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Generic Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Kit with Synthetic Leather Case,black

Introductions: A whole and good Beauty Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set is essential for your makeup.These Brushes range from every size to fit doing makeup for every different parts on face,so that you can perfect a makeup easily and effectively. High-quality goat hair feels silky soft and fine workmanship blusher better creative a long-lasting makeup without stimulating your skin.Perfecting your makeup from these fashion brush Classic and fahion black pouch appears a superstar refined style,it would be perfct gift for your beauty love friend. Fold Size:24x14cm(9.44×5.51inch) Color: Show as pictures. Package include: 1 x a bag of 32 Pieces Makeup Brushes 1 x Black Case

Key features

  • Durable Roll up carrying case stores and protects brushes with ease
  • Great for applying powder,foundation,blush,and eye shadow,concealer,lip,spoolie,and mascara etc
  • High quality makeup case designed for protecting,storing and assorting all brushes
  • Made of Premium quality natural soft hair and synthetic fiber for lasting performance
  • Perfect for makeup lady and individuals with normal to sensitive skin and will not irritate you

Honest reviews


Very nice

The brushes are nice and I really like the carrying case. The smaller brushes hold up better than the big ones.

Sonja Tollhouse, CA


I love everyone review and look very much fowared in reading them but my quesion is has anyone here faces ichy or bake outs by useing this products also have they fallin out after useing in a while question cause iam intrested and i and dont want that to afeact my face no at all especialy my face is very combination/oily skin please reply soon before i shop this

Molly Alsea, OR


the bigger brushes are nice I like them all they are soft and gets product up good! the smaller ones just seem very repetitive of a normal eyeshadow brush and the small blending brush is very stiff over all im happy looks nice and they are soft. two of my brushes had scratches on them but I am happy with what I got like common 15.00 that’s a deal!

Emilie Quimby, IA

Great brushes

I love both the look and practicality of these brushes. They seem to be very high quality for the price. I have had no issues with the brushes shedding like I have with other brush sets I have bought. Good variety of brushes too. I agree with others that the case smells like paint, but I prefer that smell over mothballs like another set I bought in the past. I washed the brushes when I got them with vinegar and hand soap and no more smell.

Kristine Harpersfield, NY

Happy, Happy, Happy

When I ordered my brushes I was told that they wouldn’t arrive before the new year, but they arrived 2 days before Christmas. The brushes are really good, especially for the price of them. The "leather" smell was slightly strong on arrival and had went away. (Leave them out and open for 24 hrs before use). Their product application is mediocre, but after a quick wash and dry that also improved. So, I’m happy, happy, happy.

Silvia Cecil, OH

This is a very nice brush set!

1st brush set – I am always worried when I see not so hot reviews on stuff, but I really love these brushes. They are soft and perfect for my makeup. Some are harder but still great for makeup. There are so many, and I have found a use for every single one! I have no complaints at all with this product, and will be getting another set for my sister.2nd brush set – These are not the same set of brushes I bought the first time.. the ones in the first set had dark bristles with dark red at the bottoms, and very nice. The 2nd set I bought has dark and light yellow bristles, and a bit less perfect like the last set, but still very nice. I still give it the same rating even though a few of the bristles I had to trim off due to it’s packaging. STILL a beautiful brush set for the price, I just wish I would have gotten the same dark/red bristled brushes I got the 1st time instead of the dark/amber colored ones.Also, all brushes in the world might have a few hairs that come loose..even my expensive, name-brand brushes.. it’s normal. And the “plastic/spray-paint smell of the case does go away after you take it out of the plastic it is wrapped in. The brushes themselves do not smell.

Megan Boylston, MA

i love them

the brushes are great some are very stiff and the bigger brushes have thicker hair which made my skin kind off itchy but the other brushes didn’t have that effect. get shadow on nicely. have bought cheaper brushes that were softer though. its ok for the price and amount.

Charmaine Rising Sun, MD

I love it

These brushes are very soft & easily to handle. make sure that you wash they before using them. The best way to wash them out is using baby shampoo.

Pauline West Branch, MI


i honestly would not buy this. they are so rough. they stratched my face and i used a light hand. i even tried to wash them and it still didnt work. i mean there cheap, and you get a ton of brushes but alot of the brushes are same, but i wouldnt even spend a dollar.

Dina Wanette, OK

Good for the price

I was very excited to get these today. However, three of the brushes already broke, the brush part broke from the pencil part. Although, a little glue will fix that. The small fan brush’s bristles are all twisted. And they smell (the fluffy ones atleast). I have washed them, put conditioning product in them, and still smell gross. Hopefully the makeup will get rid of that smell.Overall, this is what I wanted. For the price, hey, its all good. I love doing makeup, and this will be a great thing to incorporate.

Molly Lilliwaup, WA

awesome brush collection

The package did smell odd when opened, but the smell went away within minutes. The brushes are all individually wrapped in plastic for protection. The case is good quality and the brushes are as well. They are EXTREMELY soft and silky and the hairs don’t fall out as I expected they would from such a low priced product. Glad i spent the money on these!

Hollie Igo, CA

Queen Dija

All the brushes are flat and odd shaped. Bristle are not that soft. Great selection on different sizes of the brushes. I’m no professional but ovreall an ok buy.

Antonia Independence, WI


love my brushes, they seem to shed some but with the price you cant beat this set, would highly recommend

Melissa Pinecliffe, CO


No. Just no. I realize these are cheap brushes and that’s ok. I expected to use these for about a month to three months before they fell apart. You never know though, some cheaply priced brushes last a good long time. Not these! I got them in the mail an hour ago. The first thing i noticed when opening them was the smell. The nasty disgusting smell. It smells like cat pee.Im not exaggerating. I fully believe a cat peed on this set. The bristles feel like pine needles on your skin. Which you wash because of the cat pee smell. I washed them thinking that would loosen up the bristles and kill the smell. It loosened up the bristles all right. Loosened them up so that 50% of the whole set went down my drain. Fantastic. The smell can’t be removed by any brush cleaner, shampoo, brush soak or Hogwarts magic. The smell is now on my hands. On the plus side the case is nice. Can’t apply makeup with a case though. I’ll be looking for another set. Enjoy my money for the order of cat pee I didn’t ask for.

Kristine Monument, CO


It was nice having my own set of makeup brushes and all but I wasn’t expecting for them to be so prickly and rough.

Sherri Houck, AZ

Overall Good Product- Great Shipping time!

Wooden handles (not favorable). red synthetic bristles on the brush. patent leather case. overall a good product for the price. EXCELLENT on shipping time!!

Trina Cranberry, PA


I improved so much my makeup, that I’m having so much more dates.My friends are impressed how professional my eyes makeup look.

Paige New Haven, IN


Great product they have almost all the brushes u could need its amazing my only complaint is they were supposed to give me a free product but no biggie brushes are great

Lindsay Brookshire, TX

My new brushes

I love my new brushes, there are so many that some of them I don’t know for what to use it…still love it

Antoinette Peridot, AZ


32 brushes for 15 bucks?!?!? AMAZING all on it’s own! Then they were shipped to me faster than I thought & they are even better quality then i expected! They of course arent MAC quality but youre paying no where near those prices! So good for the money

Lillie Cory, CO

For the price its okay

I haven’t used them yet but I can easily see the bristles are very stiff and looks poorly made, def. would have some shedding with this. but like I said for the price its good and they are a lot of brushes you can get good use of.

Maribel Bovill, ID

Nice set!

It took about 2-3 weeks to arrive but I am happy with my makeup brush set. There are so many to choose from and the brushes are very big and soft!

Trudy Rock, WV

Decent quality

You get what you pay for; sometimes the brushes shed as I’m applying and other times, they were ok. Not the biggest fan but they do their job.

Mitzi Liberty, NY

Love love love

These are so amazing despite the price! There was a slight paint smell but it was mostly the the thing they came wrapped in. I use these for everything from contouring and highlighting to just natural looking makeup.

Mae Jayess, MS

Makeup brushes

I’m so excited! I received the order when the shipping was estimated! I love these brushes! I only ordered this item because of the leopard print lol. My husband made fun of me because of this. I haven’t used the brushes for my makeup yet, but I did however test the quality on my hand and they are awesome! Not everyone will feel the same way, but I know for sure that I’m happy with everything

Rosemarie Bala Cynwyd, PA

Some shedding

This is fantastic for the price. The small brutes feel like some of the brushes I have that cost more by themselves than I paid for all 32 of these brushes. There was no noticeable shedding with the smaller brushes and they picked up the eyeshadow well. My docking of a star is a result of the larger brushes. They shed … A LOT! The biggest powder brush shed profusely when fluffing it out of the package. I combed it for about 5 minutes getting a substantial amount of hair. Once I got all the loose hairs out initially, I have had no other shedding problems. This was similar with all the larger brushes, but none as bad as the powder brush. The case is nice, but does have a plastic smell. I have ordered a few big economy brush sets like this and been rather disappointed with the ferrels falling off the handles, excessive shedding, and other issues. This set is a great value. The brushes feel well made and look real high-end. There are far more pros with this set than cons. I would totally recommend this to a friend.

Myra Harmony, IN

Great buy

I was not expecting it to be as great as it is! I need new brushes and I thought this was a great deal. I bought them and received in a week. These brushes are so good and the case is really handy.

Amanda Greenfield, IA


I’m no professional but with these brushes and a few YOUTUBE videos I am pretty close…these brushes are great and there are so many. Great purchase!

Blanche Rockford, IL

I dont recomend

These brushes are hella cheap! Their not how they look in the picture all fluffy brushes. Their like basically all the exact same ones. It doesnt include a blending brush . The face brushes we’re a little rough and get a lot of fall out.

Pamala Stewartstown, PA

Great Set

I got this for my granddaughter for Christmas and when she opened it up and saw all the brushes she was like wow. I had seen many reviews saying that the brushes fell apart and smelled bad but this is not true at least for the set I got my granddaughter. It really looks like something professionals would have. I definitely recommend this set of brushes.

Christa Shannon, NC