change razor head. When you finish with the razor head, you just click a release at the top, and the head falls off. Then, you open a sealed replacement head and click the handle into the slot. It’s a much safer and easier replacement process than razors I’ve owned in the past. Other razors often force you to press directly on the razor head to lock it in, and it’s very easy to cut your finger while doing it. Each razor head is individually packaged, so it’s very easy and safe to take a spare with you somewhere. You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself on a spare razor while digging through a drawer.The third feature is the hanging rack. The Venus razor kit comes with a mounting rack for your shower. The rack sticks to the shower wall using adhesive pads, and it holds 4 replacement blades (not included) and the razor with a blade attached. I’ve found this rack to be a complete waste, only because the adhesive will not stay stuck to the shower wall. Gillette didn’t improve on this design for the Spa Breeze line. I was hoping they’d offer a suction-cup design. Also, the design is such that you can’t really use it unless you wall mount it. The razor needs gravity to stay in place, and because the bottom of the rack is rounded, you can’t just set it vertically on a shelf. I usually end up ditching the rack and just using an off-the-shelf razor holder instead. Since the blade replacements are individually wrapped, I can keep them in my vanity safely.As for the shave, this is the best razor out there, in my opinion. I have very fine hair. Many razors just aren’t sharp enough to give me a close shave, but I’ve never had a problem with the Venus line. (For those who are curious, the razor has three blades and is basically the same as the Mach 3, except marketed and packaged for women instead of men.)All in all, the Venus line is excellent. I just wish Gillete would either improve the storage rack or just skip it in favor of other accessories. I’d love to see this razor come with a cleaning brush and a nice travel pouch instead.

Erika Uniontown, WA

Smoothest Shave I’ve ever had

I love Gillette Venus razors and have always used them. This Spa Breeze Razor is exceptional. It’s worth the price yet I wish it wasn’t so high. I can get quite a few good shaves out of one cartridge if well maintained. It left my legs very silky smooth. It didn’t even feel like I was using a razor. It felt more like it was gliding on my skin. This is absolutely a good razor to buy.

Kathryn Moorefield, WV

Convenient one-step shaving, but produces frequent nicks

For years, I used theSchick Intuition Plus Shaving Kit for Sensitive Skin, Fragrance Free, 1 eachrazor with great results. Then they changed something about that razor and it nicked me almost every time I used it. That’s when I threw it out.So I was excited to learn that Venus had come out with their own version of the Intuition and knew I had to try it.The first thing I noticed about the VENUS BREEZE is that it had considerably improved the built-in gel bars on the razor. Where Intuition had a massive amount of shave bar all the way around the razor, leaving much wasted when the area that actually lathers the skin runs out, VENUS BREEZE had gel bars on the top and the bottom. Yes, the bottom area still runs out first, as it is used the most, but there is very little on the top bar wasted when the bottom bar is gone. From both a conservation aspect and a money-saving aspect, I like this a lot.The razor gives a good shave, but I had a similar problem with it nicking me too frequently. My daily razor is actually another Venus product, theGillette Venus Vibrance Soothing Vibrations Razor for Women, 1 Razor. I don’t have the same problem with frequent nicks using the Venus Vibrance as I do with the VENUS BREEZE. That alone is the main reason I discontinued use of the VENUS BREEZE.Also, the VENUS BREEZE is a little more difficult to use in the bikini area, as it is wider than a regular razor.The gel bars themselves do a decent job of lathering your skin for the shave, but I found the gel felt somewhat gooey. While it isn’t necessarily a problem, it just felt sort of weird to me and I didn’t care for the texture. This on its own would have been negated by the convenience of using a one-step razor, but the issue with frequent nicks was a dealbreaker for me.

Patti Organ, NM

This razor does the job for your legs

I tried the Venus Divine, wasn’t too impress. I was using the Venus Spa Breeze, and I loved it. Couldn’t pass up this offer so I to give it a shot — I love it. However, it gets 4 stars instead of 5 cause mainly I had to change cartridges after 2-3 shaves, which I guess I really should be doing. I was impressed with the first couple of shaves, but noticed the gel strips dying quickly on me in the shower. Once they fell off, I found the razor head overly cumbersome to use (especially since a standard Venus razor head is no petite thing). Plus I accidentally left this off the pod and near water one day. The next day, the moisture strips were gooey and eroded.If I were going away and not expecting to have to shave my legs more than three times or so, this would be an excellent alternative to lugging along a shaving gel and razor. If you’re looking for something to last, though, I’d go with the Venus Divine because it last way longer probably up to 5 uses. Still, I have had no other problems with this razor and find that it is pretty moisturizing.

Tasha Loretto, MI

WOW, no nicks and very comfortable shave

You know how when you shave close with a really sharp razor, you’ll look down and see that dreaded stream of blood flowing down your shin bone? Well, that just doesn’t happen with this razor.Don’t get me wrong, it’s very sharp and will give you baby smooth legs (or pits!). It just seems unable to nick me.The razor itself has three blades, and each blade has lasted me around 2 months. Ignore the directions and use body wash, soap, or a light shaving cream to keep the razor gliding smoothly.As others have noted, it just smells great.It is my razor of choice now.

Pat Joseph City, AZ

A really nice razor for women

It’s pink and pretty. It give a great shave and the gel strip makes shaving very very smooth. I don’t know what else to ask of a razor.

Helga Shawmut, ME

The Venus is a good razor

The Venus razor (in any of its forms) is a solid razor. This Spa Breeze version “features a one-of-a-kind innovation [of] shave gel bars built into the cartridge.” This is fine in theory, and works OK in practice – until the lotion strips get goopy. Then it’s a little bit of a mess. Not sure the added “ease” of built in goop is any easier than shaving cream, so a regular Venus razor with your preferred shaving cream may be the way to go. {as paraphrased from my wife that used these!}

Patty New Castle, AL

Maybe it’s just me

I’ve been happy with various Venus shaving cartridges since they were first introduced. I’ve kept the original handle, but always tried out the new cartridges when they were released. Now, this one has a solid soap on top and bottom of the razor blades, to take the place of your shaving cream. I thought this would be good.I haven’t cut my legs while shaving for probably 10 years…until today, when I used this razor. Because the head is very wide (to contain the soap strips), it is difficult to see if you’re actually cutting the hairs short enough, or maybe you’re just cutting them “shorter” but not shaving them down to the skin. I found myself pressing very hard to make sure the razor blades would reach the skin, and unfortunately, four times they not only reached the skin but went below it.I won’t be using the Spa Breeze again. But maybe this is just me.

Emilie Fair Play, MO

Silky, Smooth, And Easy To Use

I really like the GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE RAZOR. I have used a VENUS BREEZE for a number of years now, and this convenient, one step razor always gives me soft, smooth legs, with no nicks or cuts. The VENUS BREEZE RAZOR line is pretty, feminine, and clearly “made for a woman, not a man.” This version, the GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE, SPA BREEZE RAZOR comes in a nice white tea scent that is a very pleasing change of pace.Like the standard (purple) VENUS BREEZE, the GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE, SPA BREEZE RAZOR (pale pink) comes with a holder which mounts directly to the wall of your shower or bath. Inside the holder is space for two spare razor cartridges, each sealed in their own individual packaging. Each cartridge has three blades, which give your legs a sexy, ultra close shave. The three blades are surrounded by gel bars. There is no need to use shaving cream; just moisten the gel bars to get that silky, satiny feel. The gel also is a light moisturizer, but you will still need to use your regular skin cream if you live in any kind of extreme climate.To get the best shave with a VENUS BREEZE, soak in a warm tub or stand under the shower to let the heat open up the pores of your skin. This will help any razor to give you a closer shaver. While you are soaking, get the cartridge wet, so that the gel gets creamy. You never want to shave with a dry razor anyway…ouch! I usually just toss the razor in the tub for a minute or two. Then shave away in your normal manner, and you will have the softest legs of your life! If you do prefer the shower to the tub, then another nice thing about VENUS BREEZE is that you never have to worry about shaving your legs quickly, before the shaving cream rinses off in the shower spray. Just one less thing to worry about.The only negative about the VENUS BREEZE is that the gel bars do not last as long as the blades! With care, the blades in each cartridge last up to a month. (The triple blades shave my legs so close, that I really only need to shave them every other day.) But the gel bars either run out or fall off in 2 – 3 weeks. Then I go back to the shaving cream until the blades give out.Other than that, I think the VENUS BREEZE is an excellent product. I have been satisfied with it for many years. If Gillette could just make the gel bars last a bit longer…the VENUS BREEZE would go from a great product to a perfect one.

Irene Panola, TX

very groovy deluxe unit

So I got this for my 13 yrs old daughter seeing as I don’t use them. She loved it, she proclaimed it to be the one she wanted me to always get her. She lives the little packets of gel built it. I think men’s razors need to be so groovy. Funny how men’s razors are all rugged chrome and terminator looking?

Louella Mayersville, MS

No Shave Cream Needed and That’s Nice!

It’s nice that there’s no need for shave cream with this razor. The two “shave gel bars” do the job nicely, providing just enough lather to smooth your shave. The green tea scent fades pretty quickly (after a few uses), but that wasn’t a concern.I’ve used other Venus razors before, and my favorite is still the 5-blade Venus Embrace. But the Spa-Breeze, seems to be a less expensive and even “Green” alternative, thanks to the fact that I can use it without shave cream.The 5-blade embrace does deliver a slightly closer shave, but I’d still say the Spa Breeze is worth a try if you’re not “addicted” to a 5-blade razor.

Claudette Glenhaven, CA

Expensive, but Effective

I am a huge fan of the Venus razors and frankly didn’t really see how they could improve upon the version I was using. So it came as some surprise that this latest generation really did up the ante a bit from a performance standpoint. Not only do you get a really close shave, but so far I haven’t so much as gotten a nick. I’ve used the same razor blade several times and am still getting a great shave. While I haven’t attempted to use the razor without shaving cream, as the claims say you can (I have dry/sensitive skin that I feared would not react well), I will say that I think the skin of my legs gets less dry with this razor and I almost didn’t need body lotion afterward.The razor itself is a girly pink that is visually appealing – and the handle has a soft grip. The razor comes with a case that I believe is intended to adhere to the wall of your shower, with storage for razor blades, which come individually packaged. I don’t want to store my razor in the shower, so I can’t attest to how that works – but the concept is a nice one.The only downside – and one that isn’t specific to this Venus Spa Breeze – is the ever increasing and now nearly exorbitant cost of razor blades. If only you could use the blade to shave the price! That said, this product is so good that if you’re trying to select between comparably priced razors/blades from competitors, I strongly recommend you try this one – I think you’ll be pleased in every way.

Lesley Croghan, NY