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Gelish You Glare, I Glow – #01556

Gelish You Glare, I Glow – #01556

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  • Gelish You Glare, I Glow –
  • #01556

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Not my favorite purple

I was looking for a purple to add to my collection and decided to try this one. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the color. It seems real watery compared to some of the other colors and took 3 coats (nothing new there) to get a full color. After finishing it was more of a, Magenta maybe? Not a true purple purple like I was hoping. Then again, I did not look for proper swatches before purchase so do realize it was my fault. I am sure someone will like this color, it just isn’t for me.

Lashonda Wilburn, AR

This is a great color

If you want your nails to get some attention, this is the color you should use. I have several different shades of Gelish "purples", but now this is my favorite. It went on evenly and the color is to die for.

Jackie Golden, TX

vibrant color like it

This color is so awsome GETS LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS bright purple very different have 4 other purples all different color ranges this is a beauty

Trina Vintondale, PA


Okay, It is definitely not the flat purple it is showing but is actually a brighter lighter purple , it is a verrry nice color and I got more compliments on this shade then any other color I have ever worn.

Mellisa Branch, WI


I’m a nail tech. I ordered this from a reputable Ebay seller. Unfortunately, the color was more of a purpley-magenta color. I prefer the look of the true purple as shown in the photos that other reviewers were so kind to post. That being said, I’m extra rough on my nails, as I also do hair. This is my first experience with Gelish. This polish has been indestructible. Seriously, it’s gotten to the point where I’m actually trying to get it to chip (picking at stuff with my thumbs, etc.) and one week later, the stuff is just as shiny and just as perfect as the day I put it on. I’m truly impressed.

Freda Starksboro, VT

people will notice

Every time I use this color on myself or my daughter, people comment on what a pretty purple it is. Lovely.

Willa Dublin, TX

Fantastic color!

Very eye catching and true to the color you see in the picture. I got many compliments with this shade!

Katina Lincolnville, ME


This color is absolutely amazing! No curing issues at all! I would highly recommend this one. It is a nice neon-like purple.

Bonita Lilburn, GA

Nice But..

I really like this color. Keep in mind however it is a purple pink color not purple. Not sure if it was just my bottle, but it seemed a bit runny and was shrinking on my nails.

Leanna Monee, IL


I love this deep and bright purple color. Looks great with many other colors. Goes on well, needs 3 coats to cover completely.

Pat Langley, OK

Bright, fun summer color!

Bright, almost neon purple. I did use three coats because I do not like a visible nail line. Happy with product and service!

Vonda Aurora, NY