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Gelish U V Gel Nail Polish “Taffeta” #01359

New from Hand & Nail Harmony comes Gelish Color Gels. The gels come in an array of colors, apply like polish, with twist cap and applicator, but are cured in a LED lamp in 30 seconds or in two minutes in traditional UV lamps, just like gels. Gelish stays on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

Key features

  • Gelish
  • Gel Nail Polish

Honest reviews


Color is as pictured

This color is subtle and shimmery. It looks great when paired with June Bride. It looks just like the color in the picture

Marlene Coffey, MO

Great color

I use it for my french manicures and it gives them a little something special. The shimmer only shows in direct light so it’s still classy!

Tamika Burnt Ranch, CA

Very easy application

It’s on the sheer side with lots of shimmer, so application is very smmothe. Perfect for french manicure.I used two coats of this and one generous coat of june bride for french tip and had non stop complements from all the people I know.Why four star, then?The brush is bad, all different in lenghth.I have about 40 gelish nail polishes, so I know what normal brush looks like.Probably I got the used one?, not sure but I’m keeping it and it wont stop me from buying more gelish.

Kimberly Craig, CO

Love this for a natural look or a french manicure

This Gelish color looks great as a stand-alone color. It is a very sheer pink with iridescent sparkles in it. This color is not opaque and was not meant to be. It looks gorgeous! It was not made to hide your natural nails, but to enhance them.It also looks wonderful as the base color of a french manicure if you want a little bit of sparkle in it. Pair it with the Sleek White color for the white tips and you have a winner.

Helena Egan, SD

Perfect Color for Nude Manicure

I used two coats of the Taffeta polish, I should have probably done one more coat to get the color pictured. The Gelish polishes are just really translucent BUT this was the look I was going for so I’m really please. It’s a TINY bit pink and really shimmery.

Lynette Harveys Lake, PA