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Gelish Uv Soak Off Gel Nail Polish, Passion, 0.5 Ounce

These gels come in an array of fun colors. It applies like polish, with twist cap and applicator, but are cured in a led lamp in 30 seconds or in 2 minutes in traditional uv lamps. Gelish stays on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

Key features

  • Stays on for up to 3 weeks
  • Perfect for a do-it-yourself mani or pedi
  • Chip resistant

Honest reviews


Love the color

I’m loving the Gelish products and am thrilled to say that it does last! So much better than regular polish for me. This color is a new favorite. It’s definitely pink, maybe even a hot pink, but it’s got a hint of coral in there as well. It looks great with coral colors, pinks, and just about anything. It’s worth a try if you like pinks – seems to be lasting well and I get lots of compliments on the color.

Rene Daggett, MI

No More $55 Manicures

I stumbled across this product on Amazon and had to get the supplies and give it a try. I bought the Gelish Foundation, Gelish Nail Color in Passion, and Shellac Top Coat (a lot of reviews online say this top coat is easier to remove than the Gelish topcoat), and some 91% rubbing alcohol. I also bought a 9 watt lamp instead of initially shelling out over $100 for the 36w and above. I am so impressed with this product and my whole purchase. Not only do I have an amazing gel manicure that will last 14 days, but I don’t have to shell out the money anymore for one. I highly recommend getting these products if you are pretty decent at doing nails. I clip my cuticles, file the nail, buff away the calluses on my feet, and then start the Gelish process. The only difference is that since I have the 9w lamp so I do 10 minutes instead of the 2 they suggest. It turns out perfect. I just bought 2 more colors. Pink Smoothie and Red Roses. If you want my opinion on the color. I think it is pretty close to the picture shown and quite pink in my opinion, but to each their own.

Amie Grinnell, IA

My first Gelish manicure

I did my first Gelish manicure with Passion. I saw that a manicure could last for up to 2 weeks and had to give this a go.This is a great summer time color, I wouldn’t wear this in fall. It’s pink with a faint hit of coral. Kinda hard to describe.

Cecilia Altura, MN

Color fades after a few days

This color is beautiful when first applied, but after a few days, it looses some of its color. It gets a funky tinge after 2-3 days..Not sure why. Still looks good, and gets lots of compliments, but I notice the difference.

Wilma Johnson, NY

I love this color!

I love this pink color, its so pretty. I ordered it cuz I love the color for summer. Especially when I do Shellac on my toes!!

Petra Port Washington, WI

Smashing color

The color is a great color since it is a now color and definitely is liked by young and old.

Brigitte Dudley, PA


The color is absolutely beautiful!! Unlike most other gel colors one coat is enough unless you want a very vibrant strong pink. The color matches phenomenally with my skin color and what can I say! I love it!!!

Beryl Safety Harbor, FL


Beautiful color, cures beautifully and no shrinkage. Passion is a true bold pink color. Perfect for the spring and summer months! Gelish is the only polish I will ever wear. 2-3 weeks on fingers and I have gone about 7 weeks on my toes before changing colors due to new growth. Perfect for the busy mom who doesn’t have time to polish her nails 4 times a week!

Regina Cairo, GA

Perfect product

Love it in my opinion all this gellish are amazing the color is perrrfect to do some nails and rock that hand of yours ,, thank you

Beatrice Elton, PA

pretty in pink!

lovely hot pink color!! This entire Gelish line is so awesome! It is the answer to my nail prayers!!! I am not a nail tech, however I can do this and it looks just like a pro did it!!! I get compliments on how great my nails look all the time! I tell all my friends and they love it too!!! Take your time while doing it and watch the you tube video from harmony on how to do it correctly and you will be a pro with a little practice! Mine lasts for a minimum of 2.5 weeks!!

Tina Buncombe, IL

Gelish – Passion

This is a very nice pink color. However after receiving it, i’ve noticed that is looks a lot like Gelish – Make a Difference, but without the sparkle. Had I known that, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. Covered well with 2 coats.

Estelle Council Hill, OK

Maybe this particular nail polish is bad

I’ve bought several colors from this same brand and I’ve been happy with them, but this one, totally different story. This one clumps up, and yes, I do know how to cure my nails and have the necessary tools. The other colors (same brand) don’t clump like this one.

Allene Labelle, FL

Love it!

Love the color, love Gelish. I have been doing my gel nails myself for a year. (Found a great UV light on Amazon for a great price.) I really like the results I get with Gelish and this is my favorite color. It’s kind of coral ,so it can swing both ways and go with outfits that range from pinks to warmer reds.The gel manicure really would last for weeks as far as chipping goes. I find that I redo every 2 weeks, because as my nails grow out, at that point it starts to be pretty noticeable. But they never chip.

Willa Ryde, CA

Perfect pink

Great pink for Spring/Summer. The formula is great and I haven’t had any problems with it wrinkling or shrinking during curing. Also the color stays true and does not fade.

Julianne Anmoore, WV

Love the color

It is a coral/pink color. It is very pretty. Goes on great. I just love the color! This was my first gel polish ans was haPy I choose this color!

Silvia Parshall, ND

I like it OK

It’s not my favorite. I bought a few pinks for summer and I am finding I prefer darker more rich colors like hot rod red and the dark brown chocolate best. Also this color swatch is not as dark as the actual color.

Penny Spotswood, NJ

Love It!

This is one of favorite hot pink colors of gel. so pretty not overpowering at all. I recommend this color to all those pink fans.

Trina Spring Branch, TX

Coral/Pink Color

I would definitely say the polish is more coral then the color on the screen shows. Not totally coral, but slightly.

Ursula Plummers Landing, KY


this is a creamy pink and coral shade. opaque in two coats. vibrante shade. not muted at all. beautiful color.

Dorothea Nisland, SD

Only need 1 coat!

This color is awesome, super bright yet deep full coverage pink. I only needed one coat of it. I will deff be buying more when it runs out.

Betty Fairfield, ND

A little to bluish-pink for me

I thought this color would be a bit warmer and as my skin has peachy tones it clashes. I would recommend this for people with very fair skin.

Maribel Austin, TX

Love the product but didn’t care for the color

I’ve used Gelish before but it was applied at salons.I love the Gelish products for the quality, value and variety of colors. For Christmas, I bought myself a UV lamp and Gelish polishes so I can do my own nails at home and save some money. I was looking for a pink polish so I decided to try Passion. I would characterize the color as a kind of bright, medium pink with a touch of coral. I’m not too crazy about the color which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. It went on smooth and lasted over 2 weeks without any chips.

Fay Robbins, CA

Bright Pink!

If you like a candy-coated look, that is bright pink without being neon, this is the one for you. Not bad for toes, but too bright for fingers, in my opinion. Fun, playful, and young.

Araceli Verndale, MN


Love the color! I have not had a chance to wear this color yet! But I will soon! This is one of my favorite colors. I’ll buy it again in a heart brat…

Celeste Calumet, MN

Love It!

Pretty Pink almost Salmon kind of color at times (depends on the lighting). Had this color first applied at the nail salon to make sure I’d like it before ordering it. The durablity of Gelish polish is amazing! I had this color on my nails for 3 weeks without any chipping or peeling. Probably could have gone longer, but my nails had grown out so much that I removed it myself & tried another color afterward. I did like this enough to purchase it, along with some other gelish brand colors and a LED light to start doing gel manicures myself at home. Much better buy on Amazon, than at Sally Beauty Supply. At Sally’s you’re paying the same or more and getting a mini size bottle. This is a full size bottle!

Ursula Montpelier, IN

Let’s talk Passion!

I love the gelish polish line…and just ordered this color to add to my collection. Passion is very similiar to the color “Gossip Girl” but it has more of a bubble gum hot pink tone to it which is perfect for spring and summer!

Carlene Interior, SD

Fabulous color!

This is a fabulous spring/summer color. I totally love it. The quality is consistent with the other Gelish polishes I own, and I get at least 2 weeks of wear with this polish before it starts to peel.

Silvia Samnorwood, TX