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ghd Professional Gold Flat Iron 1

Used by the world’s top stylists and hottest celebrities, the new revolutionary professional GHD Styler maintains GHD’s pioneering ceramic technology and unbeatable operating temperature while boasting new features such as an improved body shape and curved barrel for ultimate styling. The new-generation ghd styler curls as easily as it straightens. When it comes to heat-styling, it’s the ultimate in versatility. The new ghd styler senses the porosity of your hair type, applying and maintaining the perfect amount of heat while styling. Innovative digital control improves styling success, advanced ceramic heaters give the ultimate in static-free sheen and ¿sleep mode’ ¿ the new built-in safety feature – turns the styler off if it’s left unattended for 30 minutes. And it’s styling technology you can take it absolutely anywhere; new universal voltage means you can style your way round the world and still get the same fantastic ghd performance.

Key features

  • Rounder barrel to create waves, curls and flicks as well as straightening
  • Universal voltage 110v to 230v for worldwide travel use.
  • Advanced ceramic heaters aluminum plates help seal the cuticle and create static-free shine
  • Emits infrared heat and negative ions, both of which are less damaging to the hair and reducing static

Honest reviews



I havent been much into straighteners so I got the CHI at first..I needed something which curled well at the same time….Chi did all that but I ended up burning myself at times as the rim of the ceramic plates cud touch ur skin…Also I travel quie often and wanted to have something that wud be sueful everywehre…and so I returned the Chi and got this Super Expensive GHD…I cud actually cancel a star for that reason…but i think it does deserve 5 stars..its doesnt touch my skin…so no more burns…DUAL VOLTAGE…and its curls my hair better than anything else …i am not sure if the new round barrel design helps…but it think it does help me hold it well…It comes with a DVD for different styles…something CHI doesnt do..Its Complete! ITs website does the rest!I love It!

Sonja Waverly, WA

Buy it–you won’t be sorry

I was really worried about spending so much on an iron. I mean come on, how could it be worth that kind of money? But it IS. It works great, gives me salon-pretty hair, and is easy to use. I had a CHI Turbo before and thought it was good, but this blows it away. My hair looks naturally beautiful rather than made up and the effect lasts for days. I flat iron my hair once a week, either flat or curled, and it stays nice until I wash it. LOVE IT. If it broke I would not hesitate to buy another.

Dayna Parkers Prairie, MN

Buying something different with temperature control

At first I loved the GHD flat iron. It was comfortable to hold, heats in a flash, and did a great job of styling my hair. However, after about three months of using it I started noticing my hair breaking. I had some minor breakage while combing and blow drying, but as soon as I use the GHD IV flat iron my hair snaps off all over the place. No amount of anti-snap or thermal heat protectors has improved the situation. My sink is full of snapped off hair, and I have very fine thin hair, so this has caused a huge concern. I’m not kidding I think I have only half my hair left. When my stylist uses his flat iron my hair does not do that. The conclusion I’m coming to is that the lack of heat control is a big problem. I’m buying another flat iron but one that has temperature control.

Brenda Tichnor, AR

Can be damaging…

My boyfriend bought me this “styler” for Christmas when my CHI died. I have noticed that my hair is getting more damage and split ends with this iron than with the CHI. I do use product prior to applying heat (the same product I used with the CHI) but it hasn’t seemed to help. I am going to try the GHD product line and see if this helps resolve some of my issues. Overall, its a good flat iron that gets the job done. Just wished that it was a little gentler on my locks!

Jill Rochelle, TX


I’ve been eying this straightener for a while now and so glad I finally spent the money on it. Love it!

Keisha Fallsburg, NY


I had several reservations about buying a ghd 1″ “heat styler.” I finally decided that I “had to have it” and bought it for myself for Christmas through S ephora, as they are an authorized seller. The price then decreased through Amazon and I snapped it up for a price almost 50% lower than what I paid at the authorized dealer.I read the reviews online and through Amazon that stated that Amazon sold counterfeit flat irons. I was able to compare the two, and they were the exact same product but at a much lower price.I have very thick, naturally wavy (on one side, of course!) hair. I have used a HAI 1.77″ straight iron for over 5 years, so I was nervous about the 1″ size, but intrigued by the possibility of being able to use the straighter as a “heat styler” for curling or straightening (you can watch the videos on you tube!)It works great for both uses. My hair feels soft and healthier than before and I’ve only been using for a couple of weeks. I do not mind the 1″ size, it still works just as quickly as my larger flat iron and heats up in under one-minute!If you are ready to spend $150+ for a hair tool, this is the one that you should buy. Do not waste your money on one that will not last and damage your hair. This product is highly recommended!

Hester Burlington, ND

It’s the one my stylist uses

I bought an FHI iron to get the straight look at home- did not turn out straight. So I decided to find out which iron my Dominican stylist uses which always straightens my hair perfectly. It turned out to be GHD- and so I bought one- and it works great

Summer Nerstrand, MN

Be careful where you buy this

I found out that the one I order was a counterfeit item. I strongly recommend you purchase the product either on GHD website or certified dealer who are licensed to sell GHD products. Given the high price, you just don’t to chance it being a fake!

Liza Saranac, NY

Better Than Chi

I had a Chi for about 5 years and then gave it to my friend after the plates started getting chipped and you could see the metal underneath. I guess GHD is all ceramic so you don’t have to worry about that. It takes less time for me to do my hair… about 5-10 minutes, whereas before it used to take hours. Never thought too much about it, but GHD is really better on my hair. I don’t smell burning hair anymore and it’s not breaking off at the ends like it used to. Glad I have a GHD, but I didn’t buy it on Amazon. I think I spent about $250 (not sure about that–it was a few years ago) and bought it in a store that sells to licensed hair stylists. My friend has a license. Heats up in about 10 seconds, no joke. It’s a great product. No complaints.

Latonya Lacarne, OH