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Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish, June Bride, 0.5 Ounce

Gelish soak-off gel polish applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional uv lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes.

Key features

  • No chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes
  • Applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds
  • Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks

Honest reviews



I love this color. If you love sparkles and pink you will love this color too. This was my second time doing my own gel mani. It is simple to do. I used my LED nail lamp with the Gelish 1. foundation gel, 2. pink smoothie color, 3. Two coats of june bride and 4 top it off. The results were great. I would recommend using a coat of pink gel polish under this color because it is a clear pinkish red polish with lots of glitter. If you don’t use a pink polish underneath it may take a few coats for it not to be clear and see through. I posted two pics with my results.

Jannie Milan, IN

This is really good gel nail polish!

Having tried various other gel nail polishes before (OPI, IBD) in both soak off and non-soak off varieties, I was a little skeptical of this product. I found it by accident while I was looking for CND’s shellac. Another company recommended this product because CND has a shortage on their products right now.When I received this product, I brushed the base coat by Gelish on first and cured it for one minute under a UV lamp. Then, I brushed this on. I was really surprised at how easily it went on, and how pretty it is. It is a light pink and very sparkly. After two coats, it was completely opaque. I was very pleased at this point because the other gel polishes that I have tried before go on so sheer that you have to put on five to six coats to get the color you want. By the time you have put on that many coats, you have a fake nail instead of a polished natural one. This product made me feel like I had my own natural nails.After putting on two coats of this polish, I topped it off with IBD intense seal and cured it for two minutes. The result was a beautiful set of nails that took only about ten minutes to do. So far, I have had them on for four days, and no chips. I am rough on my nails, and I wash dishes, type a lot and clean constantly, so I usually have chips after a day or two. This is my new go to nail product!

Helga Bald Knob, WV

This nail color sparkles like my wife’s personality!

My wife just got a UV curing lamp and we needed to get the right products to do her nails so they looked professional. We found the Gelish products in the beauty supply houses at about $15 for a 0.3 ounce size and they were out of a lot of colors. We checked Amazon and the prices were lower for the 0.5 ounce size for the same product and you can find a broader selection of colors. Make sure that you buy the 0.5 ounce sizes as you are getting 66% more for about the same price.She loves pink so I purchased this sparkly pink as a surprise gift for her. We had already purchased the Gelish Basix Kit and with the kit and this polish the results were perfect. She loves the results and we are getting ready to purchase more colors for her. Gelish has a great selection of colors and the product quality and the results you get are outstanding. There are some good web sites that show the Gelish colors available and Amazon has really good prices.The product shipped the same day we ordered it and the delivery was fast. This vendor did a good job of handling our order. The use of this polish and the Gelish Kit makes your nails look professionally done and they are spectacular. I highly recommend this product to you as it is extremely high quality and it provides the look you want to have.

Lesa Cole Camp, MO

A little pale but nice.

Its sparkly, but a little more pale than I had anticipated. Had to put several coats on before it looked more than just sheer. But its nice when you’re going for subtle.

Luz Puxico, MO


It’s a sheer pink color with beautiful sparkles u can wear only if u like sheer with sparkle or u can put over some polishes not all since it has pink tint to it so it may make some base colors look different so expert with it I have just come to love it after pairing with the right base color I really don’t like it by its self all depends on the person I guess…

Nicole Spring Grove, PA

love it

fun color, sheet with lots of sparkles if you put on many coats can be used at only color for lots of sparkle

Stella Armona, CA

My favorite mail polish!

This is my favorite nail polish! I simply love the color and the shimmer and the fact that it lasts for weeks. Highly recommend for any occasion. I always get complements when wearing this color.

Sydney Holtwood, PA

June Bride

I LOVE this color. It is on my fingers right now.I love Harmony Gelish Polishes and this is a must have for any collection!

Elsa Edgemont, AR


I have yet to use this color alone. I bought that vampire color and put this one over it (thought the vampire color might be too goth left alone). The glitter in this is so pretty and applies evenly. There are flecks of gold, green, silver, and pink. Loved it!

Sherri White Hall, AR

I LOVE Gelish!

I love this nail polish, although it’s more of a clear pink than pictured. It looks great on and once i received my other bottle of gelish (go girl, which is a solid pink) i’m going to use this on top or at the tip to make it look pretty :). I highly rec.!

Martha Port Matilda, PA

June Bride

This is a pretty glitter polish. I like to apply one coat of this over 2 coats of pink smoothies. Very sparkly!

Mandy Lonetree, WY

June Bride, great color alone or over other colors

I was looking for a light pink shimmer to have as the main color for my white french tips and this color works great. I know it also looks great over other colors such as gossip girl.

Mattie Manchester, CA

Far too light, but glitter spreads evenly

Color is obviously subjective, but as a “stand alone” color, June Bride is somewhat bland and looks more flesh colored when applied than pink. The comments I have received have actually been negative. The week before I put this color on, I was wearing “Good Gossip” that everyone commented on as being especially pretty. When I came to work with this color on, people generally said, “I liked the red better.” I did too!I would agree with everyone that the glitter comes out very evenly unlike some of the glitters, making the manicure look much better. There is a nice blend of little and big pieces of glitter. I find the problem is that the color just doesn’t really “wow” anyone.For me, this color works better as a glitter topper to a dark purple rather than as a stand-alone color.

Victoria Leroy, MI

Great new nail covering

Product is exactly as described, good consistency of product, easy to apply and really a subtle cover over other colors. Delivered quickly and as promised. Would purchase from this seller again.

Rose Fine, NY

love this color

I love this color. Two coats of this or one coat of this over another color and you look like you just walked out of a salon. The glitter just sparkles and dresses up your finger so well. This is a great color that is sparkly and sophisticated without looking too flashy. It is my go to color when I cant make up my mind what I want.

Francesca Bound Brook, NJ

cute color

Looks very cute with two coats topped off with the silver sand gelish color, cant stop staring at my nails when I have it on 😀

Rachelle Jamestown, MI

Rarely use this color out of all the other colors I own.

I expected the color pink to be as obvious as pictured but it came on lighter even when double coating my nail.

Betsy Union, NH

Not very pink

I read the reviews for this color and one said that two coats would give you an opague pink with sparkle but that is absolutely not true. It is more clear than pink. I probably won’t wear it alone in the future. It’s more of a sparkle to put on top of another color.

Ruby West Rushville, OH


Good brand/product. More transparent that expected. This is a very light, transparent pink with a little bit of glitter. I had to use over a base color since I wanted a pink glitter polish.

Jeanne Morton, NY

glitter pink

Goes on easily. Very nice color, not too flashy but the glitter in it does catch the light and sun- looks very nice. I french tipped it and thought it looked very classy.

Kimberly Perryville, AR

Love the sparkle!

I got started with CND shellac months ago, but am being drawn more & more to the Gelish brand. Their colors are so pretty and they have all the sparkle a girl could hope for! This particular color probably looks like a sparkly pale pink frost from a distance, but up anyone anywhere near you will see that is’s a sparkle effect. Very pretty and FUN!

Nina Daykin, NE


This is really pretty and feminine, very nice. It’s a bit sheer, but not so much that it’s completely see-through. The glitter is all throughout the polish too, it’s not a struggle to get it on your nails like with some polishes.

Ruthie Hannah, ND

Very frosty

This color is very frosty. After my nails were all done I couldn’t help feeling like I was looking at my grandmothers hands!

Bianca Evansville, IN

love it

great color! so easy to do at home and have salon results. so save some money and try it for yourself!

Mandy Mac Arthur, WV


It is pretty, but also very thin. It should be used with a solid color underneath. On its own, two coats won’t be enough. At least 3, more like 4 coats.

Jo Gamerco, NM

Great spring/summer color!

So pretty! I’m probably going to buy more soon because it’s a semi natural looking color but does a lot for your nails.My only complaint is that you have to do quite a few layers to get a full nail bed of sparkles.

Lina Hope, AK

Nice Color!

I use this glitter on top of other gelish polishes (mainly pinks, since it is pink based). It’s very pretty. the glitter isn’t sparse, like some of the other gelish polish.

Caroline Clawson, UT

Love this polish!!!!!!!

It really shines, love this color!!!!! It was the first time I did this at home instead of the salon and I liked it better the way I did it.

Tiffany Sims, NC

What a beautiful color!

I have got into the whole gel manicure thing just for this specific color! It’s stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off my nails when I applied it. I don’t agree with one of the reviewers, who says there are no pink glitters, there are! I think the way the polish is designed, is just perfect. Can’t wait to use it again now with the French tip.

Elvira Cebolla, NM

Harmony Gelish UV Gel Polish June Bird

Beautiful subdued color! This polish goes on easy and lasts. Color is true to color when ordering from chart online. Love this product. I do my own nails and save a lot vs. professional nail salons. Would recommend

Dixie Woodland, CA