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Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish, Jet Set, 0.5 Ounce

This color gel is conveniently designed with a twist cap and applicator brush, apply like polishes, and cured under uv lamp. Color gels are meant to use on natural nails. These products are made to satisfy natural-nail wearers who long wish their color would last for more than two weeks. Color gels will stay on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

Key features

  • No chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes
  • Applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds
  • Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks

Honest reviews


Purplish grey

One of my favorite Gelish colors. Definitely NOT the color pictured, it’s actually more grey and looks a little purplish in bright light. I realize that color sounds disgusting, but it’s actually really pretty, IMO. I have short nails and medium-dark skin and I just love it. In full sunlight, it has a little glitter (like the glitter that shows up in car paint in full sun).This polish seems to shrink more than others when curing. I cure all my colors (dark & light) for the same amount of time and this one seems to pull back from the tips and near the cuticles more than the light colors. Even though I cap off all of my nails with each coat, I still see the white of my nail at the very tip. It may be user error; I’ve only used this color once so far.

Sharron Carmichael, CA

Dark grey polish

I really like this grey – I actually thought it was black because of the name when I bought it, but it’s a really good shade.

Misty Brightwood, OR

Great color for winter

I really do love this color. As is true with most Gelish colors, the shade of the nail polish does not match the actual color on your nails. That said, it is a really pretty and unique color. It is a deep grey that looks purple in the right light. There are also very subtle purple sparkles in it that you can see in sunlight. It’s one of my favorite fall/winter colors.For some reason, this shade does come out a bit thicker than some of the other ones. You could be fine with just one coat, but I usually do two anyway (see picture). Be sure to make your coats extra thin.Finally, even if you do get some rippling, don’t worry about it. Put your topcoat on and cure, and it should come out smooth.

Leeann Brockton, PA

Jet Set

Beautiful color, cures beautifully and no shrinkage. This one is a beautiful dark gray with micro purple shimmer that can only be seen up close and in direct sunlight. One of my favorites! Gelish is the only polish I will ever wear. 2-3 weeks on fingers and I have gone about 7 weeks on my toes before changing colors due to new growth. Perfect for the busy mom who doesn’t have time to polish her nails 4 times a week!

Lacey Leon, WV

not the color shown but still nice

The actual color of this is a plum grey color. In different lights it will look more plum or more grey. It is the closest to mauve color in the gelish line I’ve found so far. Nice color and like it a lot.

Letitia Wooster, OH

Great Product, Not a Good Color for Me

First of all, Gelish is a great product. I can keep my manicure almost perfect for two weeks, and I love it. Jet Set went on perfectly, cured just the way it was supposed to. It is a medium grey with a bluish-lavender undertone and purple shimmer in the light. It’s a really pretty color and I really wanted to love it! Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work for my skin tone, which makes me really sad. I have yellow undertones to my skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes. Dark reds and browns work with my skin tone really well, also deep purples and other jewel tones. I think it’s the blue undertone that doesn’t work. Hopefully this helps someone trying to decide!

Mariana Thaxton, MS


This color is gorgeous. I have gotten so many compliments in the last two days! The color sometimes looks like a plain gray and sometimes looks like a rich purple-gray. Even my husband said he loved the color! And that says it all! Honestly, GET THIS COLOR.

Shelley Kiester, MN

Great Polish — but didn’t like the gray color

Gelish polish is awesome — no complaints about the quality, consistency, or durability of this product. That said, I’m not a huge fan of the color. It is a basic dark gray — not really close to black. I didn’t see the purple and blue undertones that others describe. I want to like it, but it didn’t look very good on.Great polish — and if you want dark gray — great color. I was expecting something with more blue or purple undertones, and this isn’t quite what I expected.

Faye Byron, WY

Purple Grey

I saw this color on a gelish color blog where people submit colors in indoor and outdoor light. Fell in love and ordered it off of Amazon. If I had just seen the color swatch off of here I would not have expected this color. It may be my all time favorite color that I currently own. A dark grey with faint purple micro glitter. My friend loved it so much when she saw me wear it that it made her get the whole gel manicure setup just so she could wear this polish.

Erma Berryville, AR


Great color for fall, kind of a very dark purplish gray. I was happy with the application and didn’t have problems with wrinkling or shrinking during curing. Looks great with a glitter fade too!

Althea Tuscarawas, OH

very classy

This is a soft dusty purple color. Subdued and classy. Goes on easy, also – no wrinkling or rippling which happens with some other colors.

Mariana Divernon, IL


I am so in love with Gelish polishes that it probably isn’t healthy. They have wonderful colors and this is no exception. This color looks NOTHING like the stock photo. It is a gorgeous grey meets dark purple, or something. It is the perfect color, not bright and in your face like some other colors, (Shake It Till You Samba, I still love you!) but not boring. In the summer I like to do brighter colors because I can get away with it, but this is my go to color in the fall, winter, and spring. LOVE. IT.If I could only pick one color nail polish, it would be this.And of course, Gelish is the best gel polish, excellent quality as always.

Mattie Merrill, WI

Not the color I was expecting

I thought this color was a dark navy blue, but it looks more like a medium grey. It is actually a very pretty color. It is NOT on the blue side. It looks like a matte medium grey with just a touch of purple undertones.

Dionne Boling, TX

Smoky Grayish Blue

Love the color! Smoky grayish blue is the best description I can give. Very tiny bluish/purple specks of sparkle. The sparkle is only noticeable if you are really inspecting the polish. Nobody else will see the sparkle and you probably will not notice it at first either. But after close inspection you will see the specs of color. It definitely adds dimension to the color.

Marcy Troy, AL