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GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

Gigi Mini Pro Waxing Kit Salon professionals look to GiGi products, confident that this complete hair removal product will ensure a successful experience for client and technician alike. The Mini Pro Kit is the perfect waxing starter kit, containing all the necessary wax and lotions for a professional service in the comfort of home. GiGi Mini Pro Kit is the ideal starter kit for the novice or the price conscious professional. The kit contains all the necessary waxing essentials for a complete professional service. When you are ready to expand your salon menu to include profitable waxing services, the GiGi Mini Pro Kit is the perfect choice. Includes • Wax warmer with cover 14 oz. • Crème Wax 14 oz. • Pre Hon 2 oz • Post Wax Cooling Gel 2 oz • Post Epilation Lotion 2 oz • Slow Grow 2 oz • Post Wax Concealer 2 oz • 10 Petite Applicators • 10 Small Accu Edge Applicators • 10 Large Accu Edge Applicators • 30 Small Natural Muslin Strips • 30 Large Natural Muslin Strips • 5 Clean Collars • 3 Rest Bars • 1 Instructional Manual

Key features

  • From waxing novice to cost conscious salon professional, this waxing kit perfect for use by and for everyone.
  • Everything is included for a complete waxing like you get at a professional salon without the outrageous prices.
  • Comes with a complete instruction manual so if this is your first home waxing, you’ll be an old pro in no time.
  • The wax warmer doesn’t take up much space at all so it’ll fit perfectly in your salon or in your bathroom at home.
  • Heat up most types of wax and then maintain them at a ready to use temperature with this professional grade warmer.

Honest reviews


Everything that you need to start

I was very excited to try out this warmer system. I am very unhappy about my arms and bought this primarily to wax them in the privacy of my own home. I am a girl and I have PCOS which cause me to have darker unwanted hair. I works, I really like the results. I can’t wait ti get other wax to fine tune the process.

Priscilla Vermillion, KS

wax kit

I used this once and it was great. The wax didn’t burn my face and it really does work for more than six weeks. I can happily reccomend this product to anyone.

Loretta Orleans, CA

More for Salon use

More for salon use instead of personal use. Larger than it looks and definitely larger than I expected, up too much counter space. Not a fan of the cream wax but I guess if you are then this is for you.

Fay Wolftown, VA

Great for small jobs!

Great for small jobs! No time for salon wax, buy one. It last a long time. facial wax smells good.. no fumes.

Marilyn Belleville, AR

GiGi Wax Kit.

I don’t like it. The system is so so but the wax that comes in it is 4 thumbs down. Cheap cheap wax that doesn’t harden enough to pull the hair out evenly and cleanly. It turned out to be a big gooey sticky mess! The wax does not remove easy from skin and basically has to wear itself off your skin due to the fact that its gooey and removes nothing. The warmer and everything else seems to work fine but you may want to purchase a better quality wax.

Neva Hodges, SC

Whoo Hoo

I always seem to need a quick waxing two hours before we go somewhere. I have been a licensed climatologist for over 50+ years so I feel confident about doing this myself. Love this product and have for years.

Rosemarie Kyle, WV

Works great!

First of all, I’ve had my eyebrows and lips waxed in salons and although I can kind of tell what they are doing–I am not at all a pro at this kind of thing. I got my product today and it came quite quickly and that was good. There were a few things I disliked about this product, so I’ll start there. The instructions on how to operate the wax heater were on the bottom of the heater. This is kind of stupid considering you are placing a can of wax which will heat up in there. It would have been nice to have handheld directions. But once you read through the directions, its pretty easy to remember. Secondly, I think they should have included the stuff to get wax off your face. I used vaseline. This worked ok, except my skin felt gross after wards. The third thing I disliked is that some of the products sent in the kit, I won’t use.What I did like though is that it was pretty easy to use. I’m sure I’ll get better at it once I use it a few times. The hair came right off! Awesome. I liked that it came in a kit and I didn’t have to go purchase all the little things I needed. The price is amazing. My sister just got the unit and it cost her $30, so it was nice to get the sticks and cloths and some of the lotions as well.Overall, this is a great buy. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do this at home. It’s easy and affordable and after using it 2 times, it pays for itself.

Rosario Garysburg, NC


I use this every two weeks for my face. It is amazing! I have very sensitive skin and I have not gotten a rash or anything in the almost year I have had this. The temperature control is great! I adore it.

Jennie Northwood, OH


The price was Great and the product is amazing. Nothing makes a customer feel better than getting a great product for a great price.

Cathy Fayette, IA

almost in love..

The wax warmer itself is excellent, the creme wax is nice but kind of messy to use but maybe once I get the hang of using creme wax I’ll be a little more satisfied and it came with a bunch of useless creams gels and so on. I didn’t have too much trouble with the strips it came with and any problems I did have with the strips was probably my fault cause it was hard for me to use the wax I might have piled the wax on too thick. I’m not in love with the product but I don’t regret buying it at all. All in all I’m satisfied.

Ella Middlebury, VT