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GHD Candy Collection Professional Styler, Classic Lemon, Yellow, 1 Inch

Limited edition candy collection 1″ professional styler. Classic lemon. Original ceramic heat technology, can use as a styler for great curls or a perfect glossy straight finish! Sleep mode switches the tool off after it hasn’t been used for 30mins.

Key features

  • All in one styling tool with ceramic technology
  • Automatic shut off sleep mode after 30mins
  • 2.8m (9.5 ft) swivel cord, universal voltage
  • 2 year warranty

Honest reviews


Not worth the $$$

It is gets hot very quickly. The LED light blinks when it’s active and after 30 mins it automatically shuts off, which is a great feature if you forget to turn it off, but is annoying b/c I like to plug it in when I get in the shower and it’s off by the time I get out and am ready to use it.Performance wise, I have coarse, thick hair that constantly needs straightening, so I was very excited about this styler/straightener. It straightens dry hair very well, but when I tried to use it to give my hair some curl under (since it’s supposed to be a universal styler) but since it’s just 1" flat, I couldn’t really get a nice consistent curl under all around the hair. I tried it on my wet hair as well and it was very disappointing. I slowly pulled it across my damp hair and the first few strands were straight but not very dry, and the further I got, the less the styler seemed to dry. About have way through, I had to put the styler down for a bit and wait for it to reheat so I could continue.Overall, I was hoping this would be a great replacement for my cheap con air straightener, but it turns out this is about the same, performance wise, but WAY more expensive. I wouldn’t waste top dollar on this-I don’t think there is anything super impressive or professional about it and it does the same thing as my $40 straightener!

Margot Talco, TX

High quality Flat iron with some remarkable abilities

I admit I am quite amazed by this flat iron. It is my 3rd one and by far the best. What I noticed immediately that sets this apart from my previous flat irons (Revlon, Chi) was that this does heat up instantly but does not get so hot that while using it my hair is quietly smoothed rather than the crackling I normally hear. I was able to use it very quickly and even go back over a section of hair a second time without the fear of burning my hair to breaking.That is the worst thing with flat irons in general is that they are so hard on hair and split ends and whole sections of hair can break off leaving a jagged edge. So far I am not experiencing any of that and my hair is unbelievably soft and smooth with no visible damage. I am attributing this to the fact that the GHD iron doesn’t seem to overheat.Other pluses is that it is very well made & the rotating cord which helps to avoid kinks and tangles, and the fact that the plug has a reset button and the voltage is regulated so that it can be used universally without a converter. (tho an adapter might be needed for plug insertion.) It will also shut itself off within 30 minutes of disuse which is a great safety feature.I suppose the negative is the price. Despite the quality of this item the price is rather exorbitant and quite frankly the life expectancy of a flat iron seems to be pretty short and they burn out within a couple of years. So it remains to be seen, if I can get several years worth of use from it then it might be a fair investment.ADDENDUM: After using this for a few months I am less than pleased with the cord as it is stiff and kinks easily. Cheaper hair appliances have better cords than this.

Margot Eagle, MI

“The best I’ve ever had! Worth Every Penny!”

I got this styler for my former foster son’s 18 year old daughter, who I call my "niece," Kayla.I’ve known Kayla since she has been one. She is very much an utter perfectionist on her hair (she has changed the color and style several times) and is starting a promising modeling career. She has had some cheap stylers. She absolutely loves this styler and here’s what she just emailed me: "I really love the straightener and it’s the best I’ve had. It heats up within seconds and even beeps when it is finished. It makes my hair soft and shiny. My hair never stays straight but this straightener keeps it nice and straight all day. And since my hair is damaged it gets very frizzy and this also keeps my frizz down. I love it and I would defiantly recommend it! Worth every penny!"

Roseann Kotzebue, AK

A Simply Fabulous Product that You Will Love

The last time my hair looked this good was after I visited an expensive salon. This was my very first try with this styler and it took me less than five minutes. And I am a klutz. And I lack patience with complicated grooming tools. And I am amazed at how perfect my hair looks.I’m going to save a bundle in salon visits.I have a new hair style. Tomorrow I can have a different hair style, effortlessly. The styler straightens and curls. And creating new styles and experimenting is easy and fun.Not only that: the ghd Styler feels safe. There are three pages of safety instructions. The operating instructions are clear: when the styler beeps and the red indicator light flashes, it’s ready. It takes only seconds for the styler to heat up. It also has a sleep mode if not used for 30 minutes and will let you know with amber flashes and a warning beep every 20 seconds.The ghd comes in a sturdy, securely packed box with an instruction booklet and a smaller, wallet sized brochure that gives the address of the sleek ghd website.This is one of the best products I’ve ever used.I hope you try it too. I think you’ll be happy you did.

Simone Defuniak Springs, FL

Good for thick hair, but not thin hair

I’ve sold hair irons in my stores for over 10 years, and GHD is generally recognized as THE premium brand in a crowded market. They are reliable, heats up in less than 5 seconds, has a microchip that maintains even temperature, and can straighten any type of hair.My wife has thin, brittle hair with color, and we’ve used the adjustable temperature Babyliss TT Pro 1.5 inch with optional steam with great results. However, the warm up period was too long.The GHD’s rapid heat up made it her go to choice for hair straightening. After a month though, she’s stopped using it due to massive hair breakage.At this price point, GHD should add in temperature control. Not everyone who straightens has thick hair. If you have linoleum countertops, Make sure you pick up a silicon pad to place under the iron during use.

Marcie Eckhart Mines, MD

This one is worth the price

I have a lot of flatirons. From cheap $20 ones to pricey ones like this $200 GHD. Some are worth their price, most are not. So my thought on this GHD Cady Collection styler are in comparisons to my other irons.I have very long and thick hair that needs to be flat-ironed after blow drying or else it’s just a giant poof of thick hair that’s uncontrollable. I have a CHI Smart Volumizing Styling Iron, which is okay when if want super slick and straight hair, ironically, with little volume. The CHI makes my hair straight and smooth, but a bit too flat and lifeless. So flat, it tends to make my hair seem stringy.I have theRemington S9500in both the 1 and 2 inches sizes. These are decent straighteners and work well at a budget price. I own thePanasonic EH-HS95-Kwhich is a pretty neat idea for a flat iron, helping keep hair from being dried out. But the Panasonic doesn’t as hot as most flatirons, and because of this it can’t really tame my thick poofy hair. Up till now, theTS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Ironhas been my go to styler. Despite it’s less-than-flashy looks, it’s been the perfect flatiron, with all the others falling short.This GHD styler however works every bit as well as the TS-2. It straightens my hair as well as the CHI, but without going too far and making my hair lifeless like my CHI does. I can get my hair to look exactly like I want it to, like I can with my TS-2. So why choose this GHD over the TS-2? This styler gets hotter and does so really FAST. All my irons say on their packaging they get hot fast, but they don’t. This one does. Instantly fast. So fast that the first time I used it I burned my hand because when it beeped saying it was ready, just seconds after turning it on, I didn’t believe it.Also this GHD is smaller than the TS-2. It’s a more normal/traditional size and shaped flatiron. The TS-2 is an extra long iron, which is great for thick hair, but can be difficult to travel with. The GHD is a super simple styler too. One simple on/off switch. So if you’re one who wants to be able to control the heat temps on your flatiron, you can’t do that with this one. It goes from off to blazing hot in seconds. No middle settings.This GHD Candy Styler is awesome. It tames my hair, is ready instantly and is the perfect size and shape. However because it’s so perfect, it has a decent size price tag to go along with it. If you want the perfect styler, you’ll love this GHD. If you want something that’s works really well but can’t quite swing the $$$ for this one, check out theTS-2 Millennium.

Penny Enfield Center, NH

LOVE LOVE LOVE this styler!

Beside being outright cute in bright yellow, which helps to light up your morning, this flat iron does an AMAZING job. I have had a professional flat iron before, the one I have been using up til this one arrived, as a matter of fact, and it does a good job, but hair products buildup is really bad on it and it needs to be cleaned after each use. There is little buildup on this iron and it does a much better job on my hair than the other one. I am glad I switched!LOVE this little beauty!

Eloise Cheshire, OH

Consider several factors

First of all this “candy” limited edition is nice looking–this is not a big factor for me personally but it is a nice extra. Some of the positive factors include that is heats up very quickly. It does a nice job straightening–better than my $50 drug store iron and about the same as my other “professional” one, with a few less passes needed. So, these say a lot for the product. The cord is a nice length and allows for some movement.The things I really do not like are the fact that it does not lie securely on a sink top without tipping to the side, and this concerns me as I do not want to burn the sink nor do I want to start a fire. The other big issue is that the control is on the inside and this creates the potential to burn yourself when turning the iron off. Also, there are no heat controls–it is just the one setting. There are no heat controls so you cannot adjust temperature.So, overall, it needs improvements if they want $200 for the iron but it does a nice job. Anyone in the market for a new iron should weigh the issues. If the negatives mentioned don’t matter to you then this is a good choice for you.

Consuelo Millwood, WV

Wow! Up to Speed Quickly!

The instructions are very helpful.I was totally surprised that the styler emitted a ready “beep” in just seconds.The next surprise came when I glided the styler quickly through my short, tight curled afro and it not only straightened the strands but gave me a gentle little curl.In these later years my hair is fragile and thinning, so I was a little apprehensive about it burning my hair.The styler only needed to be in contact with my hair-type for a brief second in motion and it did not singe or burn my fragile locks (yeah!).The style I created in a matter of quick minutes gave me a pleasant change from my usual wavy/curly afro.I am very pleased and will be keeping this styler around for those days when I want to add a little variety to my hair style without a large time investment.UPDATE: 4/28/2014I received an additional evaluation last month from a co-worker (Rachel) who has long, curly hair. She noted that while it did heat up very quickly, it was too small to give proper coverage to her more than 12″ length hair. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being excellent), she gave it a 6. She did not find that it heated up enough to give a very straight style to her curls. The way the cord tucked away in the box was great and the device overall is not too bulky.I just passed it on yesterday to my granddaughter who is very impressed with the brand overall since it is well known to her. I am looking forward to her and mom’s evaluations.

Cherry Felts Mills, NY

Classic Lemon Yellow

I have used many straighteners in the past. Mostly cheaper varieties that would cool down while I was styling my hair, some shorted out easily, some just fell apart over time. The last one I had the cord would get tangled up so badly…but you stick with styling tools till they die…its just what we do.GHD Professional Styler is pricey, BUT you get an amazing tool that is going to change your life!Looks: I got the new candy collection lemon yellow…its bright and happy!Cord…it swivels! so no tangling up and its way easier to style your hair and not worry about itHeats up in 10 seconds and will beep to tell you so, You can style immediately whether its to straighten or curl. I love using mine to curl, it makes THE perfect curl!it shuts off automatically, so no accidentally leaving it on and going out and going "oops"The most wonderful thing about this is that if you have used cheaper tools, and use this one? its like night and day…I really hope it stands the test of time and styling!

Krystal Anacortes, WA

Why isn’t this a better product?

The GHD styler does indeed curl or straighten your hair, but for $200, I expect to be WOWED, not to just be able to say, “Yeah, it works.”Pros:
• The color is beautiful. It’s bright, sunny, and vibrant. Who wouldn’t want to have this kind of positive vibe in the morning?
• It’s lightweight, so it won’t tire out your arms and hands as much as some other products.
• The cord is plenty long.
• It heats up quickly (almost instantly).
• It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.And that’s about all you get for your $200.Cons:
• The styler is lightweight and smooth (nothing to keep it in place), and the cord is long and heavy. It’s gonna go where it wants. Don’t leave it unattended even for a moment.
• The on/off switch is INSIDE the styler. Granted, it’s not right next to the hot plates, but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. People aren’t very coordinated in the morning.
• There is no temperature control! This one is really a mystery. For $200, I want to be able to choose how much damage I’m doing at once on my hair!This isn’t an awful styler, and I must admit I’m not greatly experienced in using one, so the reviewers who rave about this one might just know more about stylers than I do, but I was just kind of disappointed with this, especially considering the price point.

Gussie Wilcox, NE


I love this straightener! It heats up SUPER fast. The first time I used it I couldn’t believe that it was already hot when it beeped, but sure enough it was all ready to go! I am able to straighten my thick, wavy hair very quickly. I love the bright yellow color. I definitely recommend this product.

Veronica Chignik, AK

Quick Heating, Great Straightening

I’ve owned several flat irons over the years, but this is the one I love the most. It literally takes just seconds to heat up, and then it is powerfully strong. I have very thick, curly hair, and sometimes when I’ve tried to straighten it in the past, people have actually asked if I curled it because it just wouldn’t get straight enough. Not only does this iron give me stick straight hair, it also leaves it looking like it still has body.In addition to the quick heating and the ability to truly straighten, this iron allows me to straighten my hair quickly. I can get my whole head done in about 10 minutes because it allows me to do large chunks of hair at a time. In fact, it seems to work better when I work with thicker chunks of hair at a time. It also allows me to straighten practically down to my scalp for a natural look.I love the way the cord is built into the handle–it swivels easily so that it doesn’t tangle on itself; and it’s also long enough that I have the versatility to use it just about anywhere. When I use this straightener, the results tend to last for several days, and my hair does not look fried or dried out.

Trudy Roscoe, TX

A lemon that isn’t a lemon!

As far as product packaging, this styler gets an A+. In a sturdy, bright yellow box, on a bed of black, the 1” professional styler makes a great first impression. That’s the first rule of impulse purchasing, but the real test is in the product itself. At first glance, it appears well make and sturdy, easy to handle. It doesn’t bother me that the on/off switch is inside. My other flatiron has the same configuration and has never been a problem. What may make a difference is the heat setting: there is only one option, with no way to regulate degrees. However, since the ceramic plates don’t burn the hair and leave a healthy shine, careful use should not cause any damage to the hair. The turn off feature after 30 min. is a definite plus for those of us in a rush.The most impressive innovation on the GHD styler is the design, the curved barrel allowing the user to fashion curls as well as simply straightening. For anyone used to styling their hair with flat or curling irons, this option makes it all much simpler. (For safety’s sake, I always put a ceramic tile under my heated irons to protect the surface of the sink. That way, if the heat unit accidentally touches the surface, no damage will be done to the sink.) The GHD classic lemon styler has no downside and lots to recommend it- save the price. However, I have found that inexpensive irons don’t provide the hair protection of more expensive tools and require more frequent replacing. Luan Gaines/2014.

Ora Alleyton, TX

Smoothes hair.

Good looking, lightweight yet sturdy, slim, love the yellow.One temperature option (safe), beeps when it’s ready (about 15 seconds, but gets hot instantly, so I don’t wait for the signal).Smooths hair, instead of making frizzy, static mess like my cheaper Remington frizz therapy flat iron.The style holds well even by itself, no need for a hairspray for me (I use curlers for my bob, and than make few strands straight and slightly flipped outside), but maybe it’s my hair not the styler, not sure.Very happy with this one!

Vicky Likely, CA

One Of The Best I Have Ever Used

I have very thick, wavy to frizzy waist long hair and I have tried so many flat irons. GHD Candy Collection Classic Yellow has so far made my hair smoother and shiner than any other iron I have used.The price is a bit high and I probably would have never been able to find out how great this iron is if I had not received one as a Vine Member. IT IS THE BEST.As someone with very long hair, it takes me a very long time to straighten my hair. I don’t do it like most which means, I am not big with sectioning and doing small sections. I have two kids, a busy life and need to get the job done. Taking time for me means sometimes less than 15 minutes and if that is all I have I need something to do the job right the first time.I work from left to right, running the styler over my hair three times which leaves me with long, smooth, silky hair even though it is a thinner iron it works better and quicker than some of my wider ones. I will be disposing of the others and keeping this.If anyone ever asks me again which iron they should get, I will say this one! It heats up quick, has an automatic shut off and DOES THE JOB!

Bette Cambridge, IL

Salon quality styling

This was my first experience with a flat iron styler. I have used a curling iron for many years, and it was fun to try something different. I have very straight hair, so I didn’t need it for straigtening. I didn’t believe you could curl hair with this when I saw it, but I watched several GHD videos on YouTube and learned some easy techniques for curling with it. What I like is that these curls stay in my hair longer than regular curling iron curls. It takes a little to learn it, but once I got the hang of it, I love it. I’ll post some before and after pictures of my hair on here.The styler is a little bit pricey for the average consumer, but it heats to a salon quality level. I notice one drawback. Although it has a place to grip on the end, you have to be careful. If the wands move at all during styling (like sliding slightly side to side) you can find your fingers touching the flat iron surface. I try not to grip the end for this reason.Heats up incredibly fast! Within seconds it beeps that it’s ready to go. This has a much longer cord than my regular curling iron. I like that I can move around without getting tangled and it can reach where I want it to.I’m so glad I got a chance to review it. I love it!

Lizzie Votaw, TX


Wow. I didn’t realize how awful my cheap Remington straightener was until I used this one.It makes my hair look incredible, with no frizzing. Also, it heats up remarkably fast. I’m talking 10 seconds or so fast.If you straighten your hair every day or regularly, I would happily encourage you to invest in this straightener.If you’re like me, and rarely do because you already have pin straight hair then it might be a bit more of an investment then you need – but it is definitely something worth coveting.I love the color too!

Bonnie Wheaton, IL

As good as a Chi

I believe the Chi brand to be the gold standard for flat irons. I have owned a Chi for years and I have always been happy with it. Other brands have never been able to straighten and smooth my hair as well as my Chi…..until now. I will say that this GHD flat iron works as well as a Chi.The iron gets very hot and that is important when it comes to straightening my curly, thick hair. It also leaves my hair very straight, smooth, and silky. One advantage that this product has over the Chi brand irons is that it heats up VERY quickly which is helpful when you are in a hurry.If you are looking to invest in a high quality flat iron I think you would be happy with this product.

Traci Hooversville, PA

Give Your Bathroom a Little Color with a Lemon Hair Styler

Add a little color and style to your bathroom with GHD’s lemon-yellow 1-inch professional styler. Teens will especially like this heating iron for either curling or flattening. The styler uses ceramic for even heating. This limited edition candy collection will be a hit with any young woman who prefers bright colors. The iron has a sleep mode for safety. When it hasn’t been used for 30 minutes, it will automatically shut off.

Jeannine Herminie, PA