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Gelish soak off sealer gel top it off

This color gel is conveniently designed with a twist cap and applicator brush, apply like polishes, and cured under uv lamp. Color gels are meant to use on natural nails. These products are made to satisfy natural-nail wearers who long wish their color would last for more than two weeks. Color gels will stay on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

Key features

  • No chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes
  • Applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds
  • Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks

Honest reviews


Shellac is Better

I’ve had both Shellac and Gelish on my nails, done in a Salon by a “professional.” Both looked great, but the big difference is in how long it lasted. Shellac lasted between two and three weeks on my nails and would probably have lasted longer, but my nails grow incredibly fast and it looks funny having no product on the growth area. Gelish on the other hand, didn’t last a week before it was lifting and peeling. I’m not rough on my nails, so was really disappointed. I purchased the Shellac products and have started to do my nails at home. Gelish is cheaper, but as my mother always said, you get what you pay for.

Inez Hitchcock, TX

Easy to use and twice as much for money as some similiar products

Shine is perfect and application is easy.This product self levels so it is very forgivingto the inexperienced nail polisher.Requires UV lamp treatment time as do all Gelishpolish components.No bad smell…highly recommend.

Reba Attapulgus, GA

Absolutely love this product!

This product has helped me grow my natural nails out and saves me a ton on salon services – lasts about a month, if you use it as a french manicure or even on top of just the foundation with no color or tips. I have several nails that would crack vertically and I could never seem to grow them out, and gelish products finally gave them the strength to grow out and prevent any cracking. I do a lot of gardening and volunteer a a local goat farm, and can still maintain nice tidy hands. LOVE IT!

Vicky Germantown, WI


I have had no problems with the gelish top coat and base. They work like a charm! They give enough strenght for my nails to actually grow out. Awesome stuff!I found the Harmony Gelish products to be thinner than normal nail polish so you want to be cleaning your brush often otherwise it runs onto your skin. No problem if it does – just wipe it off, but to avoid it just keep a little bit on the brush. Love how this stuff just evens out on it’s own to give you that prefectly smooth look.Don’t forget to wipe the top coat (after being cured) off with alcohol to get the tacky off and make sure it is set well. I have been using 2 min intervals with each step in a 36 watt UV lamp and have had no issues.

Mitzi Blaine, KY

Best gel polish on the market

This polish is what they were using in the salon when i went to have my nails done every 3 weeks. I then decided I could do this at home myself and purchased the items needed. Best decision ever and easy to use. You do not need an expensive LED lamp to cure the gel. I purchased a 36 watt lamp for around $45 and it works great. This polish is awesome!!

Carlene North Liberty, IN

By far my favorite top coat

I am in love with Gelish and their whole brand of nail polish. This is the best top coat out there- I’ve tried this, OPI, and Shellac. Using this, I can get a full 10-12 days out of my gel nail polish.A couple of tips: make sure to SHAKE WELL. If you don’t, it’ll go on too thick. Put a thin coat on. If you put too thick of a coat on, it will bubble. Avoid the sides of your nails. When you cure this under the light, it will spread so and case the polish to go on your skin and it will lift off your nail. I do my 4 fingers on one hand, then my 2 thumbs, and then the 4 fingers on the other hand. Don’t try and cram your whole hand in the light- it’ll make your fingers lay weird and won’t cure evenly. Finally, if you notice bubbles when you’re in the painting process, don’t worry. This top coat will smooth it out.Buy this top coat! You won’t regret it.

Tommie Nutley, NJ

Glass like shine

I use this over my DIY gel polish manicures and regular gels. It creates an awesome convenient top coat shine that is long lasting and tough to beat.

Francisca Dickson, TN

top coat must have

I found the Harmony gelish products were great. I didn’t think about a top coat but it is a must have when doing shellac nails and it is a great price.

Helga Bowmansdale, PA

The Best

I have only one complaint about this product…I didn’t invent it. I love this stuff. If you haven’t tried gel polish then you dont know what you are missing. Perfect manicure and stays without chipping and it’s high gloss for weeks and I am usually a pretty busy gal and my hands see a lot of action. The best!!

Leta Fairfax, SD

My go to polish

I’ve had this polish for a year now (yes, it still works!) and ever since I use it about once every 2 or 3 weeks. It sets well, leaves a nice shine & makes my nails feel harder than with regular polish alone (so they grow a little).I have used this alone without a base and as a base (works both ways)great polish. does need to be soaked off tho, even after a year of having the same bottle (the consistency has gotten a little thicker but not unusable). what can i say? i found a great product and don’t want to part with it till it’s completely gone or unusable

Mindy Hollins, AL

Gelish Top It Off

High shine and durability for your Gelish Manicure that lasts for weeks. This is a must have for any Gelish manicure, but I also use it will other brands of gel polish.

Sallie Hesperia, MI


This is amazing better than using acrylic just is good to know how to applied the product just as its needed

Lois Altha, FL

great product

I recently got into using gel polishes, and I found that this system works the best for me, and has the best price as well. The benefit for me is that this gel will cur with LED or UV lights, so if you already have a light you wouldnt need to buy a special Gelish brand light which is way over priced. My manicures have lasted 2-3 weeks with this product

Roslyn Hayward, CA

It works 🙂

I wouldn’t go without topping of my nails without this. It has and keeps a beautiful nail shine for weeks!

Kaitlin Garrett Park, MD

Gelish is the way to go!

I use all of Gelish’s products and especially the top coat. I used to use the sally hansen brand top coat and my color would start to peal the neck day! This is great and haven’t had to deal with any pealing. You get more out of the product when you use all the same brand polishes. This is a must have!

Anita Mc Caysville, GA


Great product! This is the last part to your perfect manicure! I have used Gelish for over 3 months now and I just love it! Make sure to follow the You Tube video by the Harmony Gelish company on how to properly apply the product and you cannot go wrong! My nails look gorgeous and last 2 weeks minimum. The TOP IT OFF gives your nails that great shine that lasts for a long time. I love how my polish doesn’t chip, and they are harder than ever. Using this product as directed in the Harmony Gelish You Tube Video has caused ZERO damage to my nails, which is great because i have always had damage to them in the past whenever I had gel or acrylic overlay.

Georgette Lake Pleasant, MA


Harmony products are wonderful and I will continue to order them. The colors are wonderful as well. You cannot go wrong with this product line.

Marjorie Los Alamitos, CA


Harmony Gelish was an answer to my prayers!No other polish would stay on my nails as long as Gelish does! 3 weeks on hands and almost 2 months on toes! Shiny and super smooth surface.

Frances San Rafael, NM

Great product

I really like this Gelish top coat by Hand and Nail Harmony. Glides on smooth but thick enough to cover well. I definitely prefer it to the Shellac version!

Mae San Lorenzo, CA


Gelish soak off sealer gel top it offgood product, easy to use, dry fast under any type of uv light.

Juliana Commerce, GA

Fabulous sealer

I just used this product yesterday. I put on the Nail Bliss French Manicure set. These are white French tips that are not tip extensions. They are like a nail “cap” that fits to the edge of your natural nail and supports it as it grows out. I have several fingernails that are really a wreck from using gel polish (namely Nailene) and am growing them out. This Gelish foundation seal was used over the French manicure set as a top coat and it dried quickly with a mirror-like glossy finish. My nails should last at least 2 weeks with this product. Yes, you do have to soak it off, but to keep your nails strong and from chipping, breaking, splitting or peeling, this product cannot be beat.

Terri Hope, IN

Glossy but runny!

This is a great top coat creating a really glossy shine BUT it is a little runny. Try to put it on really thin and stay just off the edges….don’t try to go all the way into the sides. By the time you get to the light to set it, it’ll spread to where it needs to be on the edges. If you spread it too perfectly, by the time the light sets it, it’ll have pooled on the side of your nails creating ridges.

Margo Coffeyville, KS


Large bottles (bigger than CND) and good prices. Product goes on smoothly. Nice amount. seals nicely. Was packaged carefully and arrived promptly. All around very happy.

Shelby Adrian, MN

Best one on the market!

This is the BEST gel top coat out there! I love it! No matter how bumpy your nails appear, once you put this on, they appear smooth and glossy! It lasts amazingly well. It is pretty runny, so use caution when applying it!

Toni Side Lake, MN

Love Gelish products

I have always used CND’s top coat becuase its what I already had when I started with Gelish. I recently purchased Top it Off and wasnt surprised to find it “runny” compared to CND. Its just a little harder to work with and something I will get used to, but Gelish has never disapointed me. The price was definetly better than CND, so Ill give this a fair chance. I have read where you can “chill” the product to give a thicker consistancy before use? I may give that a shot. All in all, I am a huge Gelish fan and am very happy with all my purchases.****UPDATE****So afer using Top it Off for about 4 sets of nails I am not as happy as i thought i would be. I love Gelish products but this clear coat just isnt for me. I am a tanner and this product turns yellow after one time in the tanning booth. I do not have any yellowing with CND’s top coat. I will use up the bottle I have (which will be a while, a little goes a long way!) on solid colors, but its not for my pink and white’s by any means…

Dollie Polk, OH


I just love this top cop it leaves a wonderful shine and dries under uv light in 2 mins last about a good week with chipping or peeling..I had bought a mini just to try out first then bought full size

Ma Barboursville, WV

Good stuff

This gelish nail top coat is great stuff. I have tried it and with a 32watt If nail drier am able to do my own nails at home and put a fresh top coat on a manicure to extend the time between a new one. Really a good product.

Carmen Arlington, CO

Very fast shipment

Great product. Will order again

Bridgett Splendora, TX

Great top coat – much better to buy online

I bought the gel system to do at home. I bought all of the items on-line including the top/base gels and the colors and the light.This top coat is great! It is so easy to use. I priced buying everything in the store and let me save you some time – do not buy these from Sally’s. They are the mini’s and so over priced. This is the full size bottle and is a great price and a great product! I am so excited to try all of my colors but since the polish lasts so long I have to wait! 🙂

Kasey Flora, MS


True clear coat that is easy to use and cures nicely. I have used this over other gel polish and traditional polishes with great results.

Sherrie Ophir, CO