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Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish, Glamour Queen, 0.5 Ounce

This color gel is conveniently designed with a twist cap and applicator brush, apply like polishes, and cured under uv lamp. Color gels are meant to use on natural nails. These products are made to satisfy natural-nail wearers who long wish their color would last for more than two weeks. Color gels will stay on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

Key features

  • No chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes
  • Applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds
  • Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks

Honest reviews


Five Stars

Fun Color!

Christie Penngrove, CA

Great Product!

This is a great product! I LOVE Gel Polish!!! This is a great light mauve type of color! It has a shimmer too it as well, which I love!

Geraldine Acworth, NH

Glamour queen

This is a nice color. Not flashy but has a nice shine to it. It goes on easily and only takes 2 coats for nice coverage.

Rowena New Hope, PA

Gelish – Glamour Queen

This is by far my favorite Gelish color yet!!! I LOVE the way it shimmers! I would describe the color as a soft, glamorous pink that is well represented in the pictures posted. Covers well with 2 coats, but it can be a little streaky if you don’t take your time with it. This color will get a lot of use from me!!

Angelique Burgoon, OH

Pretty color

A metallic pink.. It’s pretty just just doesn’t match my skin tone.. Need a few coats to get it nice and rich

Mellisa Daleville, AL


I was really disappointed in this color. I was looking for a neutral color which this is but I would have to use at least 3-4 coats to get good coverage. If you are looking for something really light with a little sparkle this would be good.

Bettie Howard Lake, MN

pretty subtle pink

This color is pink metallic color. It is very nice and subtle. I love wearing this color and then putting the June Bride color over and it is beautiful. My mom likes this color alone because it is light and not too flashy.

Dorthy Waterbury, NE

Great polish

Great polish pretty color I just recently started wearing and using gel nail polishI love how pretty and shiny and how long it lasts

Shelly Moscow, PA

Beautiful neutral color, high shine

This is a new color, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s really lovely–a frosted shiny ‘dusty rose’ color. Gelish is the BEST, and I think this is going to be a very popular shade.

Enid De Smet, SD

New Favorite

I’ve been a fan of all the Gelish colors for a while now, but I have to say this is definitely my new favorite. You’d expect a light, almost sheer color like this to need a ton of coats, but it worked so well I considered only doing one coat. The color is a bit more gold than it appears in the photo but it’s very multi-dimensional and looks great. Love it!

Alana Crowville, LA

Harmony gel Glamour Queen

I love the color even though it wasn’t exactly as seen on the website. It arrived within a week of my order! Great product.

Teri Ponca, NE

Gel work no matter what or when

I love to have my nails look good when I go to church but do not want to spend all that money keeping them up. I purchase the gel collection and this was one of the additional. I am glad I have choices and not have to pay all that money keeping them up.

Janie Ruso, ND


this is a great neutral color that looks more brown in the bottle, but once on actually has a rose tone – at least on my nails. I use this before putting june bride on top – looks great together!

Delores Somerville, TX

Favorite neutral

Tis is my favorite neutral color. It’s got more depth than just a tan with a sultry shimmer (not glitter) it looks more mauve online but its only got a hint of it in person. Try layering with glitter for a more vibrant look.

Kelley Westlake, OR

A Pretty Color but Streaky

This is a great neutral color with sparkles.My only issue is that the shimmer/micro glitter shows visible downward lines from brush strokes even after 2 coats. It is not noticeable from normal distance but when I was showing off my new color to my boyfriend he noticed. If a male notices something like that then it is more noticeable than preferred.

Brittney Eldorado, OK

Nice soft colour

I guess I say pretty much the same thing in my reviews of polish. I like the soft colours and this is another that I like. I only buy this brand and find it excellent.

Elinor Mc Leod, MT


i think i used half of the bottle already.looks good on all color skin, young and old,i love!

Libby Lakeside, CT

Super Grandma Rose Frost Color

I got this color by accident with a bulk order of Gelish polishes. I decided to give it a try, but it’s so frosty and streaky that I feel like it looks messy, even when painted on perfectly straight. The super frosted base makes streaks with every brush stroke; you can see them clearly in the customer images, even from a far away glance. It reminds me of the bottle of Revlon rose frost nail polish that my mom and grandma used to wear in the 90’s. It just looks old.This is my personal opinion, of course, and some people LOVE this color. It’s just not for me. I will say that the formula is a nice concistancy to work with, and it gives good coverage. The rose color has an almost brownish orange hue to it, making it much less ‘purple-y’ than the swatch shows on the monitor.I hope this review helps both people who love frost (so they can snatch up this polish) and those who hate frost, like myself (in which case they can run for the hills).

Dawn Lynnville, IA

It’s okay better on top of acrylic

I love the color, but it seems to chip within a week on my natural nails and it such a pain repairing it. I went back to putting a thin layer of acrylic on top of my nail and then applying the gel and it lasts until I need to fill in. And if it chips all I have to do is file the gel off and repaint it.

Elena Medway, OH

Neutral with sparkle

This is a very shimmery color. A very light brown color that looks good on any skin tone. It is a little too shiney for me, but my mom LOVES it. As with any gelish polish, make sure you apply a thin coat or else you can easily see the different tones on the nails.

Abby Era, TX